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Zimbabwe’s ‘Disneyland’ receives Chinese investment

Zimbabwe just got one step closer to its dream of building a “Disneyland in Africa,” at the site of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s biggest waterfalls.

China’s ivory ban sparks dramatic drop in prices across Asia

Prices of raw ivory in Vietnam have fallen, which traders are linking to China’s announcement of its domestic ivory ban, according to new research.

Pangolins: Chinese meat banquet under investigation

An investigation will begin in China after online images were found showing local officials enjoying a banquet of pangolin meat – the most trafficked animal in the world.

Chinese traders going after Africa’s donkeys

According to several sources, there is a growing demand in Chinese markets for donkey pelts, and some rural areas in Africa are reportedly being stripped of free-roaming donkeys to feed the demand.

Beyond the China ivory ban

China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017 offers a glimmer of real optimism in the fight against elephant poaching.

Chinese take big steps in joining fight to save elephants

China has traditionally been viewed as the villain in the elephant poaching crisis in Africa, being the world’s biggest end-market for poached ivory, but it is taking moves to change its image.

Namibians challenge Chinese over wildlife crime

Outrage at the looting of Africa’s wildlife and environmental destruction by Chinese nationals boiled over in Namibia last month in a strongly worded letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador, Xiun Shunkang, signed by almost every environmental protection and research organisation in the country.

China announces end of legal ivory trade

China announces 2017 timeline for domestic ivory ban.

Ivory trade: China to set date to close factories

Preparation is under way in China to bring in a ban on their domestic ivory trade, following a promise made with the US earlier this year.

Zimbabwe wants to sell ivory stockpile to China

A Zimbabwean minister wants to sell her country’s supposed US$10 billion ivory stockpile to China using a possible international legal loophole.

Zambian poaching crisis fuelled by Chinese military

Zambia game rangers

Zambia’s elephant population has declined by about 90% due to poaching. Its black rhino population, estimated at 13,000 in 1981, is now extinct.

Woman killed by tiger at breeding centre in Free State

A senior supervisor at Laohu Valley Reserve, a tiger breeding facility in South Africa, was killed by a tiger over the weekend.

Video: Shocking evidence emerges of Japan’s dirty ivory trade

The dirty secrets of Japan’s illegal ivory trade revealed in undercover video with Japanese ivory traders.

What cigarettes, kidneys and rhinos have in common

The business of rhino horn trade and its part in a complex web of criminality and trade-based money laundering.

China expands ban on ivory imports


China has expanded its bans on ivory imports in an effort to protect African elephants.

How China’s taste for wildlife feeds a killing frenzy

Africa’s extraordinary and charismatic wildlife is clearly under siege from the wrecking ball that is China.

How CITES is undermining its wildlife regulations

Markets of death and blood permits – how cheating officials at CITES are fuelling the illegal wildlife trade.

Asia’s Golden Triangle – a conduit of death for Africa’s animals

The Asian end of the grisly wildlife trade business and a place that has become China’s illegal wildlife supermarket.

Elephants decline by 97% in less than a century

As WildAid seeks to raise awareness by claiming Chinese New Year to be the Year of The Elephant – we take a look at state of elephant populations.

Blending ivory: China’s old loopholes, new hopes

A summary of a recently published report on an undercover investigation by the Elephant Action League (EAL) on China’s ivory trade.

Zimbabwe to send more elephants to China

Citing a “better and safer environment,” a high-ranking official in Zimbabwe states that more of the country’s wildlife will be captured and sent to China in 2016.

Sharp fall in the prices of elephant ivory in China

The price of ivory plummets in China!

Chinese traditional medicine industry says NO to illegal wildlife trade

The traditional Chinese medicine sector pledges zero tolerance to purchasing and selling products made from wildlife from illegal sources.

China issues one-year ban on African ivory hunting trophy imports

China has issued a one-year ban on African ivory hunting trophy imports ahead President Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain this month.

Beijing Forest Police smash major wildlife trafficking ring

The Beijing Forest Police have arrested 16 suspects in a major wildlife trafficking case, which led to the confiscation of 804.4kg of ivory, 11.3kg of rhino horn and 35 bear paws.

Nairobi and Cape Town march for elephant and rhino

The Global March for Elephant and Rhino took place in over 130 cities around the world over the weekend – read what went down in Cape Town and Nairobi.

US and China ban ivory sales in historic move

One giant leap for elephants (and mankind) as China and the United States commit to ban ivory sales.

Spreading the message about rhinos in Asia

The Buy No Rhino team continues to cycle from school to school in South East Asia – spreading the message about the plight of the rhino.

Zurich targeted as hub to smuggle ivory


Elephant tusks weighing 262kg were seized at Zurich Airport on their way from Tanzania to China. Customs officials have also detected smaller shipments hidden in cosmetic cream jars over the past weeks, which suggests an effort to open a new ivory trade route via Zurich.

More ivory on sale in Hong Kong than anywhere else

Hong Kong ivory major threat to elephant survival

Hong Kong’s ivory trade is creating a significant loophole in international efforts to end the killing of elephants in Africa, and campaigners are urging the government to legislate a commercial ivory sales ban.

Cycling Vietnam – rhino bangles, live rhinos and sea creature love potions

Buy No Rhino continues their cycle through China into Vietnam where they find love potions made from sea creatures, rhino horn for sale and live rhinos awaiting their fate…

Buy No Rhino cycling Asia

Two sisters cycle through Asia, teaching kids about rhino conservation along the way.

Chinese delegate at Elephant Summit asks about buying elephant penis

african elephant

A summary of the recent African Elephant Summit where a Chinese delegate asked about buying elephant parts including the trunk and penis.

Shark fin soup in London restaurants

shark fin soup

Shark fin soup on the menu in dozens of UK Chinese restaurants due to a legal loophole.

Thailand makes its biggest ivory bust in history


Thai customs officials have seized four tons of ivory worth $6 million in the largest bust of its kind in Thailand’s history.

Buy No Rhino: Cycling Asia in aid of rhinos

rhino target

Two sisters, will ride from Hong Kong to Singapore in a bid to raise awareness about rhino poaching in a cycling project titled “Buy No Rhino”.

Kenya burns 15 tonnes of ivory

15 tonnes of elephant tusks burn in Nairobi National Park in Kenya on a day that was at once tragic and full of hope.

China announces one-year ivory ban

China has announced a one-year ban on the import of ivory carvings amid mounting criticism over the country’s role in the annual slaughter of thousands of African elephants.

China, Tanzania and the blood ivory blacklist

An update on the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) report that showed Tanzania as a key player in the illegal ivory trade.

Zimbabwe government defends baby elephant sale

Zimbabwe defends decision to sell baby elephants to China, the United Arab Emirates and France.

Richard Branson says we can stop the killing

Richard Branson speaks out about rhino poaching in Africa.

When the buying stops, the killing can too

A look into the illegal wildlife trade and how to reduce the demand that is fuelling the illegal poachers who take the lives of thousands of rhinos and elephants every year.

China’s internet companies join wildlife trade battle

Chinese internet companies will begin to stop the online trading of wildlife and wildlife products from Friday.

The war on poaching: shoot to kill alternatives

Michael Schwartz gives us two examples of shoot to kill alternatives when it comes to the war on rhino poaching in Africa.

Chinese students cycle for elephants

In light of the escalating elephant poaching crisis, and to commemorate World Animal Day on 4 October, a student cycling team in China is raising public awareness about elephant poaching.

A world without elephants? Blame China.

Who is to blame for the continued trade in ivory? China? America? Thailand? Japan? Vietnam? Africa?

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