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It is always a great privilege to be allowed by a pride of Lions to observe their cubs no matter how big the cubs have become. There is this level of intimacy created between yourself as the viewer and the Lioness that is opening up her vulnerable new borns to you.


This feeling is something which even the most educated of humans probably cannot explain I know I certainly cannot.

Lion are so special to us on so many levels. One of the obvious levels is this idea that they are the “King” of the bush but in reality they too are very vulnerable. It is this vulnerability which to me makes them most intriguing and special.


Filming a short clip of a very young Lion cub trying to reunite with its pride after getting separated in the early morning mist is very emotive and more so in reflection than in the moment. One of the best parts of this was that the cub was crossing the well renowned Sand River in the Sabi Sands in the South Western part of Kruger Park.


If memory serves me, this cub was one which was fathered by one of the Mapogo Lions. The Mapogo’s were a gangster like coalition which killed as many as 40 other Lions, mostly males.

At one point 6 males they eventually dwindled down to two males. These two were eventually killed by a new coalition of males which were just younger and stronger than the older scarred Mapogo’s.


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