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NEW weekly video series: Escape to Africa with Robin Pope Safaris

For those moments when you just can’t get out of the office and into a game vehicle, Robin Pope Safaris launched a YouTube video series: Safari Diaries. Every Monday, a new 60-second video is released and takes you on a virtual safari through the Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian wilderness.

Massive Noah’s Ark project attracts critics

©Antony Alexander, Peace Parks Foundation

The plan is to move 6,000 animals during the coming three years – and in the coming eight weeks alone the project will move 50 elephants, 100 giraffe, 900 impala, 300 wildebeest, 50 kudu, 200 zebra, buffalo and eland.

Man dies as elephant falls on his car in Victoria Falls

A 44-year-old man has died after an elephant fell on top of his car in Victoria Falls, reports said Tuesday.

Video: Walking with wild dogs

Walking with wild dogs in Mana Pools National Park on a Super Sensory Safari

Hunter killed by elephant in Zimbabwe

A professional hunter died on Friday after being trampled by an elephant on a hunting farm near Hwange, Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls marathon: one of the world’s most scenic running routes

Econet Victoria Falls Marathon, 2017, Zimbabwe

Grab your running shoes and stretch out that hamstring in preparation for the 2017 Econet Victoria Falls Marathon. Taking place in beautiful Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the race sprints into its 12th year in 2017 and will be looking to grow from the 2500 participants that attended the race last year.

Lions killed near Hwange after they predate a cow

Two female lions were shot dead in the Dete area near Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe – for ‘Problem Animal Control’ (PAC) reasons.

Video: Elephants at your toetips in Hwange

Imagine sitting at a pool in the middle of the African bush and all of a sudden the local elephants wander down for a drink?

Search called off for missing hunter after possible remains found in crocodiles

Scott van Zyl

Teams searching in Zimbabwe for missing SA hunter Scott van Zyl, 44, have found what is possibly human remains in two crocodiles they shot.

Robin Pope Safaris expands into Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Exploring the wonderful wilds of Malawi, Zambia, and now Zimbabwe – Robin Pope Safaris is excited to announce its expansion into Zimbabwe within Mana Pools National Park

Why Zimbabwe is the perfect destination for walking safaris

Zimbabwe, wedged between Botswana and Mozambique, is a dream destination for walking safaris.

Escape the modern world at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange

Escape the noise, hustle and bustle of the modern world at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange lodge.

Protecting pangolins with the Tikki Hywood Trust


The Tikki Hywood Trust is an organisation that focuses on the conservation of lesser known endangered animals. Their flagship species is the pangolin which, after languishing in relative obscurity, has found its way into mainstream media as the most trafficked

Magical Mana Pools: a photographer‘s paradise

Mana Pools is definitely one of Africa’s most unique travel and photo destinations. Already many years ago, this spectacular national park in Hwange, Zimbabwe has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Video: Lions, impala, mud! An epic sighting at the hide!

Nkosi had taken some guests on a game drive to Ngweshla Pan, a commonly visited area by most who come to Hwange National Park.

Cecil the lion’s legacy

In January this year, we at African Bush Camps updated our audience on the pride of Cecil the Lion- a beloved “king” and spectacular specimen who roamed Hwange National Park.

Running for Wild Dogs – supporting an endangered African animal

A group of schoolboys who ran across Zimbabwe to raise funds for the conservation of African Wild Dogs in 1996 are running a reunion event for the same cause twenty years later.

Zimbabwe – a country like no other

You won’t be blamed for knowing very little about Zimbabwe besides its rocky political history which doesn’t do this humble sub-Saharan African country any justice

The smoke that thunders at the mighty Victoria falls

The mighty Victoria Falls is situated between two countries namely Zimbabwe and Zambia. The local indigenous who speak Tonga, refer to the falls as the ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’, which means; the smoke that thunders.

Trophy hunting: sustainability problems in Zimbabwe exposed

Trophy hunting in Zimbabwe’s Matetsi Safari Area is not sustainable at current levels as trophy sizes are declining, there is little scientific data supporting quota sizes and hunting management is seriously incapacitated.

Zimbabwe wants to sell ivory stockpile to China

A Zimbabwean minister wants to sell her country’s supposed US$10 billion ivory stockpile to China using a possible international legal loophole.

10 swoon-worthy reasons to go on a honeymoon safari

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the most difficult decision for newlyweds – where should we go on honeymoon?

Lions take on hippos in Kariba water wars

A pride of lions are ambushed by hippos as they feast on a carcass in Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe.

The Hide wins Zimbabwe’s best safari camp – tented award for 17th year running

The Hide wins Zimbabwe’s best safari camp – tented award for 17th year running

Survey shows massive decline in Zimbabwe’s cheetah population

Zimbabwe’s population of endangered cheetahs has declined by around 85% in the last 15 years .

The effect of Lake Kariba’s changing water levels

A look at how the water levels of Lake Kariba affect the surrounding wildlife populations in Matusadona National Park.

Book Review: Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott

Every now and then a book comes along that breaks through the wallpaper of life and delivers its message intravenously. Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott does that – it is an intense read, inspiring and moving.

Empower local communities with African Bush Camps Foundation

Make a difference in the lives of local communities in Zimbabwe and Botswana by staying at African Bush Camps.

Play golf to support anti-poaching efforts in Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit has arrested nearly 700 poachers and removed more than 22,000 wire snares. Support their good work by donating or joining their annual fundraising golf tournament.

Pangolin poaching in Zimbabwe threatens species survival

Despite numerous arrests and long-term sentences over the past year; it appears there has been an upsurge in pangolin poaching in Zimbabwe.

What you need to know before a safari in Zimbabwe

Plan the perfect Zimbabwe safari with this inclusive guide to what to bring, where to stay and when.

Zimbabwe wants trade ban on ivory lifted

Zimbabwe will lobby for the lifting of an international ban on ivory sales, saying it would allow the government to raise money to combat poaching and for conservation programmes.

Suspected Zambian poachers shot dead in Zimbabwe

State game rangers in northern Zimbabwe shot dead two suspected poachers from Zambia this weekend.

Join us as we cycle from Victoria Falls to Lake Kariba


Go on an epic week-long journey through Zimbabwe on your bicycle.

Video: Cecil the lion’s adorable grandcubs

Eight cute lion cubs seen in Hwange – thought to be the grandkids of Cecil the lion.

Zimbabwe’s tough stance on pangolin trafficking commended

Tough penalties in Zimbabwe appear to have deterred international traffickers, reinforcing the belief that strong enforcement is essential in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

IUCN urges EU to make informed decisions about trophy hunting

A summary of the IUCN’s report on trophy hunting and the importing of hunting trophies to the European Union.

5 reasons a safari in Zimbabwe is worth the trip

From untouched plains to exceptional guides – here’s why you shouldn’t count out Zimbabwe when planning your next safari.

Lion culling: A paradox of banning trophy hunting?

Conservation Action Trust asks the question whether trophy hunting is helping or harming lion populations at Bubye Valley Conservancy as they announce a potential culling of 200 lions.

Money tips for travelling to Zimbabwe

Find out what currencies are accepted in Zimbabwe, along with some top money tips for your next safari.

Three lions poisoned in Zimbabwe

Three lions have been poisoned in Zimbabwe for killing cattle.

2 Italian hunters killed while on anti-poaching patrol with rangers in Mana Pools

An Italian father and son, professional hunters who lived in Zimbabwe, were shot dead by wildlife rangers while on an anti-poaching patrol in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

Top tips for photographers traveling in Zimbabwe


If you love taking photos, Zimbabwe is a destination you shouldn’t miss out on. Here are a few things all photographers should consider when traveling to Zimbabwe to make the most of your trip.

Elephant’s Eye, Hwange – a lodge for the bucket list!

A special escape to the eco African haven that is Elephant’s Eye lodge in Hwange.

Mining power players linked to cyanide poaching incidents in Hwange

The MD of a Zimbabwean mining company has allegedly imported cyanide from South Africa without proper documents, linking him potentially to the deaths of elephants in Hwange National Park over the past few years.

Carnivores in decline due to land reform

Population numbers of predators in Zimbabwe have dropped due to land reform.

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