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Harsh times for young storks

Bird-lover or not, the impressive yellow-billed stork colony in the Nsefu sector of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is definitely worthwhile paying a visit.

Kids go wild on a South Luangwa family safari

When it comes to unforgettable family holidays, it’s hard to beat a safari in South Luangwa. For parents, a safari is a chance to reconnect with nature. For children, it’s a chance to get to know it.

The Victoria Falls Marathon 2017 highlights

Fielding the largest contingent in the corporate challenge, Africa Albida Tourism had 75 participants running in two of the event’s three categories, with 25 of the runners taking part in the race for the first time.

NEW weekly video series: Escape to Africa with Robin Pope Safaris

For those moments when you just can’t get out of the office and into a game vehicle, Robin Pope Safaris launched a YouTube video series: Safari Diaries. Every Monday, a new 60-second video is released and takes you on a virtual safari through the Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian wilderness.

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

In South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, live two ferocious lions named Ginger and Garlic. These two brothers are the symbol of strength, ranking among the most powerful of all.

Sindabezi Island: Zambia’s best kept secret

Discover more about the private, eco-friendly bush camp island on the Zambezi River known as Sindabezi Island.

Putting northern Kafue back on the map

After a very exciting start to our operation in 2016 and a great turn out for our first year at Pioneer Lodge in Zambia, we now have some exciting new developments for 2017.

Elephants: remaining cool with wrinkles and ears

Why do we love elephants so much? Is it because we have a lot in common and can relate to them? Elephants live almost as long as we do, are intelligent and live a family life.

The most romantic place to propose in Africa

Thinking about popping the question while on a safari holiday in Africa? There’s only one place to visit above the rest to get the answer to that ‘big question’: Victoria Falls.

Meet the nocturnal animals of South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is one of the few national parks in Zambia where evening drives can be done. The goal of this rather exciting activity is the search for nocturnal species of the bush which you would normally see less of, or not at all, during the daytime. Of course there is always a chance of seeing leopard or lion during the day, but the big cats come to life after sunset!

Hippos: the river horses of Luangwa

Marula Lodge, Laungwa, hippo

One of the iconic sounds of the valley is that of hippos – also known as the ‘river horses’. The largest concentration of these amazing creatures are found at the Luangwa River, boasting more per kilometre than any other river in Africa!

Enjoying the green season in South Luangwa

Marula lodge, South Luangwa

This year’s rainy season in South Luangwa has been a good one. We’re at the tail end now but still getting the odd shower and storm. The park is a lush patchwork of greens and the air is fresh and clear. It’s the perfect time to visit.

Experiencing a bird’s eye view of Victoria Falls

Robin Pope Safaris, Victoria Falls

Spanning over 1km in width, the mighty Victoria Falls is the widest waterfall in the world and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The falls are so popular with tourists that one of the most common reasons for travelling to Livingstone, Zambia, is to witness Victoria Falls first-hand.

Saying goodbye to the green season in Zambia

garden, Zambia

There are so many reasons why the green season is a great time to visit Zambia and sometimes words just aren’t enough! Here is a selection of photos from Pioneer Camp that show just how wonderful it is as we head out of this incredible time of year.

Victoria Falls: the ultimate vacation to end all vacations!

When I started to plan my holiday to the Victoria Falls, well-named as Africa’s adventure capital, I wondered how I was going to fit everything in. How do you combine both the safari and adventure elements, yet still come home feeling peachy, rested and ready to go back to work the next day? My answer is balance and Tongabezi Lodge.

Video: a glimpse of life on safari in Zambia

Have you ever wondered what you might see on safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park?

South Luangwa: dog detection unit hounds poaching

In eastern Zambia, Conservation South Luangwa, in partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation and Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife has launched a fantastic initiative: Zambia’s first ever canine wildlife detection unit.

Luxury Zambia: Tongabezi, Sindabezi or both?


Tongabezi, Sindabezi, or Bi-Bezi? Luxury travel blogger, Misha from Wildluxe, sets out to discover Zambia’s most luxurious properties.

Photoseries: Garlic the lion toys with a baby puku

The ginger lion brothers in South Luangwa National Park have been a popular duo for some time – celebrated as special sightings for their colour abnormalities that stand them out from the rest of the lion crowd.

Video: Dare-devil twins take on Devil’s Pool

The Devils Pool at Victoria Fall should be the new idiom for the saying “Between a rock and a hard place” because that, in a very literal and figurative sense, my twin sister and I discovered, is how it is.

Revel in an exciting new feast of fun at the boma dinner and drum show

The Boma – Dinner & Drum Show, a “must do” Victoria Falls experience, has just got a lot more bite, with a focus on the refreshment and modernisation of its food and entertainment elements now completed.

An unconventional Valentine’s for the traveller

For those who love travel and love a traveller, Valentine’s day may be your lucky charm. It’s a chance to go somewhere unconventional, yet blissfully romantic, while ticking off the holiday of your dreams.

The effect of time and conservation at Nanzhila Plains in Kafue National Park

So exalted David Livingstone, having climbed up what is likely the Muchinga Escarpment of the Luangwa Valley of Zambia in 1866 and seeing the magnificence of the miombo woodland stretched out before his eyes.

White river rafting down the rapids of the Zambezi

I’d heard a lot about white water rafting before my stay in Zambia, everyone I talked to raved about it and the one thing they were always sure to mention was how terrifying it was – awesome, but scary!

Let’s explore Zambia

In recent years Zambia has gained a reputation as one of Africa’s most exciting and inspiring tourist destinations. It is a country that is blessed with wide open spaces, dramatic vistas, spectacular waterways, abundant wildlife, and stylish accommodations.

Father Christmas surprises local school kids in Zambia at the Tongabezi Trust School

Tongabezi invites all guests to visit the local trust school and meet the young learners and teachers of Tujatane.

Football for a cause in Zambia

During the month of November 2016, Kafunta Safaris and the Mfuwe Sports Association supported the very first Carnivore Conservation Cup football tournament organized by the Zambian Carnivore Program and sponsored by the National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.

The smoke that thunders at the mighty Victoria falls

The mighty Victoria Falls is situated between two countries namely Zimbabwe and Zambia. The local indigenous who speak Tonga, refer to the falls as the ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’, which means; the smoke that thunders.

A sunrise cruise with the lions at Tongabezi

Early mornings before sunrise are generally the best time of day to scout for wildlife. The temperature is cool and the animals are still active, especially the big cats that are returning from a night of hunting.

Victoria Falls, a landmark that has stood the test of time

Victoria Falls remains one of the most hospitable places on the planet! If you have never been, it’s time to go!

10 swoon-worthy reasons to go on a honeymoon safari

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the most difficult decision for newlyweds – where should we go on honeymoon?

What is responsible tourism?

Some advice from Pioneer camps in Zambia about responsible tourism.

Zambian poaching crisis fuelled by Chinese military

Zambia game rangers

Zambia’s elephant population has declined by about 90% due to poaching. Its black rhino population, estimated at 13,000 in 1981, is now extinct.

Nsolo the orphaned warthog

The Norman Carr Safaris team at Nsolo Camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park came across an orphaned baby warthog and had to make a decision to help her.

A library for the children in South Luangwa National Park

Marula lodge in Zambia have opened a library for the local children to learn about the wildlife in South Luangwa

Tis the season to swim in Devil’s Pool!

This is the time of year when travellers from around the world have their beady eyes on Tongabezi’s famous island – Livingstone Island and the thrill-seeking experience of swimming in Devil’s Pool.

Lioness outrun by baby puku in a race for life

A lioness in the Luangwa valley fails to hunt a baby puku.

Dust, sweat and gears: Zambia’s annual Elephant Charge

Zambia elephant charge 2016

This year Zambia’s annual Elephant Charge event raised more than US$63,000 for conservation charities.

Flower power for a hippo

A hippo pays a visit to the courtyard of a camp in South Luangwa.

Video: Hyenas mating in broad daylight

Watch two spotted hyenas getting it on for all and sundry to see.

5 elephantastic facts to celebrate World Elephant Day!

Learn more about elephants this World Elephant Day!

Photographic opportunities in South Luangwa

David Rogers captures the essence of the South Luangwa in the run-up to his annual photographic safari.

Lions put on a show at Nsefu Camp, Zambia


The new safari season has begun at Nsefu Camp and the lions decided to put on an award winning performance using the camp as their stage.

Elephants just want to have fun

To witness animal behaviour that has rarely, if ever, been documented before is probably one of the greatest factors that feeds my addiction to the African bush and its fascinating inhabitants. This young elephant bull gave a us the performance of a lifetime.

30 years of memories at Robin Pope Safaris

The story of Robin Pope and his safari dream.

Suspected Zambian poachers shot dead in Zimbabwe

State game rangers in northern Zimbabwe shot dead two suspected poachers from Zambia this weekend.

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