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Video: Mother elephant teaches baby not to talk to strangers


Early one morning, Marc Cronje, a tour guide in the Kruger National Park, was on the search for wild animals. While driving around near Malelane Gate, he turned the corner and managed to show his excited guests a mother elephant foraging around with her adorable newborn calf. 

The two elephants soon decided that is was time to cross the road. However, the curious baby elephant got distracted by Marc’s vehicle and decided that he wanted to check out the car.

As the calf slowly crept closer and closer to the car, the mother was having none of it and quickly pulled the calf back with her trunk. Perhaps the young one was getting the age-old lesson: ‘Don’t talk to strangers!’

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  • Philippa Elaine Castle

    This is wonderful… you see, children do listen when the parent is loving… 🙂

  • Jim Duke

    Family is everything–elephants are better at it than humans.

  • michael chait

    Amazing, thank you.

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