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Opinion: How hunting black rhino contributes to conservation in Namibia

Black rhino hunts benefit conservation of our rhinos – opinion post by conservationist, on behalf of 64 Namibian conservation organisations.

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Botswana on alert after surge in rhino poaching

Unprecedented surge in rhino poaching raises alarm in Botswana.

Elephants and trees
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Elephants and trees

Does removing elephants save trees? This fascinating report delves into this important conservation issue.

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Skilful climbers: Lionesses scale near-vertical cliff in pursuit of prey

A great sighting as two lionesses show off their athletic climbing skills as they make their way up a near-vertical cliff face in pursuit of potential prey.

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Malawi: On the frontline in the fight against illegal wildlife trade

Malawi may be one of the continent’s most peaceful nations, but it is currently locked in a fierce battle to protect some of the world’s most threatened species of wildlife.

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Spring highlights from the Greater Kruger

Catch up on the latest wildlife-viewing highlights from the team at Tinstwalo in the Greater Kruger’s Manyeleti Private Game Reserve.

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Crunch time as Zambia’s Lower Zambezi NP comes under mining threat

Will Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia be mined? The courts will decide soon whether to allow the proposed controversial open-cast copper mine inside the park. The decision on whether it will go ahead will be handed down on 14 October by the High Court of Zambia in Lusaka.

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Botswana elephant hunting: Chaos and disillusionment as citizen licenses are raffled

Botswana elephant hunting: Eight elephant hunting licenses were awarded to Maun-based Botswana citizens, and the eight winners and almost 6,000 losers were unhappy with the results when the reality of the T&Cs set in.

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Son of Mozambican war veteran arrested in possession of rhino horns

Lucílio Matsinhe, son of a popular Mozambican war veteran, has been arrested for possession of rhino horns.

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Collaring elephants in Gilé National Reserve – wilderness at its best!

Elephant conservation in action: Collaring elephants in Gilé National Reserve in Mozambique.

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Zimbabwe elephants: Report identifies existing conservation problems, calls for community involvement

Zimbabwe elephants: Report fingers ZimParks for incompetence and international NGOs for hoodwinking donors, concludes that surrounding communities have to be involved in conservation as beneficiaries.

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Lions in Zambia are roaming across areas thought uninhabitable for them

Research: Lions are sneaking virtually undetected through dense human zones in Zambia, thereby ensuring genetic diversity throughout the entire Zambian lion population.

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New report reveals the value of lions and their landscapes

The New Lion Economy is the first project of its kind to make the link between ecosystem services, economic development, cultural significance and the survival of lions.

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Trophy hunting in Zambia to be suspended due to non-payment of hunting fees to communities

Trophy hunting in Zambia has been halted because communities have not been paid their fees and share of revenue.

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Top 5 reasons why Uganda is a special tourist destination

Find out the top 5 reasons why Uganda is such a special tourist destination.

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Incredible sighting: Rare spotted zebra foal sighted in Maasai Mara

A rare spotted zebra foal with what appears to be pseudo-melanistic colouring has been sighted in the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

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Order now! Support lion conservation through SACT’s 2020 calendar

Support lion conservation and order your Southern African Conservation Trust 2020 calendar today!

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A rhino renaissance in the warm heart of Africa

Celebrating World Rhino Day by taking a look at the conservation success story of the formidable black rhinos in Malawi.

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The three-legged painted wolves of Manyoni

The team at Manyoni spring into action to rescue two endangered painted wolves, an alpha female and male, after both suffering from serious leg injuries on separate occasions.

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Shining a spotlight on the painted wolves in Greater Kruger’s Balule

Taking a closer look at the beautiful painted wolf and the pack that currently roams Balule in the Greater Kruger.

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Off the beaten track: Camping at the Maasai village of Monduli Juu

Discovering Monduli Juu in Tanzania – an off-the-beaten-track campsite run by the indigenous Maasai people.