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“From the moment we arrived at Luangwa Safari House we were treated to a herd of at least 30 elephants passing right in front of the deck for a drink and a roll in the mud.”


It was Mary’s 50th birthday safari at Robin Pope Safaris and the wild things joined the celebration without hesitation! With six loved ones as her VIP guests (and witnesses), it truly was a birthday of a lifetime.

Trumpeting elephants, tree-climbing leopards, giraffe tussles, and lions inside a buffalo kill, our special guest Mary shares a little more about her birthday in the bush:

Splish-splashing heavyweights.

We were treated to a herd of at least 30 elephants passing right in front of the deck for a drink and roll in the mud. On another occasion we had a fantastic view of another large group of elephants crossing the river. We marvelled at how loud they were while splashing through the water yet how quiet they are on land.


Leopards here, there, and everywhere.

The first evening we came upon a blue eyed leopard with a puku in a tree. After sundowners we returned to find a male lion had stolen the puku to enjoy a quick meal.

We saw so many leopards we became nonchalant. One guest asked our guide, Chilumba, if they could return to the bird colony they were previously at before the leopard chase begun. Jacob was always on the lookout for sausage trees with ‘hanging spotted legs and tails’!


During one of our sundowners we were sequestered in the vehicles due to a leopard and several hyenas in the area. We did not mind, especially since our guides bravely continued to serve the drinks and snacks!

Testosterone tossup between giraffes.

Two male giraffes put on quite a display ‘play fighting’ with one another. The sound of thumping necks which led to ear biting was an incredibly unique sight to witness.


All you can eat buffalo buffet for a pride of 13.

One of our biggest highlights, however, had to be watching 13 lions on a buffalo kill. As we were circling the carcass counting the lions, we heard Chilumba announce that there were two lion cubs INSIDE the buffalo –I mean, remarkable!


Surprise breakfast in the bush

A surprise bush birthday breakfast with our cook Simon was undeniably rustic and delicious. Later in the day at high tea we were presented with a “funfetti” boxed cake that we had brought along as well as memorable singing by the staff.


Animals or party animals? When you choose to spend your 50th birthday on safari at the Luangwa Safari House, it’s definitely the latter!

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