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Video: Elephant calf rescue

The compassion of an elephant herd is evident when an Elephant calf falls down a hole and the entire herd come to its rescue

Lion up close at a photographic hide

The first time I heard it, it was far away. “Listen! Lion calling!” I told the guests who has joined me for a morning session in the photographic hide in Mashatu, Botswana.

Close-up elephant encounters in Botswana’s Moremi Reserve

Front row seats at Hyena Pan tented camp allow you to witness elephants close up from the comfort of the deck.

We dream of Africa

We dream of Africa frequently, even those living in Africa can dream of an Africa that is molded from a picture, a book or a dream. Africa is a place where one can develop ambitions; craft out personal stories and fulfill desires. The above scenarios were all sculptured from our own experiences and from what we have stored deep in our brain that is locked and saved forever.

It’s butterfly time in the Tuli wilderness

It’s butterfly time in one of Botswana’s best kept secret corners: the rugged verges of the Limpopo River called the Tuli Block.

Botswana: A first in a lifetime safari experience!

I now know what all those people meant when they told me that Botswana is “something else”. They couldn’t explain it in words and neither can I. Come and visit this beautiful country to see for yourself, there are very few places of such natural, pristine beauty left in the world and Botswana is definitely one of them.

Okavango Delta: experiencing the views from the water, land and air

@Jessica Lohmann okavango delta

I was with my family on a 3-week African tour last winter and after Day 6, we were a bit exhausted from traveling and safari touring. Little did I know that the next two days were going to be equally relaxing and exhilarating. We observed the Okavango Delta from the water, on land and up in the air. These three different perspectives gave me the welcoming feeling of actually belonging there.

6 tips to sketch a cheetah hunt

Alison Nicholls shares tips for sketching hunting cheetahs.

Video: young lions form alliance in Botswana

lions, male

An alliance between five young male lions is brewing close to Khwai Tented Camp, Botswana.

Botswana – the ultimate family holiday

Botswana is fast becoming a popular family destination as it is safe and stable, plus many lodges and safari companies have relaxed their minimum age requirements and are offering lower prices for children.

Botswana on a budget – is it possible?

When you think of Botswana you probably picture spectacular vast landscapes, impressive wildlife and a luxury safari lodge offering ultimate exclusivity. You also might imagine sky high prices, and for the budget conscious traveller it is a destination out of reach. Well, Botswana Holidays are here to tell you that you’re wrong! Botswana on a budget can be one of the most rewarding trips you’ll ever do.

The predators of the Okavango Delta

The sheer magnificence of the area is enough to warrant a trip alone, however, there’s something special about seeing the wildlife in the delta. Elephants spraying each other, water-loving lions swimming across channels, and more hippos than one could imagine. There’s always something spectacular to be witnessed.

5 facts about elephant shrews

See one of the Big 5 and one of its Little 5 namesakes in the same spot at the same time.

There’s more to a safari than game drives!

From walking trails to horseback riding in the wild, specialised safaris provide a unique experience in Botswana!

A journey through northern Botswana


Follow the travels of Don and Sarah Samson as they make their way through northern Botswana.

Three destinations in Botswana off the beaten track

Botswana Holidays take a look at three lesser known destinations in Botswana and why you should visit them.

Travelling with a conscience in the Selinda Reserve


The Selinda Reserve in Botswana is a great example of effective practices in sustainable, eco-conscious travel.

Sustainable travel: how the Okavango Delta is doing good


Xigera Camp in the Okavango Delta is one of a growing list of camps and lodges across Botswana which are recognised by Fair Trade Tourism

Botswana – the most romantic holiday destination

Consider Botswana as the ultimate destination for your next romantic getaway.

Travel like the Samsons – Mabuasehube, Kang, Ghanzi


You gently return from a sleep unlike anything before, as the sky is as dark as when your eyes were closed. The stars seem unreal as if they were made from dreams and the air softly brushes against your skin,

Capturing sunsets on camera


The images you see in this blog are taken on the Okavango River, in Botswana and the Kgalagadi during several sunsets out in the bush.

Video: A lesson in motherhood between two elephant herds in Botswana

On a recent visit to South Africa Botswana we planned a safari that was not restricted by lodge schedules or other guests and could spend as much time as needed on each sighting for him to get the shots that he wanted – and a herd of elephants presented us with just that opportunity!

A trip to the eden of the Okavango Delta

There is no better way, I believe, to conquer a fear of flying, than to visit the Okavango Delta! Of course, I knew that this piece of paradise was well visited and had much to offer – but nothing prepared me for the immense beauty of this country they call “Botswana”.

Botswana’s unique approach to tourism

Botswana gained independence in 1966 and the discovery of diamonds came shortly after. However, while diamonds were to be an industry to nurture, the Botswana government looked long term and decided to focus attention on its wildlife and places of natural beauty as well.

Travel like the Samsons: Kalahari Transfrontier Park (Part Two)

Polentswa, a campsite situated in the heart of the Kalahari, becomes darker than the nights at the arctic once the new moon rises – it shows little mercy to those unable to see at night.

Everything you need to know about self-driving in Botswana

Home to some of the last remaining unspoilt wilderness areas in the world, Botswana is a self-drivers haven.

Botswana bans elephant-back rides

From the end of this month, no elephants will be permitted to be ridden in Botswana. Abu Camp, the only facility that allowed elephant back riding in the country, has been directed to terminate its elephant back safaris.

Botswana is the ideal destination for solo travellers

Travelling alone can be a slightly daunting prospect, knowing that you are going all the way to a remote location on your own, with little knowledge of the people or country itself.

Why you want to be seen at the Botswana trade & tourism expo (BTTE)

November 2016 saw Botswana Trade & Tourism Expo celebrate its 4th year. Year on year the show has grown in popularity and success, this year welcoming over 130 international tour operators to Kasane with increased support from a staggering amount of sponsors.

Book Review: Wildlife of the Okavango

Wildlife of the Okavango is a wonderful compact field guide to the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, trees and plants of the Okavango area.

Hunting: Botswana remains strong under fire from EU and SADC

dead elephant

Tshekedi Khama, Botswana’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, says his country is under unprecedented pressure from the pro-hunting lobby in the European Union and regional neighbours to allow lift the hunting ban imposed in 2014.

The many reasons to visit Chobe in the green season


The green season in Chobe is full of hidden gems – with birding at its best, as well as an abundance of very young wildlife, it is a rewarding time to visit the region

Championing the Chobe National Park

Our top 5 reasons to visit Chobe National Park and your chance to WIN a weekend away to Chobe!

Photographing giant kingfishers in Botswana

A giant kingfisher doesn’t quite get what he bargained for in Botswana!

Hot air ballooning, mokoro rides and sunset cruises in Botswana

Explore bountiful Botswana by water and sky for some of the most amazing views in Southern Africa.

A day trip into the Delta

A mokoro and walking safari day trip that ends up being the highlight of a safari to Botswana!

Birding in the Okavango

Do you love birds? Then get yourself to the Okavango – pronto!

Empower local communities with African Bush Camps Foundation

Make a difference in the lives of local communities in Zimbabwe and Botswana by staying at African Bush Camps.

A bucket list photo safari in Botswana

Capturing the best of Botswana on camera!

7 reasons why Africa is best after sunset

Seven reasons why your day doesn’t stop when the sun sets after a long day in the wilds of Africa.

Walking Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana

A trip of a lifetime in the Okavango Delta – buffalo on foot, elephants playing in the water and a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Lion sleeps on top of an occupied tent

When camping in Botswana, one guide got the fright of his life when a male lion decided to take a nap on his tent – with him in it!

Camping in the Central Kalahari

Take a trip to Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana to experience wildest Africa.

Botswana acquires 14 Bat Hawk aircraft to boost anti-poaching operations

Botswana acquires 14 Bat Hawk aircraft to boost anti-poaching operations.

Taking the kids on safari

Sharing the beauty of the African bush with your children is well worth the trouble. Here is one traveller’s experience when taking her kids on safari in Botswana for the first time.

Photographing the lilac-breasted roller

After searching everywhere for the chance to photograph the colourful lilac-breasted roller, the perfect opportunity arises in Botswana.

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