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Suspects confess to massacre of seven rhino in North West Province!

Three individuals involved with the massacre of seven rhinos in the North West Province of South Africa have been arrested and subsequently confessed to carrying out the incident.

Pelham Jones, a conservationist involved in gathering evidence from the crime scene confirmed that they were still looking for one other suspect involved.

In an interview with Africa Geographic, Jones revealed that he had been tipped off after identifying certain tracks on the private farm where the incident took place.

“Informers tipped me off in an interview which I managed to tape as evidence,” Jones told Africa Geographic.

Acting on the tip-off, Jones and a private investigator visited the township where the suspects were staying. After gathering further evidence, he contacted the North West Organised Crime Unit and presented the facts to them.

The subsequent raid that took place on Monday yielded three suspects, all of whom went on to confess to the killing of seven rhino on the private farm outside Britz.

Jones emphasises that these are “the foot-soldiers in the crime” and investigations are still underway regarding those involved with the organising of the incident.

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  • This breaks my heart! Thankfully they are catching some of the people that are killing the Rhino’s.

  • Kallieren

    I hope somehow they forgive us (humans) when they see us on the other side. …I am so sorry.

  • Holly Mushinsky

    Thank you Paul! Now let justice be served! Slap the bjook at them!

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