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Conservation: ordinary people doing extraordinary things

All Captured In Africa Foundation supporters have made, and continue to make, an extraordinary difference. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, how old you are or what you do for a living…

Photoseries: Garlic the lion toys with a baby puku

The ginger lion brothers in South Luangwa National Park have been a popular duo for some time – celebrated as special sightings for their colour abnormalities that stand them out from the rest of the lion crowd.

Sylvester the lion: released into the wilderness at last

Sylvester the lion has finally been released into the 15,000ha Kuzuko contractual area of Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

VIDEO: Lions eat buffalo alive and demonstrate the cruelty of nature

We often are privileged to witness unusual scenes in the bush, and that is one of the best things. No two days are ever the same! The other day we were out in some rather heavy rain and the game wasn’t too great.

Sylvester the lion becomes king of his kingdom in Addo

The country’s most famous lion, Sylvester, has taken the first step towards reigning supreme over his new kingdom at Addo Elephant National Park.

The Battle of 5 Lions

With Amakhosi being a Big 5 Game Reserve, one tends to see the extraordinary on a weekly, if not daily basis.
However, when the Old Boss met the New Boss… well that’s the sighting that dreams are made of…

Video: An unusual sighting at Tanda Tula

A sighting was recently experienced by guests at Tanda Tula, Kevin Hill and his fiancé, during a game drive they happened upon this unusual interaction between a lion looking to hunt a baby rhino.

Lioness outrun by baby puku in a race for life

A lioness in the Luangwa valley fails to hunt a baby puku.

Video: male lion stalks and attacks leopard

Lion Leopard attack Sabi Sands

Watch the incredible scene of a male lion stalking and attacking a leopard in the Sabi Sand.

Video: Lion tells tourist to keep his window closed

A lion shows a tourist why you should keep car windows closed when in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Bush babies of a fiercer kind

Learn about what goes into raising a baby predator from an adorable fluff-ball into an effective killing machine.

Lion, buffalo, a leopard and an aardvark in 1 dusty surprise

Safari guests witness a bizarre hunt involving four very different species.

There’s a leopard on the runway!

A leopard on the runway is the perfect start to a cat-filled getaway in the Sabi Sand.

Video: Lions steal a leopard’s kill in Kruger

A leopard makes a spectacular kill, which is then promptly stolen by a pride of lions!

A ginger lion and his brother

A genetic mutation has resulted in a ginger-coloured lion in South Luangwa.

Video: Cat fight at a lion kill

Female lionesses show a male lion who’s boss and drive him from a kill.

Lion eats lion

A fight over territory leads to a gruesome scene as a lion feeds on a lioness of a competing pride.

Sylvester, the Karoo lion, heading to Addo soon

Sylvester the lion will soon be relocated to Addo Elephant National Park where it is expected that he will establish himself as the pride male.

Video: Cecil the lion’s adorable grandcubs

Eight cute lion cubs seen in Hwange – thought to be the grandkids of Cecil the lion.

Paddling lion cubs and the croc

Lion cubs come face to face with a crocodile in Kruger, South Africa.

A lion plays with his food

An uneasy dance between a lion and a topi calf in the Maasai Mara.

Escaped Karoo National Park lion recaptured

Sylvester the lion has been found and will be transferred to a boma at Karoo National Park until a final decision is reached on his future.

Graphic videos shows moment Kenyan rangers killed Mohawk the lion

Mohawk, a lion from Nairobi National Park was brutally shot yesterday by Kenya Wildlife Service rangers in an horrific scene.

SANParks apologises, considering various options for Sylvester the lion


SANParks apologises for statements regarding Sylvester, the lion that escaped from Karoo National Park, and says various options are being considered.

Outcry over SANParks’ announcement to put down Sylvester the lion

Sylvester the lion

Outcry after SANParks says that Sylvester the lion, that escaped from Karoo National Park near Beaufort West for the second time, will be euthanised.

Lion escapes yet again from Karoo National Park

Karoo National Park

A lion has escaped from the Karoo National Park near Beaufort West for the second time.

Three lions poisoned in Zimbabwe

Three lions have been poisoned in Zimbabwe for killing cattle.

A lion and his pet wildebeest

An unusual sighting of a lion playing with a wildebeest calf in the Serengeti!

Official statement by African Lion Working Group on canned hunting and captive breeding

A definitive line is drawn in the sand when it comes to canned hunting and captive-breeding by a respected group of lion specialists.

Hluhluwe iMfolozi staff member killed by sick lioness

A long serving employee of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has been fatally attacked by a sick lioness at Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park.

Video: A wildebeest that never says die!

A riveting and emotional battle between a hungry lioness and a brave wildebeest that refuses to give up!

Raffle for lion hunt in Zimbabwe – also offered to non-hunters

Bubye Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe is raffling an 18-day lion safari. However, the winner can choose not to hunt the lion.

Lion hunting buffalo in Ruaha

Lions take down a buffalo at Ruaha National Park.

Video: 4 lions kill 4 buffalo at Djuma

Mother nature at its finest as a group of male lions take down multiple buffalos at Djuma in the Sabi Sand.

Lions, hyenas and zebras! Oh my!

Interspecific competition in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa.

Video: leopard, lions and a noisy warthog in the rain

A ruckus in the bushveld between leopards, lions and a noisy warthog!

Escaped lion found at old home

A lion that escaped from Mkuze Falls, near Pongola, has been found at Zululand Rhino Reserve, its old home about 70km from the game reserve from where it had escaped.

A strawberry blonde lion

An unusual sighting of a golden-coloured lion in Zambia.

A lion goes after a leopard mum and her cubs

A leopard reacts quickly to an approaching lion to save her cubs from any harm!

The end of canned lion hunting looks imminent

PHASA disassociates itself with canned lion hunting establishments as Blood Lions documentary makes waves in European parliaments.

The cats are out and about in the Timbavati

The cats have been busy in the Timbavati!

All of the Big Five in one heat wave

Seeing all of the Big Five in soaring temperatures.

A brave leopard cub and a hungry lion

A female leopard with three cubs take down an impala, but a lone male lion would rather have their dinner for himself!

Lion, elephant stare-down in the Serengeti

An elephant herd and a lion pride face off at a waterhole in the Serengeti.

A double take for this lion pride

Lions get a double serving on the Mara River.

5 cats in one sighting

When following four leopards, a lion shows up for a piece of the limelight.

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