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Video: Leopard vs hyena for warthog meal – gruesome content

Extremely gruesome footage as a leopard and hyena battle it out for a warthog meal in a once-in-a-lifetime sighting.

The drama of the ‘bush theatre’

Being out on safari is about connecting with nature, more than simply seeing amazing animals and birdlife, it is witnessing the next chapter of an ancient and incredible story unfold, it is the ‘bush theatre’.

Remarkable sighting: Elephant chases hyena

spotted hyena being chased by an elephant in South Luangwa, Zambia

In a remarkable confrontation an elephant chases away a hyena in South Luangwa, Zambia.

Leopard sighting of a lifetime

leopard, impala

Elusive, unpredictable and exuding an air of raw power, seeing a leopard in the wild is a safari experience that will stay with you for life.

Leopard and her cubs share in Kudu feast

leopard and three-month-old cub, Khwai Concession, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

This was nature at its rawest – a spectacularly unique yet harrowing sighting in the Khwai Concession which borders Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana.

A great sighting: Leopard and her impala dinner

leopard in a tree with a kill

Recent guests at Xanasteni in South Africa were spoiled with a great sighting of a leopard with her prey in a tree right by the camp!

A ‘lazy leopard’ sighting

Recently, our Lodge Manager at Kafunta Safaris in South Luangwa, Lisa Peake, joined in on a guest game drive. She was fortunate enough to see a leopard relaxing in a tree – what she reckons was her best sighting ever.

Video: Capturing spotted cats with camera traps

Africa Geographic recently met up with the Cape Leopard Trust in the Cape, South Africa, to discover more about leopards and to find out why you should sign up for your free MySchool card to help raise funds for their environmental education programme.

A magical leopard sighting in Greater Kruger

Hearing that a leopard has been found with a kill up in a tree is one of the best things to hear over the radio when taking guests out on safari.

Video: The cutest leopard couple in the Klaserie

Every year our leopard sightings increase and this one, in particular, is special as it it is the beginning of a cycle where the offspring (assuming the mating was successful) will be seen by future guests and become more relaxed around vehicles full of tourists.

Timelapse in Kenya: Buffalo carcass and predators

The footage below starts a few days after where a number of predators had a go at the carcass, including two striped hyenas, a leopard, and finally a few lions who polished it off.

Wild dogs interrupt leopards’ meal

We often spot large predators feeding on kills that they have made and normally these feeds can go uninterrupted for a few days. However, things went a bit differently for a leopard and her young male cub at a recent sighting.

Key SA leopard population ‘crashing’, study warns

leopard, Africa

The leopard population in a region of South Africa once thick with the big cats is crashing, and could be wiped out within a few years, scientists warned on Wednesday.

David Roger’s green season photo safari


A photographic river journey down the Luangwa River that is the highlight of David Rodger’s year!

Trophy hunting: leopard update

Earlier this year, South African Environmental Affairs minister Edna Molewa announced a ZERO quota for leopard hunts in 2017, a continuation of the 2016 ruling.

LondoYogi: Yoga in the wild at Londolozi

Aside from the yoga, the highlights of my stay at Londolozi, as hard as it is to choose, were the leopard sightings. Londolozi has a reputation for it’s leopards and boy do they deliver.

An evening in the life of a leopard

It was an overcast day in the Timbavati when the staff at Umlani decided to get out into bush and explore the varying landscapes. Little did we know at the time that what we were about to be treated to an incredible glimpse into the life of Africa’s most elusive predator, the leopard.

Photoseries: stunning leopard cascades in the bush

Entries for our Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017 competition are lighting up our inbox at an incredible pace. Every week we receive hundreds of shots. however, this week one in particular caught our attention.

Video: A leopards game of hide and seek

The element of surprise is the most crucial component for the success of a leopard. With a coat of complex patterning that breaks up the shape of the body, these magnificent cats can melt into their environment without being detected.

Photo series: leopards fighting in the Mara

Incredible images of two leopards fighting in the Mara

Predators clashing in the wild is not a pretty sight

Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania is well known for its diverse landscapes, big elephant population and high density of predators.

The warthog who could have been a leopards dinner

To be in the presence of a leopard is always an honour and a privilege, it will leave you in awe of its natural beauty. But a leopard isn’t just a pretty face.

VIDEO: Interesting and unusual cannibal leopard behaviour

Cheetah Plains captures some unusual leopard behaviour.

Which are Africa’s Most Successful Predators?

Africa’s apex hunters can sometimes seem to almost ‘pluck’ their meals out of the air, but that isn’t always the case, so how successful are Africa’s predators really?

5 fantastic wildlife sightings at rhino river lodge

One of my favourite questions to ask a game ranger is “What has been your favourite wildlife sighting so far?”

An evening of leopard inspired artistry

An evening of leopard inspired artistry with the Cape Leopard Trust.

Video: male lion stalks and attacks leopard

Lion Leopard attack Sabi Sands

Watch the incredible scene of a male lion stalking and attacking a leopard in the Sabi Sand.

A rare leopard and cub sighting in Malawi

A rare leopard and cub sighting at the Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi

Cunning leopard perfects waterhole takeaways


A leopard in the Kruger National Park shows us how to streamline meal time with its fail safe hunting tactic

A leap of leopards in the Timbavati

Umlani Bush Camp lives up to its reputation for being a great place to experience leopard sightings in the Timbaviti Private Nature Reserve

Bush babies of a fiercer kind

Learn about what goes into raising a baby predator from an adorable fluff-ball into an effective killing machine.

Lion, buffalo, a leopard and an aardvark in 1 dusty surprise

Safari guests witness a bizarre hunt involving four very different species.

A Savuti fishing leopard in action

The catch of the day – a leopard demonstrates her fishing skills in the Savuti Channel.

Responsible ways to support big cats

Show your love for the big cats of Africa by giving your support in ways that make a real difference.

Leopard vs. hyena in the fight for food

A leopard watches on in dismay as a hyena takes her lunch. But then something unusual happens..

There’s a leopard on the runway!

A leopard on the runway is the perfect start to a cat-filled getaway in the Sabi Sand.

Hyena gets a taste of leopard tail

As a leopard tries to protect her prey from hungry onlookers, one hyena gets a mouthful of leopard instead.

Video: Lions steal a leopard’s kill in Kruger

A leopard makes a spectacular kill, which is then promptly stolen by a pride of lions!

Night drives in South Luangwa

From civets to owls, night drives result in an entirely different game viewing experience!

An elephant draws the curtain on a leopard kill in Kruger

Two of the Big Five captured in one photo at a waterhole in Kruger.

Photographing the elusive leopards of Kruger

One guide has a knack for finding and photographic the rarely spotted leopards of Kruger. Here are his photos.

Predators play pass the parcel with a kill

Two leopards and a hyena put on a show in South Luangwa National Park.

Lucky leopard escapes lion pride

As a young leopard finds himself in the path of a lion pride, he needs to think quickly in order to escape before they take notice.

Video: Betty’s Bay penguin-killing leopard spotted!

Imagine sitting back and a large predator casually strolls into your garden. We really do have leopards in our back gardens in Africa!

Leopard cub bonding

A lost leopard is found by her mother in the Maasai Mara in Kenya

Leopard kills 33 Endangered African penguins

A leopard has killed 33 Endangered African penguins in a single incident in Betty’s Bay, South Africa

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