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The singing grasses of Africa

Written by: Flo Montgomery for Adventure Camps 

I remember lying in bed as a child of nine in Tanganyika. Outside the wind was blowing and the grass was soughing and singing restlessly. You don’t hear that now in the modern towns, but if you go to any of the Tanzanian national parks or reserves, there’s a good chance that there will be some sizeable grasslands of the type I typically relate to Africa. 


Grasses of Ruaha ©David Liebst


Giraffes stand out from the grass

In Ruaha National Park, the managers at Mdonya Old River Camp – Rebecca Phillips and Andrea Pompele – have captured some beautiful images of grasses and I’ve added in a smattering of shots by David Liebst showing how animals, insects and birds use the grass for food, shelter and camouflage.


Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) ©Andrea Pompele


Guinea grass in dry season (Panicum maximum) ©R.A Phillips


Guinea grass in the rainy season ©R.A Phillips

As ever, nature creates a symbiotic balance between the inhabitants of the bush, and grasses play a large part in this.


©R.A Phillips


©David Liebst


Cheetah in Ruaha ©Micol Farinha


Hyparrhenia spp ©R.A Phillips


Hyparrhenia spp ©R.A Phillips

The picture below is of a serval in rainy season, lying contentedly in crowsfoot grass. I love the way this grass changes shape from a ‘helicopter’ shape into a ‘crows foot’ as it dries, thus projecting its seeds.


©R.A Phillips


Ruaha ©David Liebst


Jackal in crowsfoot grass in the dry season in Ruaha ©David Liebst


Red Natal grass (Melinis rep ens) ©R.A Phillips


Impala in Ruaha ©David Liebst


Zebra in Ruaha ©David Liebst

Adventure Camps

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