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Klaserie Sands River Camp

Written by: Janet Asperty

Despite only being in Maun for a short time, our group of eight decided to make the most of our time. So we booked a two night fully-catered, dome tented safari with local operators Lelobu Safaris

On arrival at our campsite, we were delighted to see that not only had everything been set up for us but there was a flush toilet and a running shower, which were discreetly hidden behind reed screens. Our campsite was set on a lovely spot by the river with lots of room for the children to run around, without the worry of not being able to see them.

After a quick cup of tea and a snack, our guide was keen to take us for a sunset game drive. We were thrilled to see a number of animals including giraffes, elephants, warthogs and impala, while our guide excitedly talked to the children and explained the different animal tracks to them.


On our return to camp we enjoyed hot showers and a wonderful dinner that was beyond our expectations. We were amazed that the delicious meal had been cooked on an open fire, and we enjoyed a starter of potato soup with chicken casserole, freshly cooked vegetables and a lovely salad.


Before we headed off to bed, we were given a safety talk by our guide, which was well received as that night proved to be quite a noisy one. We had a surprise visit from a hyena that spent his time in camp knocking over a few pots while looking for an easy dinner. But when he couldn’t find any food or leftovers he left camp.


The next morning we woke up before sunrise to be greeted by our friendly guide and chef, who had already set the table with rusks, cereal and fruit, as well as tea and coffee. Then we were off on a short game drive.



We saw an array of wildlife and we found some wild dog tracks that we started to follow. Within half an hour of spotting the tracks, we came across a pack of nine wild dogs sunning themselves by the river, rolling around and playing with each other.


We made our way back to camp to be greeted with a cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans and toast before heading off for the rest of our day. The day was filled with wonderful sightings of elephants enjoying mud baths, hippos hiding between reeds, baboons playing with their young, warthogs, zebras and a multitude of colourful birds. Despite seeing a number of lion tracks, they were unfortunately highly elusive.


Arriving back at camp we were treated to refreshing showers and another amazing meal. Then as dusk approached, we were delighted to see a number of waterbuck walking down the river.


While we were finishing dinner, our guide and chef started to prepare ‘special marshmallow roasting sticks,’ which were then presented to each of the children, who were thrilled and enjoyed experimenting with how to make the best toasted marshmallow. And as simple as this may sound, this provided a whole evening of entertainment for them.

The next morning we enjoyed a quick breakfast before heading back to Maun. Although we initially had reservations about the limited time on safari, our short experience had completely whet our appetite. We are already planning our safari next year with Lelobu Safaris, and this time we plan to stay for seven nights.

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