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Video: Wild dog versus vultures

A wild dog in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

A large group of vultures descend on a wild dog kill, providing an incredible sighting of frenzy, feathers and downright epic action.

A rare encounter on a walking safari

While we attempt to ensure that our guests fulfil their “safari dreams” on one of our walking safari experiences, this usually consists of an interaction with elephants, white rhino, cape buffalo and the occasional Lion

Bush babies of a fiercer kind

Learn about what goes into raising a baby predator from an adorable fluff-ball into an effective killing machine.

Wild dogs vs. leopard

A leopard tries to score a free meal when wild dogs take down an impala in Luangwa.

10 interesting facts about African wild dogs

10 interesting facts about the African wild dog.

A short but sweet safari

A two-day safari in Botswana may be a speedy venture but you’d be surprised by how much you can see and how much fun you can have in such a short time!

Into the wild dog’s den

Go into the den of South Africa’s largest wild dog pack as they attempt to raise 17 puppies.

Bushbuck tug-of-war in the Lower Zambezi

How wild dogs catch and kill a bushbuck that won’t come out the water, without losing lunch to a crocodile.

12 adorable wild dog puppies!

12 wild dog puppy additions to the Investec Breakaway Pack have been spotted outside the Tintswalo Safari Lodge in the Manyeleti Game Reserve.

Video: Wild dog puppy love

There are 12 new arrivals to the wild dog pack in Limpopo-Lipadi, and they’re just too cute for words so we’ll let you just watch the video.

Outnumbered cheetahs outsmart wild dogs

Wild dogs close in on cheetahs

Cheetahs seize the right moment to make a quick getaway from the Zululand Rhino Reserve’s new wild dogs.

What the Endangered Wildlife Trust is doing for threatened species


The Endangered Wildlife Trust is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa.

Wild dogs of the Serengeti

wild dog

Wild dogs: a lost species is returned to Serengeti National Park.

Wild dog conservationist axed to death

A conservationist working with endangered wild dogs near Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park was killed in his cottage.

10 images from a Limpopo-Lipadi safari

Here are 10 images that really encapsulate the best from a safari visit to Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game & Wilderness Reserve.

Tracking wild dogs

We examine the tracks of the African wild dog, also known as the African painted dog.

Birds, wild dogs, leopards and Scott in the Kruger

Scott learns to appreciate the smaller creatures and more stationary objects in the Kruger, when he can’t find a leopard.

Joining hands to rescue a wounded wild dog

An African wild dog that was shot in the ear in the Waterberg, has successfully been released.

Tanda Tula welcomes Tony Park

Tony and his wife, Nicola, were accompanied by the winners of the Africa Geographic competition for an exclusive three-night experience at the new Tanda Tula Field Camp where tracking game on foot was the order of the day.

A battle between wild dog and hyena, on foot!

To come across the rare wild dog on a game drive is always a special experience, but to encounter a large pack on foot while they battle it out with a hyena clan over a kill, is simply unheard of.

Africa’s greatest animal dads

Having recently celebrated a first Father’s Day with our baby son it got me thinking that fathers in the animal kingdom often get a bad rap but surely there must be some good dads?  So, here are the prize winners

The great escape!

It was a hot summer’s day in the Sabi Sands when we found a large pride of lions, quietly relaxing on the side of the road. An apocalyptic explosion would not get these cats going, I thought. And began tirelessly

Wild Dogs and Roan Antelope – they don’t play nice

By Sue Stolberger We had a very exciting morning some days ago, I spied three wild dogs racing across the grassy plain in front of camp at about 6.45am. Suddenly, there were many more whizzing across the short green grass. Then,

Savuti wild dog encounter – one for all and all for one

We were following a pack of wild dogs to the north of Savuti camp on a late October afternoon.  We know this pack as the Zib pack, their name coming from a local name for a nearby lagoon.  The dogs

Running with the Dogs

2010 has been a good year for African wild dogs in some of the most northern of Botswana’s wildlife areas. At least three different packs raised pups in the Linyanti and Selinda concessions. Wild dog movements become somewhat restricted during

AG Kariega Photo Safari
Climbing Mount Nyiragongo
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