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No golden bullet to eliminate poaching in the Kruger National Park

Defense Web, anti-poaching

In spite of a drop in rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park, South African National Parks (SANParks) officials have cautioned that there is no single solution to eliminate wildlife poaching and a wide variety of tools are needed to address the problem.

Rhino Tears – the flagship wine brand making a difference for rhinos

Rhino Tears, the South African wine brand, has become a flagship brand in the war against rhino poaching. They are pioneering and pushing a fresh kind of fundraising effort for the brave and dedicated people involved on the ground.

Introducing the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust

The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust (NNAWT) brings together key players in the war on poaching with a masterplan to create 10 safe havens across Africa, a network of specialist care centres, and rapid reaction rescue and veterinary teams.

18% crash in Kruger white rhino population

Drought & poaching have reduced estimated white rhino numbers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park by 18% during the past year

Rhino tears wine raises over R1 million to combat poaching

Rhino tears wine raises over R1 million to combat poaching

Rhino poaching: poacher to spend 33 years in jail

Nelspruit magistrate's court

Simon Ngubane will effectively serve 33 years for rhino poaching and related activities committed in the Kruger National Park in 2011. This was confirmed in the Nelspruit Regional Court on Wednesday.

Let’s make 2017 a better year for rhinos


Bonné de Bod, a journalist working on the STROOP documentary film, appeals to us make 2017 a better year for our precious rhinos.

Rhino Poaching: Kruger Park confirms arrests of 11 suspected poachers


South African National Parks (SANParks) today, 16 January 2017, confirmed the arrest of 11 suspects in anti-poaching operations inside and outside the Kruger National Park on Friday the 13 January 2017.

Hope is gone: brave super-rhino dies


Hope became the poster child of the fight against rhino poaching after she survived a botched poaching attack in the Eastern Cape at the end of April last year.

Breaking: State Security Minister allegedly involved in rhino poaching syndicate

Relocating a white rhino from South Africa to Texas

State Security Minister David Mahlobo has allegedly been hanging out with a Chinese organised crime figure who traffics rhino horns and openly brags about bribing South African justice and immigration officials.

Zambian poaching crisis fuelled by Chinese military

Zambia game rangers

Zambia’s elephant population has declined by about 90% due to poaching. Its black rhino population, estimated at 13,000 in 1981, is now extinct.

Walking for rhinos in Madikwe

Madikwe Game Reserve recently held their annual Rhino Walk to raise awareness and funds for rhinos.

Demand for rhino horn outstrips global supply

A new study highlights that even the global rhino population of just under 30,000 individuals is not nearly enough to meet demand if rhino horn trade is legalised.

Private rhino owners have lost R1.45bn fighting poaching

rhino poaching

Around 330 private rhino reserves in South Africa have lost ZAR300m worth of rhinos to poaching.

12% drop in countrywide rhino poaching fatalities

9 positive outcomes of South Africa’s Integrated Strategic Management of Rhinoceros.

Video: Students raise funds and take part in rhino dehorning

Students help to raise funds in order to help protect Africa’s rhinos from poaching.

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin goes to court

The trial of alleged rhino poaching leader Dumisani Gwala begins on Monday 5th September in Zululand, South Africa.

Run for rhinos

Veterinary students’ Run4Rhinos event on 27 August to raise funds to help the plight of rhinos.

A happy ending for an orphaned rhino calf

After his mother is killed by poachers, little Max the rhino finds a new home and a new brother.

Rhino DNA database puts poachers in the cross-hair

A ground-breaking technique to collect and catalogue DNA from rhinos and rhino horn which can lead to more convictions of poachers and reduce rhino poaching in Southern Africa.

Hope: a rhino’s story of survival

The rhino poaching documentary STROOP is to be released this year, this is the story of one character, the rhino called Hope.

Recognising those on the front line of the rhino war

Rhino war soldiers recognised for the hard work they are doing to prevent poaching.

Officials removed from Etosha for poaching implications

A group of ministry employees, who are suspected to have been involved in poaching in Etosha, have been transferred away from the national park.

Stiff sentence to poacher in South Africa

South African courts send a strong message to poachers by tough sentencing for would-be poacher.

A brothers’ bond saves an orphaned rhino


When a baby rhino is orphaned by poachers, his brother takes him under his wing

Pregnant rhino poached near Pretoria

An update on the two rhinos that were recently poached in Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

What cigarettes, kidneys and rhinos have in common

The business of rhino horn trade and its part in a complex web of criminality and trade-based money laundering.

U.S. partners with Vietnam to fight illegal wildlife trade

The U.S. State Department has announced a bilateral partnership with Vietnam to combat wildlife trafficking. Here a Vietnamese cancer patient gives her testimony about rhino horn consumption.

SA rhino horn trade proposal hidden in DEA Budget

The decision to submit a rhino horn trade proposal to CITES has been “hidden away” in the National Treasury budget for South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs.

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin goes to court

Hopes that justice will finally be served for the alleged rhino poaching kingpin, Dumisani Gwala, who is expected to appear in court soon.

Rhino poaching is a crisis of governance

According to a wildlife expert, wildlife poaching has become a serious threat to democracy in many countries where it takes place.

Rhino poaching kingpin leaves a trail of crime in USA

Rhino poaching kingpin, Arno Smit’s life of crime and corruption doesn’t just stop at the slaughter and mutilation of rhinos.

South Africa receives equipment from USA to combat poaching

US donates $750,000 of survival, surveillance and investigative equipment at a ceremony in the Kruger National Park to help in the fight against wildlife crime, and rhino poaching in particular.

Rhino poaching kingpin, and the magistrate that keeps him out of jail

An appeal from Jamie Joseph to Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to urgently investigate the judicial system that is failing to protect rhinos.

Rhino poaching in South Africa declining, but it’s too soon to celebrate

South Africa has announced its first decrease in rhino poaching in 2007, but the news has not been uniformly welcomed.

Book Review: An Empty Coast by Tony Park

Read all about An Empty Coast, a new novel by Tony Park, and you could WIN one of three copies of this exciting crime thriller!

Buy no Rhino – back home in Cape Town

Two South African sisters are back in Cape Town after cycling 6,000 kilometres across Southeast Asia to create awareness about the plight of the rhino.

Political figures could be involved in Namibian poaching saga

Rumours fly as Namibian officials fingered as “kingpins” involved in rhino and elephant poaching in Etosha National Park.

Poaching attempt prevented thanks to tip-off

Three suspected rhino poachers were stopped in their tracks in the Kruger National Park thanks to an anonymous tip-off.

Rhino tracking with the poacher that became the protector

Spending a day with a rhino poacher turned anti-poaching ranger who protects rhinos in Kenya.

Video: Rhino Dog Squad needs your help

Kenya’s rhinos are facing a huge poaching crisis, but there’s a team on the frontline fighting back – the Rhino Dog Squad!

Wildlife warden jailed for allegedly stealing rhino horns

A senior wildlife warden in Maun has allegedly stolen three rhino horns from a store room.

Rising above rhino poaching

WWF launches a new community-based initiative to save rhinos.

Rhino River Lodge takes rhino poaching personally

Rhino River Lodge calls on everyone to realise that this rhino war is personal, and that we are all losing a lot more than lives in this fight.

Poachers found guilty thanks to Kruger tracking dog

A celebrated first for South African rhino poaching cases as evidence regarding a tracking dog allowed in court.

Opposing sides join forces to save rhinos

An announcement made in Cape Town could mark the first step in reaching consensus on saving rhinos.

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