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Written by: Flo Montgomery

Why is there always a smile on the crocodile’s face? We think we know why! Recently at the edge of the lake, near to Lake Manze Camp in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, a fascinating story unfolded. It was told to me by Zachariah Mligo, a guide at the camp who also managed to take this video.


©David Liebst

Two lionesses of the Lake Manze pride had taken down a zebra about 100m from the lake edge. They had two cubs aged about five or six months with them so were a little vulnerable.

©Rebecca Benson

By the time we arrived and spotted the kill, some large crocodiles had emerged from the lake and started to edge towards it.

©David Liebst

The lionesses started to drag the kill away but the crocs were too quick for them. Soon there were more than 10 of them tearing at the zebra carcass. The zebra was fast disappearing but soon the crocs, feeling nervous at being so far from the lake waters, started to melt away. Two determined specimens remained attached to the meal, but the lions started to move closer again and eventually managed to retrieve the remains from the clutches of the opportunistic crocs!

©David Liebst
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