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Beer and business: the unexpected benefits of water access in Cameroon

solar powered water project in Cameroon

A solar-powered water project in Cameroon’s arid north has enabled villagers to fight poverty by starting small businesses.

1.5 tons of elephant tusks seized

(Cape Town, South Africa – 24 May) Sri Lankan authorities siezed more than1.5 tons of ivory in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Tuesday, 24 May. The confiscation of more than 350 tusks is the largest in the island’s history. The tusk

5,000 elephants killed in Republic of Congo

Understandably there has been a major outcry over the killing of hundreds of elephants in Cameroon. Here elephants, numbering into their hundreds, have been gunned down for their ivory. The finger has been pointed at armed horseman from Sudan, more

First ever camera trap footage of the Cross River gorilla

Press Release Conservationists working in Cameroon’s Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary have collected the first ever camera trap video footage of the Cross River gorilla. With fewer than 250 individuals remaining, Cross River gorillas are the world’s rarest gorilla and a notoriously

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