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Recently at Etali Safari Lodge in the Madikwe, Kristoff Potgieter came across some lions that had just awoken from their daytime slumber and decided to announce their presence to all and sundry.

lion choir etali madikwe

Etali game ranger Doctor Masu positioned the game drive vehicle perfectly, giving guests a spectacular sighting without disturbing the cats.

Lions can communicate in a manner of ways depending on the circumstances and intentions of their interactions. The clip above illustrates the characteristic roar of a lion which informs surrounding lions of their presence and dominance in the area. This roar typically starts with a few deep roars before trailing off into a series of shorter ones. The sound of these roars can be heard an astounding 8km away . Such communications help avoid unnecessary confrontations, essential in a area with large lion populations, such as Madikwe.


Shenton Safaris
Etali Safari Lodge

Nestled in the magnificent malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, Etali Safari Lodge has earned a reputation for offering our guests a unique and personal African bush experience wherein nature, relaxation and luxury combine to form an unforgettable memory. At Etali we provide guests with an experience beyond the expected. Whether on safari with our expert game rangers, dining on our delicious cuisine, rejuvenating in our spa, or, simply relaxing in our luxurious and comfortable suites.