Klaserie River Sands

Spectacular photography from Kwando’s guests

Africa Geographic was delighted to lend a hand in picking the winners of Kwando Safaris‘ photographic competition. Below are the amazing photographs that came out on tops.

The winner of the New Life category was also the overall winner. This is a wonderful image for many reasons. Naturally the theme of motherhood has a strong pull, and it is the sheer number of pups and the serene look in the mothers’ eyes that really resonate. Secondly, the way her tan colouring contrasts with the darker colouring of her pups is unique. Lastly, that one little pup looking out cockily from the feeding frenzy steals the show. It’s a perfectly timed shot. That pup represents all the others. Without it, the image it would not be quite as good as we would have no sense of the character of her pups. Well done to the photographer!


Winner of the Mammals category:


Winner of the Landscape category:


Winner of the Desert category:


Winner of the Camp Life category:


Winner of the Birds category:


Winner of the Big Five category:


Winner of the Action category:


Winner of the Essence of Kwando category:


Kwando Safaris

Kwando Safaris is owned by John Mynhardt, a citizen of Botswana and prominent businessman. John and his wife, Janie, have a deep appreciation for the wilderness regions and recognise the special place that the wilderness occupies in their lives. To this day John, Janie and their three children continue to enjoy the remote Kwando concessions as often as possible and believe in sharing their love of the bush by promoting an intimate and traditional safari experience for all the Kwando Safaris’ guests. You can be sure that when you come to Botswana on a Kwando safari, there will be a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that will prevail from the time you step off the plane to the day you leave.

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