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With his camera in hand, professional wildlife photographer, David Rogers, heads to the South Luangwa National Park every November with high hopes of capturing his next best wildlife shot. During this time, the dramatic elements of the bush perfectly align, making it an ideal time to embark on a photographic safari.

A South Luangwa sunset ©David Rogers

David shares what makes this time of year so raw and surreal in Zambia:

“The water and grass have long disappeared. Impala totter on twisted legs over bone-breaking ground, and heavy elephants and hippos attempt to cool off in the mud-baked sun. Hippos fight the territorial crowd in the shrinking pools, while vast herds of buffalo slake their thirst and disappear into the dust. Lions lie panting and waiting for their best go at prey. Crocodiles drag themselves across the dry lands and the carmine bee-eaters shriek and whistle above the mud banks. Every animal and tree is waiting for water and it’s hot.”

And he best conveys his love of the Zambian wild through powerful imagery:

Southern carmine bee-eaters take flight ©David Rogers
Herds of buffalo come to drink at Luangwa wafwa ©David Rogers
Herds of buffalo come to drink at Luangwa Wafwa ©David Rogers
Luangwa leopard sourcing its next meal ©David Rogers
A Luangwa leopard sources its next meal ©David Rogers
Crowned cranes during the dry season ©David Rogers
Crowned-cranes during the dry season ©David Rogers

Every November Robin Pope Safaris hosts a photographic safari with David Rogers in the South Luangwa. This offers guests the unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of this leading wildlife photographer and get to grips with Adobe Lightroom.

During this experience, photographic safari guests stay at both Nkwali and Nsefu camps for three nights and are treated to the ultimate lodge luxuries in a prime setting along the Luangwa River. Cold beer, cosy beds, whirring fans, and friendly banter over camera footage are how most visitors can unwind back at camp.

There are only three spaces left for this year’s photo safari, which starts on Saturday, 5th November. So don’t hesitate to contact Robin Pope Safaris for more information and to book your spot.

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