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AG Maasai Mara Kenya

Release Date Set, Boy’s Time Out and More Rain

Northern White Rhino

Release Date Set
We are now in a position to confirm dates for the next phase of this project. In this next phase, Najin and Fatu will be reunited with Sudan and will have their first steps into what will become our breeding area and their home. We are working to a release date of the 25th March 2010. For this to take place, all double fencing, security and monitoring staff must be ready. The Ol Pejeta Staff is working around the clock to make sure that all is in place.

Northern White Rhino Northern White Rhino

Boy’s Time Out
All four rhinos have enjoyed another week taking turns going out into their large new area of 400 x 400m. Suni is making great progress now going much deeper into the bush and has started to graze on the longer red oat grass at the top end of the area, which is a firm favourite with the northern whites. It was a joy to see his confidence grow and slowly break the attachment with the bomas.

Northern White Rhino

On the other hand, Sudan wastes no time as soon as the boma door is open for him. He is keen to get out and we usually find him walking around the boundary fence spraying and marking his territory. He got quite a fright when a loud jet passed by overhead earlier in the week. Spooked, he took off running for safety into the acacia bush! It was an impressive sight to witness how much speed and agility he has and reassuring that not only was he completely aware of the fence but that he also sought safety in the bush and did not run back to the bomas which has been his home for the last two months.

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Northern White Rhino Northern White Rhino

Tuesday afternoon saw the heavens open at Ol Pejeta, and the rhinos loved it! The lucky girls Najin and Fatu were out in the area when the rains poured and they certainly made the most of the experience! They had the time of their lives, charging around chasing each other sliding and skidding and rolling bellies up. Their spins and twists in the mud well defy their size and shape!

To the amusement to the boma staff, Berry White had quite the task of getting the girls to come back to the bomas after their afternoon of fun! It would seem that their ears were well and truly blocked and all attempts to coax them in for their tea were totally ignored! Finally as the sun was setting, four hours after the excitement of the downpour and after several laps of the area, the girls eventually wandered home tails swishing away, ready for their tea.

Our Rhino keeper Berry White’s comments on the entertaining afternoon…. I have never been ignored quite so spectacularly but seeing how much fun they were having I just loved it and I realised they’ll come in when they’re ready. Now, they love Africa and have started calling the shots… so ignorance really is bliss!!!

Northern White Rhino

Elodie Sampere

Elodie Sampéré has served as Ol Pejeta’s Head of Conservation Marketing since January 2010, but has been working with Ol Pejeta in a consultant capacity for over four years. Elodie earned a BA in Political Science and Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from George Washington University. Prior to joining the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Elodie served as the Director of Marketing for the African Wildlife Foundation for seven years. Elodie also works for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Northern Rangelands Trust and Save the Elephants , dividing her time between all four organisations.


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