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Land issues: The story of beauty and violence

Land, an emotive subject, a limited resource that builds nations or breaks them. Use it well and you thrive, use it unwisely and you will sink to the bottomless pit of chaos and poverty.

November safari in Africa

November is a great time in Africa, and the ideal time to go on safari thanks to lower prices at lodges and fewer tourists.

Dodo: The birth of a white star

The birth of a Tanzanian black-and-white colobus (in the Diani Beach area in Kenya) calls for celebration and proof that the continuous hard work of a dedicated team of conservationists at the Colobus Conservation Center can save this species from extinction.

Rare white giraffes spotted in Kenya

The white giraffes in Kenya © Hirola Conservation Program

A pair of giraffes with leucism, a condition that inhibits pigmentation in skin cells, have been filmed by conservationists for the first time in Kenya.

The advantages of choosing a shorter safari

Viewing an elephant while on safari in Africa © Mark Smeltz

Explore the advantages of going on a shorter African safari, where fly-in safaris can deliver you right into the thick of the action without wasting time on overland journeys and lengthy internal transfers.

Video: Counting to ten in Maa

Let Saruni Mara guide, William Ole Tinka, teach you how to count from one to ten in Maa (Maasai language).

Killing crop-raiding elephants won’t solve problem, say scientists

elephant, camera trap, wildlife, conservation

One of the most pressing and challenging issues currently facing African conservation is ensuring that wildlife and humans can coexist peacefully in the same area.

Video: The birds are coming!

sandgrouse, waterhole, Saruni Samburu, Kenya

Epic video footage of sandgrouse swooping down at a waterhole for a drink in the Sera Conservancy in northern Kenya.

A sombre experience as a wildlife volunteer in Tsavo

A wildlife volunteer’s experience turns somber as a bull elephant is found dead in the conservancy after being pierced by a poisoned spear.

A short life: Dramatic sighting in the Maasai Mara

lion and cub eating waterbuck calf

During a photographic safari to the Massai Mara, Kenya, we came across a really dramatic sighting: a lioness hunting a newborn waterbuck

A hidden gem: The Masai Kakiya Cave

Kakiya cave, rock paintings and fire, Masai Mara, Kenya

The discovery of the Kakiya Cave means our excursions at Mara Bushtops in Kenya have just become even more exciting!

The trials and tribulations of Mara the lioness

Over the last four years, Mara has not been lucky when it comes to reproduction. Despite her efforts to increase members of the pride, she has not been successful; from three consecutive births none of her cubs have reached adulthood.

The Great Migration: Africa’s most glorious spectacle

Every true adventurer should witness the spectacle of the Great Migration at least once in their lifetime. The sheer scale of the herd’s movements make it an unbeatable natural phenomenon – and although there’s a traditional high season, the migration never really stops as the as the mega herds keep moving in pursuit of rain and grass.

Video: How microchips are saving Kenya’s black rhinos

A report by CNN’s Inside Africa brilliantly details all the incredibly hard work and efforts by so many people and organisations in Northern Kenya in attempts to protect the black rhino populations in the area.

Running the Lewa Marathon with ForRangers

The annual Lewa Safaricom Marathon is one of the most anticipated events in East Africa. Organised by Tusk Trust it takes place in one of the most dramatic settings on the continent: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife.

The reality of living with elephants

Human-elephant conflict (HEC) is one of the most prominent conservation challenges in Africa at the moment and Laikipia County, in central Kenya, has some of the highest levels of HEC in east Africa.

Photographic hide: A unique experience in Kenya

At Saruni Samburu in Kenya, we offer our guests a unique experience: access to an elephant-proof, ground level hide based at a waterhole, where from both novice and professional photographers can safely photograph wildlife.

Sunny side up in the Mara

One of the lodges at Saruni in Kenya recently came across this lioness who had a particular penchant for ostrich eggs.

Rise in jumbo population lifts tourism recovery bid

The population of elephants in Maasai Mara and Tsavo parks has increased to 15,360 elephants in three years on reduced poaching, offering a major boost to Kenya’s rebounding tourism sector.

Elephants: The victims of Africa’s poaching crisis

Africa is still facing a poaching crisis. The giants of the wide-open savannas and the impenetrable rainforests continue to be killed at alarming rates to fuel an insatiable demand for ivory in the Far East.

Timelapse in Kenya: Buffalo carcass and predators

The footage below starts a few days after where a number of predators had a go at the carcass, including two striped hyenas, a leopard, and finally a few lions who polished it off.

Ethical animal encounters for your bucket list

©Giraffe Manor

Not all wild animal encounters are unethical. Here are a few options for appropriate animal encounters that still provide the thrill of being up-close to wildlife, while not compromising the animals’ well-being.

Conservationist Kuki Gallmann shot by armed Laikipia raiders, airlifted to Nairobi

Kuki Gallmann

Gunmen wounded Italian-born conservationist Kuki Gallmann at her conservation park in Laikipia on Sunday.

Video: elephant gets a second chance at life

Elephants in Laikipia have come into the firing line on many occasions with over 20 killed in recent months and many more injured. Many do not make it, but sometimes there is a glimmer of hope.

A newborn impala’s close shave with death

A newborn impala in Kenya, just minutes old, has its first clash with a martial eagle and survives!

In search of adventure – an epic road trip across Kenya

2,000kms. 20 days. 2 burst tires and 1 unforgettably cold morning! A journey from Africa’s equator to the dusty plains in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the dazzling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean… and a couple of extra stops in between!

Hippo relief efforts in drought-stricken Kenya

On 15th March 2017, Care for the Wild Kenya received reports from Lamu County in Kenya, (the sites are Mkunumbi, Chomo, Mokowe, Lake Kenyatta and Mpeketoni) that hippos were bearing the brunt of the current drought.

Going solo on safari in Kenya

On a solo safari, I knew I’d be missing out on the knowledge – and keen eyes – of a guide. But I wanted the adventure of driving myself and having intimate experiences with any wildlife I found.

Video: criminal porcupine caught stealing!

Criminal porcupine caught in the act of stealing from lodge fridge!

Spending time on safari at a Maasai village

Spice up your Kenyan safari with a fascinating visit to a Maasai village.

Giant elephant Satao 2 poached in Tsavo, 6 super tuskers left

SATAO 2 is dead, and another of the last super tuskers left in Africa has been poached, leaving only 6 of these giants in the Tsavo Conservation Area in southern Kenya.

Have you ever had an elephant in your face? You can in Tsavo


While staying in Tsavo, not only will you find your own piece of paradise, but may also have an up close and personal elephant experience.

Budget travel: climbing Kilimanjaro the financially savvy way

Climbing Kilimanjaro might be a dream of yours, but make sure the costs don’t turn into a nightmare. When you’re new to Tanzania, as any place, you won’t necessarily know what’s an overpriced rip-off and what’s too cheap to be safe.

Get eye to eye with a giraffe at the AFEW Giraffe Centre


The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) centre at Giraffe Manor allows you to come face to face with giraffes while contributing to conservation.

5 fascinating facts about the Great Migration


Here are 5 Great Migration facts you might not know

Why you should visit Nairobi National Park

To the north, the skyline of Nairobi looms, as surreal as Manhattan seen from Central Park. Both parks are listed by Birdlife International as Important Bird Areas, vital oases for winged species.

The highest density of lions in Africa?

Latest research just published shows that 2 of the places with the highest density of lions in Africa are Olare Motorogi Conservancy and Ol Kinyei Conservancy in the Maasai Mara eco-system in Kenya.

Eco-friendly safaris in Kenya: 5 must-haves for the 50+ traveller

If you could go on just one more trip in your lifetime, what would you do? Trek the Himalayas? Dive the Great Barrier Reef? Walk the Great Wall of China? You might be surprised to learn that African safaris are rapidly becoming the ultimate bucket-list adventure for the 50+ crowd.

The plight of the turtles at Kenya’s Watamu beach

Nestled between the verdant coastal forests and lapping waves of the Indian ocean is a pristine beach in Watamu – a critical nesting zone for the sea turtle

The green gold of Kenya

Commonly known as the ‘green gold of Kenya’, Nandi Hills is a little-known paradise of tea-plantation bliss.

Starting out in Kenya and the magic of the Maasai culture

Starting out in Kenya and the magic of the Maasai culture

Christmas specials you don’t want to miss

‘Christmas on Safari.’ Could there ever be a better combination of thrilling words?!

A salt lick safari spectacular

Sitting back to enjoy the stream of wildlife that come to the salt lick at Mara Bushtops.

Aberdare National Park – Africa’s Lost World

Marvelling at the cascading waterfalls in the jurassic home of melanistic leopards!

Looking back at this year’s great migration

Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra thundered into the Mara in July this year for the annual great migration.

Making dreams come true in Kenya

Falling in love with Africa’s vast landscapes and wilderness areas, and the beginning of a journey to making dreams come true in Kenya.

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