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News wrap: Rhino 8 nabs poachers + US big-game trophy decision

In this week’s news wrap an anti-poaching team celebrates success; US President Donald Trump calls elephant trophy hunting a “horror show”; the Trump administration is sued for allowing US hunters to import elephant and lion trophies; a woman’s body is found after a crocodile dragged her into river; and Mozambique ports have become the new export hub for ivory smugglers.

Christmas safari in Africa

Switch out snow and sleet, for sunshine and savannahs by spending your Christmas on safari in Southern Africa!

Now Trump calls elephant trophy hunting a “horror show”

President Trump called elephant hunting a “horror show” Sunday and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the practice.

US to lift elephant trophy ban

US authorities will remove restrictions on importing African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

News wrap: Lions kill over 250 livestock + Tanzania ends UAE hunting deal

Tanzania, Arusha Region, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater with their herds of cattle

In this week’s news wrap a lion pride has killed over 250 livestock in Namibia in the last week; Tanzania terminates hunting deal with Dubai royal family; a top anti-poaching cop is fired; and two tragic cases where elephants have killed tourists – one occurring in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and the other in Livingstone in Zambia.

Elephant tramples tourists to death in Zambia

Two foreign tourists have been trampled to death by an elephant at a lodge in Livingstone.

November safari in Africa

November is a great time in Africa, and the ideal time to go on safari thanks to lower prices at lodges and fewer tourists.

Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration

Aerial view of wildebeest migration in Zambia © Andrew Macdonald

This time every year as the rains bring the Liuwa Plain in Zambia back to life, Africa’s second biggest wildebeest migration moves into the southern reaches of the national park to drop their calves.

Thrilling sights from the hide: Spotting nocturnal wildlife

Nocturnal wildlife: It’s the luck of the draw, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment when you happen to cross paths with one of these denizens of the dark.

Rare sighting: Albino civet

The folks at Shenton Safaris have managed to capture rare footage of an albino civet drinking water at Mwamba Bushcamp in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

A spotted hyena rescue mission

In the South Luangwa National Park, the Zambia Carnivore Program (ZCP) works relentlessly to protect the wildlife in the area, which is why they were the first people that Robin Pope Safaris’ Nsefu Team called when they noticed a spotted hyena in serious distress. She had a huge wound on her neck and was in need of a helping hand.

Flight of the bumble bee-eaters

With their brilliant magenta plumage and accents of coral, turquoise and black, carmine bee-eaters are truly a sight to behold, turning even those least inclined into avian enthusiasts.

Appreciating the smaller sightings on safari

A wild leopard looks on in the wild bush

While it’s much easier to spot plains game than it is a leopard, sometimes it pays off to spend a little while ‘smelling the roses’ and observing the smaller things on safari.

The advantages of choosing a shorter safari

Viewing an elephant while on safari in Africa © Mark Smeltz

Explore the advantages of going on a shorter African safari, where fly-in safaris can deliver you right into the thick of the action without wasting time on overland journeys and lengthy internal transfers.

‘Iconic tusker’ shot by trophy hunters in Zambia

A large bull elephant shot by a trophy hunter in Zambia

A large bull elephant, described as an ‘iconic tusker’ was trophy hunted in Zambia this weekend – the biggest elephant trophy in decades.

Understanding elephant movements across international borders

Fitting a collar to a wild elephant in Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area in Zambia

A transboundary elephant connectivity study has been launched in western Zambia with the fitting of satellite tracking collars to wild elephants to investigate their cross-border movements.

Video: Wild dog versus vultures

A wild dog in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

A large group of vultures descend on a wild dog kill, providing an incredible sighting of frenzy, feathers and downright epic action.

My Luangwa Valley photo safari

elephant, photographic safari, wildlife photography, Nsefu Sector, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

I have just finished a photographic safari in South Luangwa with guests from South Africa. They were looking forward to great wildlife sightings and the remote seclusion offered by the Nsefu Sector, and I believe that Luangwa delivered on both!

A wild night as two lion prides feast together

lion, buffalo kill, Mwamba Bush Camp, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Guests from Shenton Safaris Mwamba Bush Camp witness the natural and wild scene of two lion prides in South Luangwa NP who came together to feast on a buffalo kill.

Remarkable sighting: Elephant chases hyena

spotted hyena being chased by an elephant in South Luangwa, Zambia

In a remarkable confrontation an elephant chases away a hyena in South Luangwa, Zambia.

Leopard sighting of a lifetime

leopard, impala

Elusive, unpredictable and exuding an air of raw power, seeing a leopard in the wild is a safari experience that will stay with you for life.

South Africa holiday with a side of Victoria Falls

game drive, wildlife, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Heading to South Africa? Why not add Victoria Falls too?

Supporting the rising football stars of South Luangwa

Walter Hörmann, Kafunta Safari Lodge, football donations, South Luangwa, Zambia

Kafunta Safari Lodge recently received a visit from former Austrian international footballer Walter Hörmann and his wife Barbara who spent time with the Luangwa Safari Football League players on the dirt fields of Mfuwe, Zambia.

Getting to know the Thornicroft’s giraffe

The Thornicroft’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti), also known as the Rhodesian giraffe, is a morphologically distinct sub-species of giraffe found only in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia.

Video: Lions hunting buffalo in South Luangwa

In South Luangwa National Park, the dry season (also known as the high season) is well known for its excellent game viewing opportunities because the bush is dry and there is less water available, resulting in high game concentrations and density around the Luangwa River.

Northern Zambia: A water wonderland

Northern Zambia is one of nature’s best kept secrets. Sacred, mysterious and beautiful, the rivers cascade in fabulous displays of falling water; remote, uncommercialised, yet truly spectacular. With about 10 different waterfalls in the area, having only visited three we barely scratched the surface and will be back again soon for more. Combine these rivers and falls with the beautiful lakes of Bangwelu and Tanganyika and you have found a real water wonderland.

10 Photos to inspire you to use your vacation days

sunken fireplace, Zambia, Zambezi River

Do you have a vacation problem, or rather, a ‘not taking vacation’ problem? Tongabezi encourages you to not let those vacation days go unused this year.

Protecting the precious pangolins

pangolin, Zambia

Pangolins are one of the most threatened animals in the world, and they are so rare that many safari guides will retire without ever having seen one.

A ‘lazy leopard’ sighting

Recently, our Lodge Manager at Kafunta Safaris in South Luangwa, Lisa Peake, joined in on a guest game drive. She was fortunate enough to see a leopard relaxing in a tree – what she reckons was her best sighting ever.

Running wild at the Victoria Falls Marathon

The thing about this marathon is that it’s not just the race that is fun and festive. The tiny town of Vic Falls is jam packed with countless things to do.

Video: The best wildlife experience from a photographic hide

Experience the joy of watching wildlife from a hide!

Harsh times for young storks

Bird-lover or not, the impressive yellow-billed stork colony in the Nsefu sector of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is definitely worthwhile paying a visit.

The birth of hyena cubs: The good, the bad and the gory

Imagine the excitement when guests at Robin Pope Safaris’ Nsefu camp in Zambia were able to watch a spotted hyena giving birth.

Kids go wild on a South Luangwa family safari

When it comes to unforgettable family holidays, it’s hard to beat a safari in South Luangwa. For parents, a safari is a chance to reconnect with nature. For children, it’s a chance to get to know it.

The Victoria Falls Marathon 2017 highlights

Fielding the largest contingent in the corporate challenge, Africa Albida Tourism had 75 participants running in two of the event’s three categories, with 25 of the runners taking part in the race for the first time.

NEW weekly video series: Escape to Africa with Robin Pope Safaris

For those moments when you just can’t get out of the office and into a game vehicle, Robin Pope Safaris launched a YouTube video series: Safari Diaries. Every Monday, a new 60-second video is released and takes you on a virtual safari through the Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian wilderness.

The lion kings Ginger and Garlic

In South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, live two ferocious lions named Ginger and Garlic. These two brothers are the symbol of strength, ranking among the most powerful of all.

Sindabezi Island: Zambia’s best kept secret

Discover more about the private, eco-friendly bush camp island on the Zambezi River known as Sindabezi Island.

Putting northern Kafue back on the map

After a very exciting start to our operation in 2016 and a great turn out for our first year at Pioneer Lodge in Zambia, we now have some exciting new developments for 2017.

Elephants: remaining cool with wrinkles and ears

Why do we love elephants so much? Is it because we have a lot in common and can relate to them? Elephants live almost as long as we do, are intelligent and live a family life.

The most romantic place to propose in Africa

Thinking about popping the question while on a safari holiday in Africa? There’s only one place to visit above the rest to get the answer to that ‘big question’: Victoria Falls.

Meet the nocturnal animals of South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is one of the few national parks in Zambia where evening drives can be done. The goal of this rather exciting activity is the search for nocturnal species of the bush which you would normally see less of, or not at all, during the daytime. Of course there is always a chance of seeing leopard or lion during the day, but the big cats come to life after sunset!

Hippos: the river horses of Luangwa

Marula Lodge, Laungwa, hippo

One of the iconic sounds of the valley is that of hippos – also known as the ‘river horses’. The largest concentration of these amazing creatures are found at the Luangwa River, boasting more per kilometre than any other river in Africa!

Enjoying the green season in South Luangwa

Marula lodge, South Luangwa

This year’s rainy season in South Luangwa has been a good one. We’re at the tail end now but still getting the odd shower and storm. The park is a lush patchwork of greens and the air is fresh and clear. It’s the perfect time to visit.

Experiencing a bird’s eye view of Victoria Falls

Robin Pope Safaris, Victoria Falls

Spanning over 1km in width, the mighty Victoria Falls is the widest waterfall in the world and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The falls are so popular with tourists that one of the most common reasons for travelling to Livingstone, Zambia, is to witness Victoria Falls first-hand.

Saying goodbye to the green season in Zambia

garden, Zambia

There are so many reasons why the green season is a great time to visit Zambia and sometimes words just aren’t enough! Here is a selection of photos from Pioneer Camp that show just how wonderful it is as we head out of this incredible time of year.

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