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The Lion King with no animals?

In an effort to raise awareness about the plight of Africa’s wildlife, Greenpeace has adapted the introduction of Disney’s “The Lion King” to show an African landscape without any animals.

Greenpeace Netherlands partnered with Studio Smack to show children, and adults, how Africa’s animals are rapidly disappearing from the face of Earth. The video on Studio Smack’s Vimeo page reads: “Hack into Disney’s classic The Lion King where we removed all animals from the movie’s title sequence. Leaving us with the beautiful yet oppressive backgrounds of the African savanna.”

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  • It’s a good idea – show it to China

    • Valerie Lusaka

      + 100!

  • Kim Phillips

    Oh my goodness – breaks my heart that this is the way we may be heading

    • Raphilion

      We already are heading that way.. Many places having become void of certain wildlife species! Only the small and sneaky and that can adapt to urban/semi-urban environments have survived where there are no protected parks.

      Even with fenced and guarded parks, animals are disappearing due to misled beliefs such as TCM.

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