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The flying leopard

We went to Tanzania in the hope to see the migration and the birthing of the wildebeest in the Serengeti. On an afternoon safari we spotted a leopard in a tree in the Seronera area.


We had heard that she had two cubs and hoped to see them. The cubs weren’t visible but the mother was sleeping and relaxing in the yellow fever tree. We decided to stay and wait. Since it was in the afternoon we thought she might come out of the tree at the end of the day. So we waited for a few hours.

Then she started to focus on something on the plains on the other side of the tree. Her ears went forward and her tail was curling. We knew she saw something but we didn’t have a clue what she saw.


Then she stood up and walked down the tree.


We drove to the other side and she walked past us. Then she started to stalk and still we couldn’t see what she obviously did see. This was very exciting because we knew she was on a hunt.


She walked into the high grasses and almost disappeared amongst the grass.

face-of-a-leopard stalking-leopard

What was she hunting? We stayed very quiet but it was almost getting dark and we were wondering if we would see the action at all. Then out of the blue she started to run and the nearby guineafowl started to scream and fly away. She then jumped up and caught a guineafowl out of the air!


It was an unbelievable action that happened so quick that it was a wonder that we managed to get a picture at all. Then she walked back with her guinea fowl and disappeared again in the high grasses to feed her freshly caught meal to her two cubs.

leopard-catched-bird leopard-caught-bird

Remi & Chantal

Chantal de Koning & Remi Vermeulen are travel and wildlife photographers that started traveling the world in 2002 and started to take photos seriously from 2007. They are passionate about wildlife, with Africa as their favorite wildlife destination and they have spent many hours photographing the great migration in Kenya and Tanzania. Their favourite destinations in Africa also include Madagascar for the Lemurs and Uganda and Rwanda for the primates. In the end they like to photograph all wildlife from birds to mammals and reptiles. Besides Africa they also enjoy visiting other wildlife destinations around the globe to photograph tigers, jaguars and other wildlife. Visit their website and Facebook page to see more of their work.

  • Renee

    Heel mooi geschreven en super mooie foto’s x mama

  • Tuli Circle

    Delightful pictures and story. Often patience pays off. Congrats.

  • Yvonne

    Ik ben heel trots op mijn nichtje en haar man,wat een prachtige foto’s!

    • Franny

      Mooi hoor Yvonne , zo gaaf lijkt me om dit te kunnen doen hele mooie foto’s X

  • Mucca della Savana

    one of the unforgettable safari

  • Nita Ross

    Wonderful story told with pictures and love of nature.

  • Ursi von Moos

    very interesting story, thanks for the great pictures. The leopard is my favorite animal. I saw him several times in Botswana, Zambia and Kenya

  • Deon Strydom Pilanesberg Priv

    Enter this picture and you could win any competition?well done and best of luck

    • Africaddict

      As good as it is, publishers would want to see the leopards face unfortunately, they are enormously fussy.

  • Frank Newcombe

    Wonderful picture, well taken

  • Shannah

    LOOOOOOOVE the picture of her up in the air. Seeing this must have been breath taking!! Well done guys and thanx for sharing!!

  • Deborah Butler

    Great round of pics. Thanks.

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    Congratulations……Amazing photos.thanks for sharing

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