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Who says summertime isn’t good for a safari?


An amazing game drive in the Timbavati shows that it doesn’t matter what time of year you go on safari.

Giant elephant Satao 2 poached in Tsavo, 6 super tuskers left

SATAO 2 is dead, and another of the last super tuskers left in Africa has been poached, leaving only 6 of these giants in the Tsavo Conservation Area in southern Kenya.

Man kills elephant to protect his crop

A rural villager in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip has shot and killed a bull elephant that was raiding his crops and reportedly attacked him.

Beyond the China ivory ban

China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017 offers a glimmer of real optimism in the fight against elephant poaching.

Video: A successful elephant rescue

The moral of this story is for people to be aware of what they leave behind in the wilderness. ‘’leave no footprints’’ – our wild animals are at risk. This elephant was a lucky rescue but other animals might not.

South African arrested in Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park on poaching charge

A South African, Pieter Jansen van Rensberg, has been arrested on a charge of poaching inside the protected buffer zone of the Mozambique’s Parque Nacional de Limpopo (PNL).

Belgian tourist trampled to death by elephant in Maasai Mara

A Belgian tourist was trampled to death by an elephant near Kenya’s famed Maasai Mara wildlife reserve.

Behind the scenes of an elephant relocation

An emotional account of what it’s like to be behind the scenes at an elephant relocation.

An elephant family finds a new home

Eight elephants find a new home in an area that hasn’t seen elephants for over 100 years.

Video: A close encounter with a big tusker

A heart pounding encounter with a huge elephant at the Balule Private Game Reserve.

Lions take on an elephant

A pride of lionesses try their luck trying to take down a young elephant.

Video: elephant charge in Madikwe

Lodge comments on dramatic video of elephant charging vehicle in Madikwe.

Elephant trampled a local resident in Kruger

The body of a local resident is discovered in Kruger, with signs of having been trampled by an elephant.

Meet 3 elephant angels

Three of the world’s leading African elephant conservationists offer hope and inspiration for saving elephants from extinction.

Vietnam’s booming ivory market

Vietnam’s growing illegal ivory trade threatens Africa’s elephants.

A walking trail with elephants at Marakele

A walking trail in Marakele National Park leads to a Big Five encounter when three girls encounter a large herd of elephants!

Elephant breaks into a campsite in Kruger

After the recent attack by a hyena on a boy visiting Kruger, an elephant gets through the fence at Malelane.

Walking Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana

A trip of a lifetime in the Okavango Delta – buffalo on foot, elephants playing in the water and a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Southern Africa holds the rest of Africa to ransom over ivory trade

South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe are pushing instead to establish a process for an international trade in ivory – in opposition to the rest of Africa.

Famous big tusker Tim speared

A famous big tusker elephant gets speared in an incident of human-wildlife conflict in Kenya.

Changes to ivory trade in China and the US

Changes to ivory trade regulations in China and the US

Car hits elephant on road outside Kruger

A car was wrecked beyond recognition when it hit a rogue elephant roaming on the road between Mica and Hoedspruit just outside the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

What it is like to be charged by an elephant while on foot

The ante is upped on a bush walk through Kruger National Park when an elephant charges….

Elephants cause traffic jam in Hoedspruit

Traffic on a public road outside Hoedspruit in Limpopo was brought to a standstill on Monday morning, as two bull elephants were herded more than 10km back to their home in the Balule Nature Reserve.

Zimbabwe wants trade ban on ivory lifted

Zimbabwe will lobby for the lifting of an international ban on ivory sales, saying it would allow the government to raise money to combat poaching and for conservation programmes.

Video: Elephant karate-kicks trailer

A young bull elephant delivers a perfectly-timed reverse kick to a trailer in a test of strength.

Three suspected poachers gunned down in Aberdare National Park

Three suspected poachers were gunned down in Aberdare National Park after a fierce exchange of fire with Kenya Wildlife Service rangers.

Elephants just want to have fun

To witness animal behaviour that has rarely, if ever, been documented before is probably one of the greatest factors that feeds my addiction to the African bush and its fascinating inhabitants. This young elephant bull gave a us the performance of a lifetime.

Swazi elephant, conceived in wild, born in captivity in USA

Baby elephant, conceived in the wild in Swaziland, born into captivity at Dallas Zoo in the United States.

Thousands support conservation at this year’s EleFest

EleFest 2016, held to celebrate wildlife and conservation, was a great success.

Video: Baby elephant’s first steps

Watch as a very cute baby elephant struggles to find its feet and walk.

What will Africa propose to CITES?

A provisional list of proposals by African states for amendment of current trade allowances for endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Baby elephant challenges game drive vehicle

A baby elephant in South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve is keen to stamp his authority!

Women embark on an expedition for elephants

Women to embark on a great expedition for the African elephant – 10,000km, 10 countries and a R1,000,000 goal.

Prominent Namibian businessman nabbed with ivory

Namibian businessman and communal farmer arrested after he was found in possession of ivory.

Video: Protective elephant chases wild dogs away from calf

A pack of wild dogs learn a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with an elephant mama!

Meet the orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Orphaned baby elephants changing lives at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Video: adorable baby elephant can’t control his trunk

This little elephant has just discovered his trunk and it seems to have a mind of its own, much to the surprise of its owner.

Video: Elephant spotted again in Knysna forest

Oupoot, the Knysna elephant, has made an appearance again!

Will Kruger’s drought policy affect its elephant population?

The ongoing drought is taking its toll on South Africa’s wildlife. In the Kruger National Park, questions have been raised about the possible impact that a potential re-opening of some old boreholes could have on the park’s elephants.

Video: Saving an elephant’s life at Lewa

A weak and dehydrated elephant is rescued from a muddy well in Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Saving a little elephant

An elephant calf is saved after he became trapped in a dam at Phalaborwa Copper, Limpopo.

Video: Mother elephant teaches baby not to talk to strangers

A mother elephant teaches her curious young one not to talk to strangers.

How lions’ hunting techniques have adapted in Ruaha

A big pride of lions in Ruaha National Park adapts to targeting elephant and giraffe in order to keep all of their hungry mouths well fed.

27 wild dogs put 3 leopards in their place

Wild dogs give three leopards a time-out in three separate trees!

Video montage as elephant appears out of nowhere

A bull elephant surprises two birders in Kruger.

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