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Rhinos are critically endangered

The fight against rhino poaching in South Africa has become critical, and has highlighted the importance of practical conservation initiatives, like the WWF/ Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Black Rhino Range Expansion Project.


Rhinos Must be Saved from Poaching from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.

This project relocated 13 rhinos to a new home in Limpopo province recently, where they will form the sixth founder population. This relocation of the critically endangered black rhino signals an expansion of the species into their historical range, and according to WWF project leader Jacques Flamand, the translocation and release of the rhinos has been a success.

Green Renaissance, in association with WWF, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the Mazda Wildlife Fund, was there to film this translocation process, and be a part of what Flamand describes as the other side of rhino conservation- making sure that rhino populations continue to grow in conjunction with intensified security.

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