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Birding in the Okavango

Do you love birds? Then get yourself to the Okavango – pronto!

Five unforgettable ways to experience Botswana


Have the adventure of a lifetime in Botswana with these not-to-be-missed activities.

Botswana is Lonely Planet’s best travel destination for 2016

Lonely Planet’s experts have named their top 10 must-see countries for 2016 and in the number one spot is…. Botswana!

Tips for planning a budget Botswana safari


Some simple tips for planning a budget Botswana safari.

The beginners guide to a bucket shower

bucket shower

How to use a bucket shower while on safari.

A guide to planning your Botswana safari

Some tips for making the most out of a Botswana safari.

The Okavango experience

Climb into a canoe and see what the Okavango Delta has to offer.

Budget Botswana safaris do exist

A Botswana safari does not have to break the bank!

Leopards of the Okavango

A once in a lifetime opportunity to follow and photograph the daily activities of a female leopard and her two cubs in Moremi Game Reserve.

50‌‌‌ | 50 Anniversary Season: Episode 18

Here is the New Year’s episode line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50, Anniversary Season, Episode 18 on 30 December 2013: Continue to explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta, take a trip to Kleinsee to discover how this once thriving mining town is now a pearl for oyster production and find out how tourists are ruining Kruger National Park.

Thieves, Chiefs and Okavango dreaming!

9th -14th  November  A spot of bad luck. One of the great things about this road trip is seeing how the terrain changes. Heading into the Kavango region and things are looking a lot greener than the warm hues I

Botswana will not issue any more hunting licenses!

Botswana’s president Ian Khama has announced that the government will no longer issue licenses for hunting wild animals in the country. In a progressive move to protect the country’s natural heritage and the tourism industry, he said that the government

Hyaenas Under My Bed?

The piercing screams of a distressed elephant are not the ideal interruption to a peaceful sleep. I awoke to this devilish cacophony and glanced at my watch. It was half past 3 in the morning. Angry trumpeting and the thundering

The elephant with strange tusks!

I came across this elephant family recently on Chiefs Island in the Okavango Delta. I couldn’t help but notice the female of the group had very oddly-shaped tusks. By looking at one of her young, it appears that this deformity

A battle in the trees!

Recently, photographer Dana Allen and I found Legadema the leopard with the kill of a young red lechwe below a knob thorn tree. Other guides out on drive told us that three young male lions from the Mporota Pride were

The black-maned lioness of the Okavango

There is a small pride of lions at Mombo Camp in the Okavango called the Western Pride. One particular female within this pride – known by the locals as Mmamoriri – is very special. She has a dark, full mane,

Legadema spotted on the Mombo walkway!

Legadema, the female leopard made world-famous by Dereck and Beverley Joubert in their documentary film, “Eye of the Leopard”, has turned up on the Mombo Camp walkway!  [slickr-flickr tag = “legadima”] The camp itself is situated in the centre of

Punch snake love!

I am a light sleeper. Which is why, in the early hours of the morning, I wake up with a jolt upon hearing a cautious but firm “Ah-ha” from the person lying next to me. “What is it, Callum? What’s

Okavango Endurance: Day 4

Walking from Coalition Corner to Motswiri tented camp

Second Time Lucky

In July 2008 I was guiding a group out of Tubu Tree camp, in the Okavango. On a morning game drive, we saw a hyena crossing a deep channel. The hyena was carrying an impala carcass. Seconds after it had

Who is the boss?

Elephants and lions are undoubtedly two of Africa’s most iconic wild animals. As human beings we have a fascination with power, and being in charge. It is not surprising then that I am often asked the question of which one

The Return of the Rivers

If you know anything about the northern half of Botswana then you will know that the prime wildlife areas are heavily dependent upon three, life-sustaining rivers: the Okavango, the Kwando/Linyanti/Savuti (which is in fact one river with many names), and

Fish out of Water

Some years ago, I encountered my first many-spined climbing perch at Jacana camp in the Okavango. The perch was out of the water and making its way along the edge of a road. I was completely taken aback to see

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