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Tanzania sacks wildlife director over incompetence

Original Source: Coastweek

The Tanzanian government has announced the sacking of the director for wildlife, Alexander Songorwa, for failure to do his work properly.

Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Lazaro Nyalandu told a press conference that Songorwa and his assistant, who was also suspended, failed to oversee operation Tokomeza Ujangili (the anti- poaching operation).

The operation, aiming to weed out poaching and illegal ivory trade in various parts of the country, including evacuating those grazing animals in conservation areas, was suspended last November following reports of killings of animals, their owners and innocent citizens.

After the operation was suspended, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete sacked four government ministers following accusations of abuses committed by security forces. He made the dismissals after reports of arbitrary murder, rape, torture and extortion of innocent civilians by members of the anti-poaching crackdown.

Kikwete recently appealed to the international community to assist in stopping ivory and rhino horn trade to protect the wild animals from extinction.

Poaching in Tanzania has reached an alarming stage where reports indicate that 30 elephants are killed per day.

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  • Eduardo Coelho

    Wildlife doesn’t deserve incompetence !

    • Alexander N. Songorwa

      Dear Eduardo,
      In 2014, following my sacking by the then Minister responsible for wildlife you commented by writing “Wildlife doesn’t deserve incompetence!” I wish you had taken a few minutes to understand who I am because I wasn’t what you thought I was. I am back into that same position now and would like your cooperation in my fight against poaching and wildlife trafficking.

  • merrywriter

    Is this the director that exposed the court giving back 3 tons of ivory to Kony’s men?

  • Nikki De Villiers Gray

    Hard core anti-poaching unit is possibly what is needed when 30 plus elephants are being slaughtered per day.

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