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Written by: Mareike Pietzsch

If you love taking photos, Zimbabwe is a destination you shouldn’t miss out on. The country is a photographer’s dream come true, with an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife to capture.

Here are a few things all photographers should consider when traveling to Zimbabwe in order to make the most of your trip.

1. Know where you are going


Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa and has sunshine almost all year round. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the locations you’re visiting so that you know where you are going and what you might see along the way. Have a look at a map and make sure the scheduled tour you are on is versatile and takes you through a lot of different cities, locations and terrains.

2. Plan your equipment


Photography equipment is heavy so make sure that you are aware of the luggage weight restrictions on the airline you are flying.

– DSLR cameras and a long lens will make for great shots on safari. Depending on your equipment, a 200mm zoom lens will get you good landscape shots. For any close ups, take a 400mm or 500mm zoom lens along too.

– Avoid using your camera flash – you also don’t want to disturb animals at night, at the watering hole or in the bush. Practise using long exposure instead.

– Bring along plenty of memory cards and batteries. There is so much to take pictures of in Zimbabwe that you are bound to need extra storage space!

3. Avoid crowded parks


A good tip when visiting Zimbabwe is to travel to places like Hwange National Park, where the chances of running into other safari vehicles are slim. Crowded parks mean that you are far less likely to get that one in a million shot as there will be lots of other tourists competing for all the best spots.

4. Buying equipment


A good DSLR camera with a powerful zoom or telephoto lens will reward you with superb shots. Just remember, there are no photography shops in the bush, so bring extra equipment if you can. However, should you run into problems – perhaps an elephant steps on your precious lens – cameras, lenses and camcorders can be purchased in all major Southern African cities. Prices are comparable to Europe, but more expensive than the USA or the East. All top brands are available, and equipment can also be repaired. Taking a pair of wide angle binoculars is also recommended so that you can spot any potential subjects from afar.

5. Book a safari with customised vehicles


To take great photos in the bush, you need a safari truck with big windows. Jenman African Safaris’ vehicles are customised especially for photographers, with large open windows, pop-up roofs, air conditioning and a USB charging port under each seat, so that you can top up your camera’s power at any time.

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