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Rhinos Without Borders shares a message of hope – a short video diary of the first ten rhinos captured, relocated and released in the hopes of giving them a far better chance to life and freedom in Botswana.


The ten rhinos have been moved from poaching hotspots in South Africa and released into a safe area in Botswana. This is the first of many relocations that Rhinos Without Borders will be doing to tackle the poaching crisis that is seeing a rhino killed every 7.5 hours. This will also create a strong breeding nucleus in an area that will benefit from having rhinos once again roaming the land. These rhinos will be continued to be monitored and guarded closely.


Rhinos Without Borders still needs your assistance in helping to move more than 100 rhinos to Botswana and they would be extremely grateful for any further contributes through personal donations through the Trevolta crowdfunding website


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