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Why does the soul long for the African Bush? What is it that keeps us returning time and time again?

Africa, a continent so rich in diversity. A land of breathtaking beauty that draws in adventurous hearts for a closer look. There is something about being in nature that speaks to each of us on a different level. It leaves a lasting effect that keeps us pining to see more and to uncover more of what it has to offer.

Although we all have different preferences when it comes to spending time in the bush, the bush manages to connect with us individually in one way or another. We have identified four main reasons why our hearts pine for the bush and why our connection with nature continues to grow.

1. The element of the unknown


The beautiful thing about being on safari is that every moment holds within it endless possibilities. Each experience is totally different to the next. Waking up to a new day in the bush, the excitement builds as we witness nature unfold before our eyes. The theatre it creates and the story it shares is simply inspiring. From the Francolin’s morning greeting to the glimpse of first golden rays of a rising sun, our anticipation of heading out on another adventure is fueled. It is the mystery of what each adventure will hold that intrigues us.

2. Learning


Life, in general, leaves us wanting to know more. Our desire to learn and grow is part of our being. When it comes to the bush, it’s really not much different. The more we visit, the more we want to see and discover. Of course, we want to add to our ever-growing bird list and keep ticking off those once-in-a-lifetime sightings. However, there are also lessons we learn along the way that we may not necessarily realise. While on the hunt for that elusive leopard, nature teaches us about patience, appreciation for the efforts of others and the rewards of persistence and hard work.

3. Connection


We live in an age where our days are dominated by technology and industry, and the time that we have to focus on ourselves becomes less and less. For many of us who enjoy spending time in the natural world, it is an invaluable opportunity for us to reconnect with our loved ones and ourselves. The bush has an undeniable way of filling us with an inner peace that is difficult for us to explain. A trip to the bush gives us a feeling of coming home. For each of us the emotions that this time stirs up are different. Whether it is the stillness of the mornings, being in the presence of a majestic creature or sharing campfire stories under a blanket of stars, it is these moments that we long to return for.

4. Rejuvenate


Modern life is lived at a very high tempo. With so many stresses in our daily lives, we need to give ourselves a break. The pressure to be successful, to create a loving home, to give our family the best we can and to live up to the expectations of those around us, can often leave us feeling burnt out or stuck in a rut. The bush provides us with a place to relax, to forget about our worries and to fuel the mind with fresh thoughts and different outlooks on our personal lives (enjoying an ice-cold gin & tonic at a sundowner stop can certainly clear the mind).

Nature can be an inspiring teacher if we take the time to engage her. We all have our reasons for visiting the bush or a space and a place that feeds our soul. A place that reminds us to stop and remember the little things, the important things. A true gift and one that we should take the time to receive.

At Close Quarters

At Close Quarters is a South African based photographic safari team. Our passion is creating tailor-made safari experiences to help you get your dream wildlife images. We love Africa and can't wait to share it with you!