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Where to go for that malaria-free safari

Where to go for a Malaria-Free Safari South Africa

Rhino Bombshell: SA Minister plans to permit trade in horn

South African Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has declared that she plans to permit the trade in rhino horn domestically and, in what looks like a loophole big enough to drive a tractor through, the export internationally of horn for ‘personal purposes’.

Video: South Africa – A world in one country

Jeroen Schrage is an upcoming cinematographer from the Netherlands. During his recent road trip in South Africa he used his skill set to capture beautiful shots for his portfolio and turn them into a video presenting South Africa as a land capturing an entire world in itself.

Travel like the Samson’s through Southern Africa, part 1

It was decided to start via South Africa with a rental car and travel along the N14 motorway towards a small town called Upington

A rare and wonderful wilddog sighting in the Kruger

The African wild dog (Lycaon Pictus) is a critically endangered species, with very few remaining populations in the Africa wild, one of which is based in the Kruger National Park.

Challenge yourself with photography at Jacis Lodges

I’ve worked as the photographic guide at Jaci’s lodges in Madikwe since the beginning of the year and just like with any type of guiding, there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new every day.

The best in South African travel recognised at Cheapflights Travel Awards

Cheapflights Travel Awards recognise the best South African travel and tourism business and brands in a range of categories from the best local airports and airlines, to the best safari and wine offerings.

A visit to a kokerboom forest

A visit to Kokerboom Forest in the Northern Cape and a look at all the indigenous flora in the area

USA bans trophy imports of captive South African lions

The United States government has again tightened regulations regarding the importation into the USA of lion trophies, this time focusing on trophies from captive populations in South Africa.

Vote for your favourite travel brand and WIN with Cheapflights

WIN a trip to Mauritius by voting for your favourite South African travel brand in the inaugural Cheapflights South Africa Travel Awards.

Wildlife rights organisations demand answers for export of rhino calves to Vietnam

Minister Molewa refutes claims made by wildlife experts regarding the export of white rhino calves to Vietnam.

Woman killed by tiger at breeding centre in Free State

A senior supervisor at Laohu Valley Reserve, a tiger breeding facility in South Africa, was killed by a tiger over the weekend.

Upington – your gateway to the Kalahari

Upington’s claim to fame is that it is the sunniest place on earth for three months of the year – find out more about this gateway to the Kalahari here.

CITES votes against strongest protection for elephants

CITES meeting blocks proposal for ban on all trade of ivory from four southern African countries.

10 most beautiful hikes in South Africa

10 top hikes in South Africa, including a range of day and overnight hikes that can easily fit into any holiday itinerary or weekend.

Arrest and seizure of rhino horns welcomed ahead of historic wildlife conference

Minister of Environmental Affairs welcomes arrest and seizure of rhino horns as CITES Cop17 gets underway in Johannesburg.

20 hyenas, 3 lions and a rhino

A rhino makes sure a couple of lionesses don’t get too big for their boots!

All about the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Region

Learn all about the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region – a small area of South Africa with so much to offer.

What can we expect from South Africa at CoP17?

With a huge range of pressing issues to be addressed, find out what lies in store this year at the Conference of the Parties for CITES.

5 facts about the fynbos at Tokai Park

Some interesting facts about the Critically Endangered Cape Flats sand fynbos, which is being restored to a part of Table Mountain National Park.

A true rural experience with Shik Shack Tours

If you worry about dusty toes, or where to plug in your hair straightener, then this rural village experience is not for you.

Boy killed by lions at farm in Free State

12-year-old boy killed by lions at Otavi Game Lodge outside Parys in South Africa.

The story behind The Bush House

Find out the history of ‘The Bush House’ – your home away from home in Madikwe Game Reserve.

Lion & Safari Park offers cub petting again

Worrying images surface of lion cub petting at South Africa’s infamous Lion & Safari Park, after it had claimed that it would put a stop to these interactions.

Video: Lions steal a leopard’s kill in Kruger

A leopard makes a spectacular kill, which is then promptly stolen by a pride of lions!

Video: Crocodile snaps up an impala in Kruger

Oh snap!!! Watch this croc catch a tasty little meal in Kruger.

Photographing the Zulu Reed Dance

A cultural morning spent watching the traditional Reed Dance festivities in KwaZulu Natal.

Elephant trampled a local resident in Kruger

The body of a local resident is discovered in Kruger, with signs of having been trampled by an elephant.

A day trip to Pilanesberg

At just a couple of hours’ drive from Johannesburg, a day out in Pilanesberg proves to offer a wonderful break from the city.

Video: Impala vs. wild dog vs. hippo vs. crocodile at Kruger

A truly gripping video of what started out to be a regular wild dog hunt, but ended up as an action-packed turn of events!

Protecting Kruger’s wild dogs

Help Kruger National Park in South Africa protect one of the most important populations African wild dogs.

Bushmeat hunting alarmingly high in South Africa

A recent study shows levels of bushmeat hunting in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa are alarmingly high.

5 reasons to visit Bontebok National Park

Bontebok National Park, located just outside the town of Swellendam, is South Africa’s smallest park and is well worth a visit!

Photos emerge of malnourished lions on breeding farm

Photos of skeletal lions on a farm in Limpopo highlight how “these breeders have no ethical conservation intent.”

Exploring the magic of iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Top tips to exploring the famous and diverse iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa.

Video: Baby elephant has fun with its trunk

Watch a cute baby elephant getting to grips with its trunk by slashing at mopani bushes!

Kruger National Park forced to cull hippos


The Kruger National Park in South Africa has started culling hippos due to drought and its buffalo will be next.

South Africa’s moratorium on rhino horn trade reinstated

Ban on domestic rhino horn trade reinstated as Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, files application for leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

Arnold Schwarzenegger feeds lion in South Africa and gets charged by an elephant

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares experiences of wildlife in South Africa, including a controversial shot of him seen petting and playing with captive lions.

Appeal denied – South Africa can trade rhino horn within borders

South African rhino ranchers can legally trade in rhino horn as government appeal denied.

Facts about bottlenose dolphins

All you need to know about friendly bottlenose dolphins.

Wandering the Wild Coast: A place of mystery


Uncover the mystery of the Wild Coast in this amazing time-lapse video.

100MW solar project in the Northern Cape gets green light

The construction of the Kathu Solar Park will soon begin and is expected to be operational in late 2018 with the goal of saving six million tonnes of CO2 over 20 years and promoting local economic development.

Swaziland accuses South Africa of backtracking on rhino horn trade proposal

Suspicion ignited as to South Africa’s intentions regarding the legalisation of the rhino horn trade.

Video: Hungry hyena finds a buffalo stuck in the mud

A buffalo gets eaten alive by a hyena in Kruger.

33 rescued lions bound for home in South Africa

On Friday, 29th April 2016, 33 lions will be flown back to the African bush from South America, following a ban on using wildlife in circuses in Peru and Colombia.

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