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An analysis of 2,500 reviews by both tourists and expert travellers declared Tanzania the best place to experience an African safari.

This is the second time visitors have chosen Tanzania for this top position, as it also was the highest rated country in a survey back in 2013.

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Third-party booking site conducted both reports, finding that customers from around the world were most enthusiastic about safaris in Tanzania.

And with the range of ages and variety of homelands of the adventurers who visit the country with Zara Tours, such a consensus is even more compelling.

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Many of the people who visit through Zara Tours find that one of the best things about Tanzania is the variety of possible adventures and the richness of each experience.

Combination packages are popular among fierce adventurers who want to climb a mountain and go on safari; lay on beaches and shop in Addis Ababa. The opportunity to take multiple vacations and make the most of time away is real here in Tanzania.

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The same study also discovered that Tanzania’s incredible wild spaces were an ideal spot for viewing wildlife, making it the best country to visit for the purpose of seeing Africa’s one-of-a-kind animals, as well.

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Zara Tours, founded in 1987, is currently the No. 1 Kilimanjaro outfitter in Tanzania and one of the largest safari operators in the country. Proud to be known as one of the best operators in the region with a reputation for providing an exceptional, unforgettable and safe experience, Zara owns and operates two hotels and four wild camps.