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Vultures poisoned
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Catastrophic breaking news: 537 vultures found poisoned in dark day for Botswana conservation

Botswana’s Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) has announced that they have recently identified a poisoning site with 537 dead vultures (comprising five species) and two tawny eagles.

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Pangolin research at Tswalu

Fascinating new research on ground pangolins is under way and should help us to learn more about these shy and elusive mammals and how they move within their home ranges.

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Watch: African wildcat kitten in my garden

Cuteness alert! Our CEO finds a tiny African wildcat kitten in his garden near the Greater Kruger, notices signs of possible inbreeding with domestic cats.

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Here they are: The 5 contestants for the Safari Guide of the Year 2019

Southern Africa’s top 5 guides will soon battle it out for the title ‘Safari Guide of the Year 2019’. Find out about this prestigious award, and about each contestant.

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There’s more to hyenas than meets the eye!

Despite what you may see in cartoons, hyenas are noble predators and extremely successful hunters, with an interesting social structure.

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Video: Bucket the tiny lion cub is still going strong!

Good news: The tiny lion cub named Bucket that left her mother at the tender age of five weeks to follow the pride males, and endured 10 days with no mother’s milk before rejoining her mom, is alive and well.

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Best photographic hotspots in Namibia

Namibia is a landscape photographer’s paradise, and in this post we show you where to go to get the most from your photographic safari.

Jessica Nabongo eats pangolin
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Video: Instagram influencer eats pangolin in Gabon – calls it ‘armadillo’

Instagram influencer Jessica Nabongo and her partner ate pangolin in Gabon

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Leopard kills child in Kruger

A leopard has killed the young child of a Kruger National Park staff member. The leopard was subsequently shot, to prevent future such attacks. Condolences to the family of the child.

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Video: Meet Ezulwini, our gentlest giant

Since first being spotted in the Timbavati way back at the start of the millennium, the magnificent bull elephant known as Ezulwini has become legendary, and very much part of the landscape in Balule Private Nature Reserve.

Conservation, Research, Wildlife

Do elephants affect vulture nesting success? Ongoing research

Researchers highlight the complex relationship between elephant impact and vulture nest survival in the Greater Kruger National Park.

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New population found of critically endangered riverine rabbits

Great news for conservationists as a new population of Critically Endangered riverine rabbits has recently been discovered in Baviaanskloof.

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Breaking: Zambian hippo cull via hunting cancelled. Again

Breaking: Zambian hippo cull cancelled. This is the latest about-turn since the Zambian government announced plans to cull 2,000 hippos in Luangwa Valley by offering ‘hippo management hunts’.

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2019 Photographer of the Year – previously-announced winning image disqualified

2019 Photographer of the Year – previouly-announced winning image disqualified by our judges for not being a faithful representation of the original scene. New winner announced.

Poaching, Research, Wildlife

Study: Elephant poaching rates in decline, but iconic species remains under threat

Latest study reveals elephant poaching rates in Africa have started to decline, but levels of poverty, corruption and ivory demand still threaten the iconic species.

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Exploring the fascinating world of camouflage in nature

The classic idea of camouflage is a unique, cryptic colour-pattern combination of an organism that enables it to blend into its environment to escape detection. This ability to blend in has the obvious benefit of helping both prey and predator alike.

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Building up the appetite for an African adventure

From baboons and monkeys to snakes and spiders, from honey badgers and hyenas to ants and scorpions – the average safari camp kitchen has to deal with far more than preparing the perfect meal.

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Botswana trophy hunting: Fewer than 400 elephant hunting licenses to be granted annually, says government

Fewer than 400 elephant hunting licenses will be granted annually, the Botswana government has announced, following the reinstatement of hunting.

Conservation, Hunting, Poaching, Research, Wildlife

Large-tusked elephants are in decline, need to be protected from trophy hunting and poaching, says researcher

The need to protect large-tusked and potentially large-tusked elephants from poaching and excessive selective hunting pressure is more apparent than ever as the progressive decrease in average tusk size over the past three decades is potentially leading to over exploitation of older bulls.

Hunting, News, Wildlife

Botswana brings back trophy hunting

The Government of Botswana has taken the decision to lift the hunting suspension.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Wildlife

Tsakani: Our favourite Kruger leopard

While we’ll agree that some of our favourite sightings aren’t always of the Big 5, Kruger Wildlife Safaris has definitely developed a soft spot for a certain Kruger leopard, and it’s been that way from the moment that we first laid eyes on her.