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Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region ranked 11th in the world!

The 2,5 million Ha Kruger to Canyons (K2C) Biosphere Region became a UNESCO Biosphere in 2001 and was recently ranked 11th best biosphere in the world.

EcoTraining wildlife photography course with Etienne Oosthuizen


If you want to enhance your photographic capabilities, then join EcoTraining on a wildlife photography course from 6 May to 2 June in Kruger National Park.

18% crash in Kruger white rhino population

Drought & poaching have reduced estimated white rhino numbers in South Africa’s Kruger National Park by 18% during the past year

Fun facts about the spotted hyena


Here are some fun facts we bet you didn’t know about the spotted hyena – the most prolific hunter in Kruger National Park.

Elevated luxury in the Sabi Sands at Leopard Hills

This intimate lodge consists of eight thatched suites offering spacious luxury and stunning vistas from glass-fronted rooms, it is bush romance at its best!

Finding Africa’s rarest parrot – Cape Parrots in Magoebaskloof

A birding trip into the Magoesbaskloof in Limpopo, South Africa to find Africa’s rarest parrot

Rhino poaching: poacher to spend 33 years in jail

Nelspruit magistrate's court

Simon Ngubane will effectively serve 33 years for rhino poaching and related activities committed in the Kruger National Park in 2011. This was confirmed in the Nelspruit Regional Court on Wednesday.

Video: South Africa – A world in one country

Jeroen Schrage is an upcoming cinematographer from the Netherlands. During his recent road trip in South Africa he used his skill set to capture beautiful shots for his portfolio and turn them into a video presenting South Africa as a land capturing an entire world in itself.

Rhino Poaching: Kruger Park confirms arrests of 11 suspected poachers


South African National Parks (SANParks) today, 16 January 2017, confirmed the arrest of 11 suspects in anti-poaching operations inside and outside the Kruger National Park on Friday the 13 January 2017.

The perfect bush and beach break

Fly with Airlink to Nelspruit or to Skukuza, in the heart of Kruger National Park. Then connect onwards to magical Mozambique – creating the perfect Bush and Beach break!

Video: rhinos charge tourists on walking safari

Watch this video of rhinos charging tourists on a walking safari in the Kruger National Park.

Elephant ambassador Charlie felled by poacher’s guns

World famous Kruger National Park is being blindsided by its attachment to Mozambique’s Parque Nacional de Limpopo on its eastern boundary and Charlie the elephant is its latest victim.

What children love most about visiting the Kruger National Park

Berenice Meintjes interviews children about their love of the Kruger National Park for Rhino Post Safari Lodge (Isibindi Africa Lodges). In doing so, she chances upon her own not-quite-forgotten happiness of a child.

Video: hippo attacks and bites car

In this video, watch some incredible footage of a hippo attacking and biting a car, filmed by Wikus Ceronie in the Kruger National Park.

A walking safari in the Kruger with Senalala camp

To truly experience the safari experience it is worthwhile to venture one step further and participate in a walking safari ( defined as an activity where you would have the opportunity to approach dangerous game on foot).

Video: Lion pride takes down hippo

lion attack hippo

In this video from the Kruger National Park it is incredible to see how a pride of lion attempt to take down a fully grown hippopotamus.

Kruger to become sustainable food source for communities?


SANParks are testing various management methods as part of formulating an ongoing plan to manage and harvest wildlife in the Kruger National Park, the remains of which will be distributed to surrounding communities for them to use or sell as meat products.

Pack of rogue domestic dogs chase animals in Kruger

A pack of domestic dogs seen in the Kruger National Park roaming the roads and chasing animals.

Dog food drive a woofing success!

Dog Food Drive for Kruger National Park’s anti-poaching canines raises ZAR140,000 – for the love of dogs and rhinos.

Cunning leopard perfects waterhole takeaways


A leopard in the Kruger National Park shows us how to streamline meal time with its fail safe hunting tactic

Extreme Terrain Vehicles to track rhino poachers

SANParks Honorary Rangers have donated two Extreme Terrain Vehicles and R2 million worth of field equipment to rhino anti-poaching units in the Kruger National Park.

20 hyenas, 3 lions and a rhino

A rhino makes sure a couple of lionesses don’t get too big for their boots!

All about the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Region

Learn all about the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region – a small area of South Africa with so much to offer.

7 ways to support Kruger’s anti-poaching pooches on World Rhino Day

In support of #WorldRhinoDay on 22nd September, here are just 7 ways you can show the anti-poaching dogs and, in turn, our rhinos, that you care.

Riding wild at the Kaapsehoop Horse Trails

For those with a passion for horse riding, a visit to Kaapsehoop Horse Trails is not something that should be missed.

SANParks responds to Kruger off-takes

In line with its approved management plan, Kruger National Park is planning to sustainably harvest some of its wildlife in order to combat the effects of drought and distribute meat to disadvantaged communities.

Video: Lions kill a buffalo in Kruger

A safari goer watches his first ever kill. Do you remember your first time?

5 ways to save water while travelling in South Africa

South Africa is suffering the worst drought in 23 years. Find out how to save water and do your part.

Dog Food Drive: for the love of dogs and rhinos

A Dog Food Drive – For the Love of Dogs & Rhinos on #WorldRhinoDay to support the K9 Unit in the Kruger National Park by donating food for these canine heroes in the fight against poaching.

12% drop in countrywide rhino poaching fatalities

9 positive outcomes of South Africa’s Integrated Strategic Management of Rhinoceros.

Why I return to the Kruger National Park every year

Kruger National Park offers travellers something truly special. Find out why some choose to return there year after year.

A true rural experience with Shik Shack Tours

If you worry about dusty toes, or where to plug in your hair straightener, then this rural village experience is not for you.

A leopard uses a car for cover while hunting

A stealthy leopard decides to make the most of a near-by game vehicle during a hunt for its next meal.

Video: Lions steal a leopard’s kill in Kruger

A leopard makes a spectacular kill, which is then promptly stolen by a pride of lions!

Video: Crocodile snaps up an impala in Kruger

Oh snap!!! Watch this croc catch a tasty little meal in Kruger.

Elephant trampled a local resident in Kruger

The body of a local resident is discovered in Kruger, with signs of having been trampled by an elephant.

A baby boom in Kruger

On a recent drive through the Kruger National Park, safari goers were treated to some adorable sightings.

Kruger ranger allegedly instructed accomplice to hide poached horns

A ranger, Mr Rodney Landela, and veterinarian technician, Mr Kenneth Motshotso, have been arrested for rhino poaching related offences in South Africa.

Kruger National Park regional ranger arrested for poaching

A Kruger National Park ranger and a government veterinarian technician have been arrested in the park for rhino poaching related offences.

Ranger wounded by buffalo in Kruger

South African National Parks announced that a ranger was attacked and injured by a buffalo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Video: Impala vs. wild dog vs. hippo vs. crocodile at Kruger

A truly gripping video of what started out to be a regular wild dog hunt, but ended up as an action-packed turn of events!

Protecting Kruger’s wild dogs

Help Kruger National Park in South Africa protect one of the most important populations African wild dogs.

Video: White lion vs. porcupine

This is the moment a couple filmed a porcupine testing his luck against a whole pride of lions.

The hyena, the fence and my little boy’s hand

A recount of an incident that happened in Kruger in 2010 when a little boy narrowly escaped severe injury when attacked by a hyena through a camp fence.

An old lioness takes a hyena by surprise!

A battle-scarred lioness challenges an unsuspecting hyena for its food.

Unique sightings in the Kruger National Park

A day to to Kruger has endless opportunities for sightings. Here are some of the more unique wildlife behaviour seen recently.

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