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Klaserie Sands River Camp
While we attempt to ensure that our guests fulfil their “safari dreams” on one of our walking safari experiences, this usually consists of an interaction with elephants, white rhino, cape buffalo and the occasional Lion (along with the general game in the Klaserie).
 While on foot, it is very rare to experience the sighting of one of the world’s most endangered animals…….the African Wild Dog (Lycaon Pictus).

We just so happened to come across this amazing species on a recent walk about the bush, a solo dog who had been temporarily separated from the pack, most likely during one of their hunting ventures. The wild dog had been in the area for a short while and was waiting to be re-united with its friends.

Seeing an African Wild Dog while on a Walking Safari is truly that “once in a lifetime experience” and it is even so uncommon that it cannot be put on a bucket list!


There are only about 450 of these special animals in the Greater Kruger National Park and they are under extreme threat from disease (canine distemper being the major problem) and reproductive suppression. To learn more about this special animal please click here

Senalala is fortunate to be in one of those biomes in the park, where a safari guest has a high probability of seeing one of the ‘home range” packs on thier Game Drive. What a treat!


Senalala Safari Lodge

Senalala is one of Africa's most sought after walking safari destinations with highly skilled guides capable of safely leading enthralling big game encounters. This exceptional activity is combined with the verdant setting of the camp and associated traditional safari experience comforts.