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In a few days time, Kerryn and I will be saying a lot of goodbyes.

Goodbye Jozi, you beautiful city. Goodbye friends and family. Goodbye work. Goodbye couch and DSTV. Goodbye Armitage Shanks, Sealy Postupedic, Phillips and Defy. Goodbye spacious fridge filled with fresh food and other delicious things. Goodbye Woolworths. Goodbye #47 Hanover Gate. Goodbye all the stuff we’ll probably only miss when it’s a thousand miles away.

Hello great-big-adventure-of-awesomeness.


It’s been a good few years in the making, but very soon we’ll be cramming as much gear as we can into our Landy, Andy, and swopping our frenetic lives as Jo’burg ad guys for the somewhat more sedate existence of wandering gypsies. We’re heading off in a clockwise direction on a 5-month loop around Southern Africa. And oh man, are we excited. And also quite scared. But mainly excited.

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Soon we’ll be saying hello to the Kalahari, the Namib and the Skeleton Coast. Hello to Etosha, the Okavango, Lake Kariba and the Zambezi. Hello to South Luangwa, Lake Malawi, Cahora Bassa, Gorongoza and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Hello, especially, to all those things we could never plan for, all the spontaneity and unexpectedness that happens in between.

Along the way, we’re going to try and keep everyone posted as best we can. We’ll be making regular blog updates, whenever the Internet gods allow, that is. There are still a whole bunch of last minute preparations to be made. And things haven’t gone exactly as planned over the last couple weeks, so these last few days are going to be a bit hectic. I guess there’s still time to chicken out. But, somehow, I don’t think we will.

Till next time,
Jeff & Kerryn

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Jeff and Kerryn

Kerryn-lee grew up in the wilds of the Kruger Park, where she developed a love of all things nature. Jeff grew up in the wilds of Jozi’s northern suburbs, where he developed a chronic longing for all things nature. After spending 5 months road-tripping Southern Africa a couple of years back, and then another 5 months backpacking the Indian sub-continent, they've decided it's time to get to know their own country a little better. They're currently traveling the circumference of South Africa for their honeymoon, which presented the perfect excuse to go on another adventure. Read about their travels here, or catch them at or on Instagram (@passthemap, @KERRING_LEE).