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Africa Geographic print magazine to take a break – and emerge bigger, better

Africa Geographic magazine and iPad app will take a break as from December 2013 and be replaced by a new, hybrid (print and digital) magazine in April 2014.

The new magazine will preserve core print values while integrating a more agile digital mindset and capitalise on the massive growth in our community (which increases by more than 1,000 people every day).

Africa Geographic Holdings CEO Simon Espley says: ”This evolution process has been hastened by the sudden closing down of our print magazine publisher, supplier Black Eagle Media (BEM), which we found out about the day it happened – 31 October 2013.”

“None of our platforms are affected by BEM’s demise as they are managed by our in-house digital team, with independently derived content and readers. Our in-house team has made Africa Geographic into a world-leading brand and you can expect more of this stellar growth going forward. In fact expect the NEW Africa Geographic magazine to enjoy similar performance.”

“We are very sad for Peter and Sarah Borchert and the rest of the BEM team that have brought us such fantastic print stories and news for over 20 years, and we wish them the best of luck going forward. It’s not ideal that the demise of BEM catches us without a print publication for the intervening period (December 2013 to March 2014) but on the other hand we’re very excited about our plans for the next generation Africa Geographic magazine.”

What does this mean for Africa Geographic readers and subscribers?

Africa Geographic Holdings will honour all outstanding issues owed by Black Eagle Media to subscribers, in kind, once the new magazine has been launched. We will be emailing all subscribers in due course and we request your patience in the intervening period.

What does this mean for our web site and social media?

Nothing, they are unaffected and will continue to enjoy stellar growth in content and readership. We undertake to keep you informed by way of blog and social media posts whenever we have further news.

What does this mean for our print advertisers?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many advertisers that have supported us for so many years and assure them that their support will be rewarded in 2014 when the new magazine is published. The new magazine will include a wider content mix and target audience (and a resultant larger circulation) as well as a natural and intuitive blend with our digital platforms – ideal for 360 degree engagement with our large and growing community. We will update you regularly in this regard in the coming months. The few months ahead with no print magazine is unavoidable (due to it being forced on us the demise of our print magazine publisher) but we invite our advertisers to join us online in the meantime – our web site enjoys in excess of 80 000 unique readers per month. Adie Ceruti, your favorite advertising Sales Manager (and loyal supporter of Africa Geographic for the past 16 years), will be in touch to discuss opportunities. Contact her at and 083 601 2291. Thanks again for your support and understanding.

In the meantime, please email our CEO Simon Espley or his personal assistant Shelley Prince if you have specific enquiries.

The CEO and Board of Africa Geographic Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Africa Geographic Editorial

We're the Africa Geographic editorial team – a diverse set of editors, designers and social media natives, all united by our passion for this addictive continent.

  • Libby

    This is the 2nd time in the space of one year that Africa Geographic has closed down a magazine. First it was Africa Birds and Birding which closed down just after I had renewed my subscription and I have just renewed my subscription for the next period which is due to start in November 2013 and they have another hiccup !!

    • Simon Espley

      Hi Libby, you’re right and its not great for you. Just to be clear on one issue though. Africa Geographic print magazine has been delayed while we find another print publisher, or bring it inhouse. This was forced on us by the closure of our current outsource print publisher. Expect the relaunched Africa Geographic magazine in April 2014. The birding magazine was closed down because its just not commercially viable. We don’t know of any commercially viable print bird magazines world wide, despite there being a massive birding community, and we won’t be publishing another print bird magazine. Birdlife South Africa now publish a really good bird magazine that is well worth supporting – African Birdlife. I can only repeat my sentiments above and ask for your patience while we navigate our way through this period of magazine evolution.

      • Marc Mol

        Hi Simon
        Have spoke with you on a few occasions and would like to know what is the curent situation for all AG subscribers, like myself who are owed 2+ years of subcriptions? I understand that there will no longer be any monthly print editions and now reduced to just an Annual edition I believe? I must say I’m extremely dissapointed with the state of the current “online weekly editions” which I perceive to be nothing more than paid advertorials.

        • Simon Espley

          Hi Marc. With regard to your subscription one of my team will email you (you should have received multiple emails). With regard to your feedback about our online magazine thanks, but I am confused by your comment as none of our content is paid for and our readership to date (4 issues) has blasted through the roof and is already more than double what print ever achieved – so clearly our community is enjoying this free resource. Perhaps you could elaborate. Which of the 4 issues do you feel is a paid advertorial?

  • F J Lotter

    I placed a comment last night regarding the outstanding delivery of 2014 Calendars and yet, this morning, it has vanished. Can anyone tell me what has happened?

    • Simon Espley

      Hi FJ Lotter, not sure where you placed your comment – we did not pick it up on this blog post. The 2014 calendars have been caught up in the demise of the outsource print publisher. We have been advised by the administrators of the outsource company that all payments after 31 October have been refunded. Was that the case for you?

  • Sabine

    Well I will miss my AG Mag for the next couple of month but I will look forward to what you are going to send in April. Good luck

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