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The drama of the ‘bush theatre’

Being out on safari is about connecting with nature, more than simply seeing amazing animals and birdlife, it is witnessing the next chapter of an ancient and incredible story unfold, it is the ‘bush theatre’.

Video: Young elephants kicked and slapped during capture for Chinese zoos

Elephant kicked during capture in Zimbabwe

Rare footage of the capture of wild young elephants in Zimbabwe shows rough treatment of the calves as they are sedated and taken away.

9 Elephants die in freak electrocution accident

In a tragic accident, 9 elephants have died in a freak accident after being electrocuted by power lines near Sua Pan and a village called Dukwi in Botswana.

How African animals prevent sunburn

As the days get hotter and the nights get shorter, we switch our heaters for aircons, and pack away all the winter woollies. However, many wild animals have other (far more sophisticated) ways to cope with the heat.

Killing crop-raiding elephants won’t solve problem, say scientists

elephant, camera trap, wildlife, conservation

One of the most pressing and challenging issues currently facing African conservation is ensuring that wildlife and humans can coexist peacefully in the same area.

Malawi’s conservation success story

cheetah, Malawi, ©Frank Weitzer

With the relocation of 250 more elephants currently underway, and a series of more conservation initiatives in the pipeline, Malawi certainly is an excellent example of how well conservation can work, when combined with scientific research, law enforcement, long-term management and community participation.

Video: Mock charged by an elephant matriarch

elephant mock charging, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

An elephant matriarch mock charges a vehicle on safari in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

Video: A splish-splashing good time with elephants

After the rainy season, the beautiful savannah grasslands of Madikwe are ideal for these elephant bulls to enjoy a dip in a muddy pool.

Returning to Mashatu

I was enthralled by my initial visit to Mashatu in 2015, so this year I returned to this beautiful game reserve located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana. The stand out feature of Mashatu is their photographic hide which allows you to experience the magnificent wildlife at very close quarters!

Video: The best wildlife experience from a photographic hide

Experience the joy of watching wildlife from a hide!

Video: Elephant calf rescue

The compassion of an elephant herd is evident when an Elephant calf falls down a hole and the entire herd come to its rescue

Are elephants more at risk from poaching or habitat loss?

Ivory poaching is the most immediate, urgent threat to Africa’s elephants. But even if that can be tackled, they will have to fight humans for land, food and water.

Our Photographer of the Year, in his own words

As the fortunate and surprised winner of the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition, I considered the impact this win had on me as an amateur photographer and the opportunities this contest provides to all of us as amateur photographers.

Elephant-back riding awaits baby elephants at Dubai zoo

According to a YouTube video hosted by Show Me Dubai, the five wild baby elephants recently captured on a Namibian game reserve and heading for a new Dubai zoo, Dubai Safari Park, will be subjected to elephant-back riding.

Close-up elephant encounters in Botswana’s Moremi Reserve

Front row seats at Hyena Pan tented camp allow you to witness elephants close up from the comfort of the deck.

Elephants make a splash at the local waterhole

It is incredible to watch the reactions of guests on their first safari when coming across great sightings. Reactions that we often take for granted. Many guests arrive at the lodge hoping to see a plethora of game, both big and small, and most of the times elephants are right up top of that list.

Video: the curious elephant behaviour of play-fighting

elephant behaviour

From a relatively early age, young male elephants in the same herd will interact with each other and “tussle”. As they get older they will play-fight and as different families intermingle, they will spar with other young males of a similar age from the other families.

Video: Elephants at your toetips in Hwange

Imagine sitting at a pool in the middle of the African bush and all of a sudden the local elephants wander down for a drink?

5 traits elephants and humans have in common


Five traits that we can relate to when we observe elephants.

Best collective nouns for animals on safari


Collective nouns and the fantastically descriptive terms used to describe African animals.

Video: elephants play in the mud

Watch this video of elephants rejoicing in the mud after the rainfall at Amakhosi Lodge in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Getting to know your safari guide


Meet the latest editions to the Kichaka guide team – together Moli and Jacques have over 45 years of experience in the bush, it doesn’t get better than that!

Love for elephants on the Elephant Ignite Expedition


An all women team travels 15,787 kilometres in a period of 100 days, visiting 10 different countries and 37 projects that work tirelessly to save dwindling elephant populations.

Video: a night under the stars in Hwange


A night under the African sky in your own private star-bed is more affordable than you think at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

Have you ever had an elephant in your face? You can in Tsavo


While staying in Tsavo, not only will you find your own piece of paradise, but may also have an up close and personal elephant experience.

Video: A lesson in motherhood between two elephant herds in Botswana

On a recent visit to South Africa Botswana we planned a safari that was not restricted by lodge schedules or other guests and could spend as much time as needed on each sighting for him to get the shots that he wanted – and a herd of elephants presented us with just that opportunity!

Chinese take big steps in joining fight to save elephants

China has traditionally been viewed as the villain in the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, being the world’s biggest end-market for poached ivory, but it is taking moves to change its image.

China announces end of legal ivory trade

China announces 2017 timeline for domestic ivory ban.

An exciting sighting of a pink elephant calf with blue eyes

One thing becomes clear, being out in the bush on a daily basis – nature never runs short of surprises. When you think you have seen it all, suddenly you see something completely out of the ordinary that makes you realise how amazing it actually is being out in the wild!

Ivory trade: China to set date to close factories

Preparation is under way in China to bring in a ban on their domestic ivory trade, following a promise made with the US earlier this year.

Brian Boswell Circus fights laws that protect elephants

Circus owner, Brian Boswell, is challenging the legality of elephant protection laws after his attempt to sell African elephants to a zoo in the United Arab Emirates was blocked by wildlife authorities.

The death of elephants: ivory trading nations exposed

The twenty-eight countries most responsible for the deaths of African elephants have been revealed in a new report.

New research: elephants and people can benefit from ecotourism

New research shows that elephant numbers increase when more ecotourists visit the areas with elephant populations.

Three Kasanka elephant need your help

At Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia, three young elephant in one herd have been caught in poachers’ snares and they need your help to survive!

Helpless baby elephants to head for Chinese zoos

Thirty seven baby elephants forcibly taken from their mothers in the wild in Hwange National Park are about to be flown to Chinese zoos, despite an international outcry against previous exports.

The elephant landscapers at Cheetah Plains

Elephants know what they want and will do anything to get it!

Baby elephant born at lodge

Guests at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge enjoy a special sighting of a newborn elephant calf!

Top 5 places to see elephants in Africa

Five of the best places to get fabulous elephant experiences in Africa.

The science behind why safari babies are cute


Showcasing the cute wildlife that you can witness while on safari in Africa.

An elephant family finds a new home

Eight elephants find a new home in an area that hasn’t seen elephants for over 100 years.

CITES CoP17 – Africa in a nutshell

A brief summary of the main decisions taken at CITES CoP17 that affect African wildlife species.

CITES votes against strongest protection for elephants

CITES meeting blocks proposal for ban on all trade of ivory from four southern African countries.

Video: Shocking evidence emerges of Japan’s dirty ivory trade

The dirty secrets of Japan’s illegal ivory trade revealed in undercover video with Japanese ivory traders.

Ivory trade mechanism rejected in heated debate at CITES conference

Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe’s recommendation for the adoption of a Decision-Making Mechanism for a future trade in ivory is roundly rejected by parties at CITES CoP17.

Kruger cull: a bad idea?

How culling wildlife in Kruger during times of drought can negatively affect ecosystems.

In search of leopards in the land of elephants

Finding a leopard amongst the elephants in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve.

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