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3 Ways to green your fingers this Earth Day

This year’s Earth day campaign is all about environmental and climate literacy. Stand up! Join up! Take action!

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Visit an animal rehabilitation centre in the Eastern Cape

Guests staying at Eagles Crag Lodge can visit our Animal Rehabilitation Centre. It is one of the many activities offered to guests during their stay with us. We’re passionate about the conservation of nature and the animals within the reserve.

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South Luangwa: dog detection unit hounds poaching

In eastern Zambia, Conservation South Luangwa, in partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation and Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife has launched a fantastic initiative: Zambia’s first ever canine wildlife detection unit.

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Video: elephant gets a second chance at life

Elephants in Laikipia have come into the firing line on many occasions with over 20 killed in recent months and many more injured. Many do not make it, but sometimes there is a glimmer of hope.

Swahili food
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Six Swahili food dishes you won’t want to miss!

Swahili cuisine is tasty, filling and plentiful. Here are six Swahili dishes you won’t want to miss on your travels in Tanzania.

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Lone buffalo bull enjoys a soothing mud bath

Preferring dense habitat, such as reeds and thickets, buffalos are rarely seen in the open woodland. Fortunately, luck was on their side when guests had a fantastic sighting while out on a game drive with Jaci’s Lodges.

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The top ten must-see primates of Uganda

Did you know that while on a safari in Uganda, every day is a primate day? Find out why Uganda is arguably the primate capital of the world.

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Servals released into the sanctuary of iSimangaliso

Two servals have been released by iSimangaliso CEO Andrew Zaloumis and Emdoneni cat rehabilitation centre owners Louis and Cecillie Nel into the Western Shores section of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, adding to the small resident population of the ‘savannah stalker’.

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King of the Pieds: the Pied kingfisher

Written by: Tritan Mitter

The pied kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) is a water bird and is found widely distributed across Africa and Asia.

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Insta Favourite of the Year 2017 competition entries: Week 18

The latest set of entries in Africa Geographic’s Insta Favourite of the year competition

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Opinion: Rhino horn trade = extinction in the wild

It is now legal in South Africa to trade domestically in rhino horn, after this country’s Constitutional Court recently overturned an eight-year ban on domestic trade, based on a technicality.

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Rare sighting: hyena cubs spotted on game drive

Each one of the Greater Kruger National Park’s remarkable animals has a set of unique characteristics and hyena are no different. At Senalala Luxury Safari Camp we were fortunate enough to have a great sighting of month-old hyena cubs on one of our game drives.

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Life’s a beach! Amazing hidden coastal gems with a difference

Finding the perfect spot on southern Africa’s beautiful east coast takes on fresh meaning when you’re looking for sun, sea, sand, an off-the-beaten track address and a large helping of soul food.

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Mountain gorilla tourism: a brief history

The history and development of mountain gorilla tourism is an intriguing one. Having only started from the mid-1900’s, trekking into dense forests in search of these elusive creatures has become a highlight for many adventurers.

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Dame Daphne Sheldrick to begin chemotherapy

On Tuesday, 4th April, Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick, founder of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), announced she was beginning a course of chemotherapy to counter breast cancer.

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Gorilla trekking: what gear do I need?

Knowing what gear to pack when heading off on a gorilla trekking experience in Africa can become a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Rwanda Gorilla Trekking are here to help! Below we’ve listed some important gear that you shouldn’t go without:

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Photoseries: EPIC battle between honey badger and python

A photo series depicts an epic battle between a honey badger and a rock python takes place in Kruger National Park.

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Budget-friendly options for gorilla trekking in Uganda

When you think of gorilla trekking in Uganda, you think expensive, right? But did you know that you could trek Uganda’s mountain gorillas on a budget? It’s very possible and Gorilla Trek Africa will tell you why:.

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Conquering the extinct volcano of Mount Sabyinyo, Uganda

Straddling the borders of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, lies Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (MGNP). It is but a tiny sliver forming part of the greater Virunga Conservation Area: one of Africa’s last remaining true wildernesses. While the name lures those in search of Africa’s great apes, we came to conquer an extinct volcano instead!

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No Timbavati ‘100 Pounder’ elephant hunt

The last few weeks have witnessed some pretty vicious social media attacks on lodges within Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park

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Zanzibar: more than just beaches and sunshine

Six non-sunbathey things that you can delight in during your time on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.