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Video: holiday chats with a rock hyrax

I don’t know if there is anything worse than getting up on the morning you are due to drive back home after an amazing holiday. Luckily for us, a rock hyrax knew just what to say to eliminate our post-holiday blues.

The last night of our Namibia trip landed us in Keetmanshoop, home of the quiver tree forest. Being first-time visitors we had done our internet research and had high hopes of photographing the stars with the beautiful trees. Our plans were very quickly shut down as no sooner had we finished seeing up camp did a mighty storm roll in.


After spending the night wondering if we would continue to stay or if we should move from the tent to the car, we woke to a crisp, clear morning. As we explored the area we quickly came to realise that not all the rocks were what they seemed, rock hyraxes were everywhere.


As we sat enjoying the sunrise the hyraxes got used to our presence and soon carried on with their morning business; climbing trees, feeding on grass, and one little dassie started chatting to his mates.

It was so unexpected and was the perfect way to end our amazing Namibian trip!


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Sephiri Tours is a Johannesburg based tour company. Run by bush enthusiasts Andrew and Ash who love nothing more than an adventure and turning clients into friends. Specialising in custom built guided safari, their main goal is to get you out to make some epic memories of your own.

  • Some years ago we stayed a few days at the Augrabies Falls camp. Many dassies around and they too were pretty tolerant of the happy campers. One afternoon we were taking a leisurely walk and came across a small gathering of dassies. My wife sat down on a rock close to a female and her very young offspring. Initially they hid away in a small bush situated right next to the rock. The youngster advanced toward my wife and without fear climbed onto her lap. The mother was somewhat annoyed and sat within an arms reach growling. After a few minutes the youngster ambled off probably to be reprimanded for its reckless behaviour. Somewhere in our library we have a photo to prove the story

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