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African Bush Camps an authentic safari operator, with two camps in Mana Pools National Park, has a team of professional guides who often get to witness extraordinary sightings in wilderness areas in Zimbabwe and Botswana. On this occasion our guides encountered an incredibly unusual sighting of a lioness stalking and running straight into the middle of a pack of wild dogs. The lioness continued to snatch up one of the pups and trot off with it.


In this video African Bush Camps safari guides Bono, Reginald and Lovemore speak of the sighting and how unusual it is. Predators will sometimes be found to practice competitive survival tactics, by randomly killing off the young of another predator species, which this sighting is probably an example of.


Lions and wild dogs are known to be enemies because they compete for similar food species when hunting. While wild dogs have a highly civilized social structure, which is fiercely protective of young pups, even they were not quick enough to protect this young one from a clearly determined lioness.


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African Bush Camps is a small African-based safari company that speaks of the art of offering an authentic safari experience. Highly qualified professional guides and naturalist enthusiasts are at hand to ensure an intimate journey through some of Africa’s most untamed areas.