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Responsible for the slaughter of 10 000 elephants…. facing one year in jail?

Suspected ivory trafficker Emile N'Bouke stands with seized ivory carvings and tusks after his arrest in Togo. © Daily Mail Online - Becky Evans, AP Reporter

Suspected ivory trafficker Emile N’Bouke stands with seized ivory carvings and tusks after his arrest in Togo. © Daily Mail Online – Becky Evans, AP Reporter

A notorious ivory trafficker was arrested in Togo on 6 August 2013.

N’Bourke, who is known as “The Boss”, is an a ivory trafficking and poaching kingpin and is believed to have been operating for over 40 years, fueling the slaughter of over 10 000 elephants. The Daily Mail reported that upon being arrested, N’Bourke even admitted to having a special trading permit for ivory despite its global ban, although Togo’s environmental minister dismissed the claims.

In the first arrest of its kind in Togo, N’Bourke was detained after authorities seized more than 700 kilograms of ivory from his shop in the capital city of Lome. Environmental activists who had been investigating N’Bourke’s activities say that he was not only a buyer and seller of ivory but had been financing a variety of poaching rings that operate in Central Africa.

Togo is a country that houses just 60 elephants in its protected parks but is quickly becoming known as a transit station for ivory bound for Asia. Togo has a large shipping industry because it is the only naturally deep-water port in West Africa and this high volume of traffic could make it easier for poachers and traffickers to get the ivory out of Africa. Recent busts have been made in both Malaysia and Hong Kong on shipping containers bound from the area.

N’bourke is expected to appear in court next week and according to current law he could only face a maximum of one year in court for his crimes in the ivory trade, while other accusations of money laundering could see an extended sentence.

At least five elephant tusks and ivory carvings (pictured) were found at N'Bouke's shop © Daily Mail Online - Becky Evans, AP Reporter

At least five elephant tusks and ivory carvings (pictured) were found at N’Bouke’s shop © Daily Mail Online – Becky Evans, AP Reporter

– Original Report: Becky Evans, AP Reporter, the Daily Mail

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  • Judi Reynolds

    That is totally unacceptable! The punishment should fit the crime and this doesn’t anywhere near fit!! He needs to be put in jail for the rest of his miserable life! Let him rot while he thinks about the beautiful elephants he has slaughtered for greed!!

  • Sonia Laliberté

    Ca n’a pas de bon sens !! Il devrait purger le même nombres d’années que le nombre d’éléphant tué!!! Voyons!! Après un ans, c’est certain qu’il va recommencer.Faut pas être stupide pour savoir ça!!!

    • j

      Cut all the emotion, reality, in africa there are a different set of rules. Fact is that the man will never spend a day in jail. Two he will carry on trading. It is good to express yourselves though, my advice is use your expression wisely to have the most affect in changing the minds of the powers that be.


    1000 ΥΕΑR

  • rgz

    He should get the death sentence.

  • Andrea

    Life in prison!

  • Freddy

    Easy for us to say protect the elephants – we don’t live in an impoverished country with little opportunity

    • Andrea Batlemento

      There are other ways! I would die, starve before I would murder innocent beautiful animals…and really? 10,000…and you are showing empathy for this pathetic soulless killer? check yourself…yes, that was easy to say.

      • Kenny

        Thank you Andrea, well said!!

        Freddy you are a clown

        • Concerned

          Freddy, Mr. Emile N’Bouke does look like a poor starving man does he not????? Poor fellow!!! Put the bastard away for a veru long time.

    • Chad

      It would be one thing if they were killing elephants as a food source. But they are just taking the ivory as a means to gain wealth, not feed themselves or their families.

    • Steven

      Freddy, would really be nice to see you with a tusk sticking out of you,noo?

    • Gill

      I can not believe my eyes reading this – you have lost the plot . With opinions like this I am totally amazed you even read Africa Geographic. You should be exported to China and Vietnam and be boiled. you *&%$#@ stirring A hole

    • AV

      Freddy go sell your organs in China if you need money.

  • Fred Hoogervorst

    the rest of his life in prison, no mercy!
    Fred Hoogervorst, wildlife photographer

  • DMR

    That’s disgusting. He deserves the death penalty. What he robbed from this world can never be replaced. Each one was precious and suffered tremendously. He deserves no less than the fate they suffered.

  • Markus08

    Why must other people pay for jail time for this idiot. Drag him behind an elephant through Africa too show the world what you do with this scum.

  • Markus08

    Who is this Freddy clown? Buyer from China or Vietnam? 10000 Elephant and that is empathy? Has he even got a brain? Just not possible that an idiot can post just utter junk!

  • Fred

    This piece of shit needs to be tortured slowly for a long time and then left to rot just like the elephants were that the is responsible for killing.

  • Bruce Greene

    I agree with everyone who has said this guy should get the maximum penalty. The judicial system has got to send a message to those poachers still committing crimes against the animals of Africa and Asia. Poachers and the “kingpins” that run the illegal wildlife trade will not stop unless the penalty ends with life in prison or even the death penalty. We as the public have got to demand justice. Unless the world comes together against this cruelty, the corruption in the judicial system will go on. There isn’t much more time to sit around and debate this subject. Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, Gorillas, etc. are being killed to extinction as we read and write about this right now. Two Rhinos, 10 Elephants, one Tiger, and up to two or more Gorillas have been slaughtered just today and what will happen each day forward-the same thing. There has been over 600 Rhinos killed, just in S. Africa, to date this year. What are we going to do about it?????????

  • DocJan

    So sad to read this post. Whereas it may true that the individual poacher is driven out of despair, this man, who organized it all, is driven by greed. And greed only.
    But I think this story has a message for the Togoan government also. As long as they will not enforce stricter laws on poaching, they are as much to blame than mr. N’Bouke. Apparently they are not convinced of the urgency of the situation.

  • Jane Lugano

    This is a joke one year imprisonment after committing that terrible crime.

    That’s a pea nut. We are loosing elephants eventually they will undergo extinction. We have to be serious.

  • Jane Lugano

    Africans have to get awake after loosing all pleasures natural wealth we shall go back to square one starting to evolve economically, At the moment with this few resources we have we cant stand on our own most of the countries get loans and donations, if we we mismanage these wildlife resources surely we are exposing our selves into danger and inviting tolerable poverty which will make us perish as as a result African counties will be ruled by foreign people the few survivors will be slaves, STAY AWAKE STOP POACHING. MONEY IS NO BETTER THAN LIFE.

  • Jhm0699

    25 years in jail would be more appropriate for this bastard!

  • Lesley Blissett

    This sentence is no deterrent or punishment, he should get the death sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June Lines

    Oh god please tell me why very very tearfull heart wrenchin,,,,,

  • Sue Winter

    Lets hope this brings to an end the killing of these magnificent animals, if he doesn’t get the death sentence he should be inmprisoned for the rest of his life and those he dealt with.
    Maybe after his one year in prison he will be looking over his shoulder because I am sure someone will be after him.
    There is nothing like seeing elephants roaming the bush as they have done for hundreds maybe thousands of years.

  • Deborrold

    That not what he should get one year and be back at come on.!

  • Judith Vandegrift

    wouldn’t it be nice if they could impose 1 years for every tusk found on his properties?

  • christine warman

    Lock him away for good,he is of no use to anyone,just garbage that should be got rid of,disgusting creature,animals are worth far more than that low life.

  • HP

    This is a case a single man has done irepairable damage to the whole of Africa and to a species. Responsible for over 10,000 elephants! Cannot even imagine what a different picture Africa would be with that. And then the power, joey and corruption gets him a year behind bars ( which I am sure he will never spend ). We can went our frustration but that won’t change, but we need to take the fight to the governments / countries buying these stuff if not there will be many more animals lost to inhumane idiots such as these. So do all you can to convince every one you meet to stop this , send the message , keep lobbying, we can stop it only then!

  • Eva Elhouar

    The rest of his life in prison for this horrible man!

  • PK

    He should be shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy Thorpe

    This is only vacation time for him. All the time and trouble to capture him a year jail time for 10,000 heads of elephants does not fit the crime. Justice is not being served here! This is appalling and a joke. I bet he’s laughing all the way to the bank before going on vacation! His blood money will be there for when he gets out and he’ll do it all again.

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