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Is it safe to go mountain gorilla trekking?


When considering an adventure such as mountain gorilla trekking, the subject of safety inevitably comes up in the conversation. The reality is that close contact with mountain gorillas is considered very safe, in comparison with other wild animals. Of course,

Park ranger murdered while trying to protect Congo’s rare gorillas

A park ranger has been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kahuzi-Biega National Park while trying to protect the park’s Grauer’s gorillas.

Buffett’s son funds hydropower plant to help save Congo gorillas

An electrifying solution brought to the DRC by a billionaire’s son, with the focus on building a local economy to protect the home of the last remaining 700 mountain gorillas.

African grey parrot bust in the DRC

Illegal shipments of African grey parrots intercepted in the DRC and local governors make efforts to crack down on the trade before it is too late.

Preventing oil drilling in Virunga National Park

Over 60 environmental and tourism groups demand stop to new oil drilling threat to Africa’s oldest national park.

Four men killed by poachers in Garamba National Park, DRC

Four men have been killed protecting Garamba’s elephants, leaving behind widows and 14 children between them.

Is it possible to save Congo’s parrots?

An examination of the African grey parrot populations in the DRC and suggestions of what can be done to prevent their extirpation.

Bonobos exhibit form of “speech” thought to be uniquely human

Studies of bonobos show unique vocal signals, originally considered unique to humans.

Insect farming to combat malnutrition and help women in the DRC

DRC turns to insect farming

Hailed as a practical and environmentally-friendly tool to boost food production, an insect harvesting project is due to begin in October to train 200 women in western Congo to cultivate caterpillars and crickets.

World Press Photo Contest: Winning Images from Africa

The 2012 World Press Photo Exhibition is currently being showcased in Luanda, the capital city of Angola, after which it will travel to the remaining chosen 45 countries on a world tour. For over 55 years the World Press Photo

Gorilla trekking in gumboots

Crossing into the Congo wasn’t the most comfortable experience we’ve ever had but it was an awe-inspiring adventure to go and meet the majestic mountain gorillas, making a childhood dream come true for Marcus. Bouncing around in the back of

1.5 tons of elephant tusks seized

(Cape Town, South Africa – 24 May) Sri Lankan authorities siezed more than1.5 tons of ivory in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Tuesday, 24 May. The confiscation of more than 350 tusks is the largest in the island’s history. The tusk

5,000 elephants killed in Republic of Congo

Understandably there has been a major outcry over the killing of hundreds of elephants in Cameroon. Here elephants, numbering into their hundreds, have been gunned down for their ivory. The finger has been pointed at armed horseman from Sudan, more

Five Tips for Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Of the dozens of wildlife viewing experiences I’ve had in Africa and North and South America, encountering mountain gorillas in their natural habitat takes the cake. On my first gorilla trek in Rwanda in 2008, I felt as if I

Mountain gorilla habitat under siege in DR Congo

The Gorilla Doctors fear for the health and safety of the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo as rebels clash with the Congolese army in the park’s gorilla sector. Virunga National Park is home to

Death in the Congo: The background to Garamba’s elephant tragedy!

I’ve never been to Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I may never see the incredible reserve for myself. But I take great inspiration and motivation knowing that the park exists. There, wedged between the DRC,

Red-hot attraction

Wow! The Nyamulagira volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo is spewing out lava in what volcanologists say may be its biggest eruption in 100 years. Unexpectedly, witnessing mountains gushing oozy rivers of unimaginably hot lava is, well, hot! So visitors

Gorilla Doctors

I first discovered the Gorilla Doctors while writing an article about a gorilla naming ceremony in Rwanda. Since then, I’ve been in touch with Molly Feltner, a freelance writer, photographer and communicator for the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project. Molly told

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