A dominant silverback gorilla dies in Bwindi, Uganda


A dominant male gorilla died on Sunday morning in Uganda after falling off a tree branch in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.  


Ndahura in Bwindi National Park in November this year ©Mike Davison

Conservationists in Uganda are mourning the death of Ndahura, a dominant silverback of the Bitukura family of gorillas. Ndahura died on Sunday morning after falling off a tree branch in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park located in South Western Uganda.

In an interview with the Daily Monitor, Mr Andrew Seguya, the executive director to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said his death was accidental.

“This morning it was a sad day for Uganda when we lost Ndahura, at a tender age of 28 years, the silverback (dominant male) of the Bitukura family. He fell down when the branch he was sitting on broke,” Mr Seguya said.
Dr Seguya added: “We however, believe that his next in line, Rukumu will take over the family and keep it together and so if this happens, we don’t expect much effect on tourism,” he added.

Mr Seguya observed that about Shs10billion is realised from the sale of gorilla permits annually. According to the Bwindi National Park website, every gorilla permit goes for $600. On a single day, nearly 72 people travel into Bwindi to see gorillas and only eight people are able to see a gorilla family.

Several Ugandans mourned the loss of the gorilla describing it as a total economic setback to the tourism industry.
“So sad to hear such bad news of the loss of the most endangered species family member,” Mr Osbert Nyebirweli said.

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