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Using ‘chilli balls’ to reduce human-elephant conflict in Zambia

Crop-raiding elephants in Zambia are being deterred humanely through the use of ‘chilli balls’ which are fired at their rumps.


Escape and evade strategies in the reptile world

Taking a look at the diverse escape and evade strategies of reptiles in southern Africa.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife

Malkia the cheetah – Queen of the Ngare Nanyukie

Once again Lemala Nanyukie has proven to be at the heart of big cat action, this time with a cheetah attempting to hunt gazelle right in front of the camp.

Conservation, Opinion Editorial, Research, Wildlife

Opinion: Zimbabwe’s shameful export of baby elephants under the guise of ‘sustainable use’

Opinion: Export of baby Zimbabwe elephants to China in defiance of CITES is shameful, and makes a mockery of ‘sustainable use’.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

Greater Kruger sightings: The Magnificent 7

Catch up on the latest wildlife-viewing highlights from the team at Tinstwalo in the Greater Kruger’s Manyeleti Private Game Reserve.


Discovering the fascinating world of dung beetles

Dung beetles are fascinating creatures! As one of the strongest insects out there, they do a brilliant job in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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Special sighting: Black-backed jackal and her pups

Watch a special sighting of a black-backed jackal mother feeding her pups in the Greater Kruger.

Destinations, Tanzania, Wildlife

Tanzania’s terrific Tarangire

Perhaps one of Tanzania’s lesser-known national parks, Tarangire is an incredible East African safari destination with diverse wildlife and landscapes.

Birds, Research, Wildlife

African grey parrots: How social media is facilitating both illegal trade and the fight against it

A recent study examines how social media marketplaces facilitate trafficking of endangered African grey parrots.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

Samanyanga – the legendary big tusker of Malilangwe

A moving tribute to the magnificent tusker known as ‘Samanyanga’, of Zimbabwe’s Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve – by wildlife filmmaker and photographer Kim Wolhuter. Samanyanga died of natural causes.

News, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Katavi National Park takes radical action on hippos

Opinion by biologist: Controversial dam being built in Tanzania’s remote Katavi National Park to save hippos may have negative environmental consequences.

Conservation, News, Wildlife

Matusadonha National Park to be managed and restored by African Parks and Zimbabwe government

Zimbabwe’s iconic Matusadonha National Park will now be managed by African Parks and the government in a bit to secure the park and restore wildlife populations.

Akagera National Park, Destinations, Rwanda

Akagera National Park: The intricate link between conservation and community

Akagera National Park in Rwanda is a success story in the making – where wildlife conservation, tourism and community upliftment are one and the same.

News, Wildlife

Trade in elephant, giraffe and rhino: 3 African countries to take on CITES rulings

Three African countries are set to challenge recent CITES rulings so that they can trade in elephant, giraffe and rhino.


Large illegal logging operation uncovered in Mozambique

Security operation uncovers large illegal logging operation in Mozambique.

Destinations, South Africa, Wildlife

Things that go bump in the bush… a Halloween special!

Join the Garonga team around the campfire and learn more about the spookier residents and their dastardly habits… but be warned, these creepy creatures will get your Halloween chills up and running!

Destinations, South Luangwa, Travel & Lifestyle, Zambia

Emerald Season boating in the South Luangwa

The upcoming summer rains in Zambia will soon usher in the country’s magical Emerald Season, where certain parts of the South Luangwa National Park transform into a verdant, watery oasis.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kalahari, South Africa, Wildlife

Raising cheetah cubs in the Kalahari

It takes a lot of skill to be a good cheetah mom in the Kalahari Desert.

Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Opinion: Trophy hunting is not all black and white, says conservation biologist

Trophy hunting: Conservation biologist explains the complexity of the situation in a remote area of Tanzania, calls for reason and practical solutions that work on the ground.

Opinion Editorial, People

Opinion: The changing of Africa’s conservation landscape

Discussing the changing face of Africa’s conservation landscape in light of the recent Business of Conservation Conference (BCC) in Rwanda.

News, Wildlife

Breaking: Campaigners outraged as Zimbabwe exports 30+ baby elephants to Chinese zoos

More than 30 wild-caught baby elephants, held captive for nearly a year in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, have been flown out of the country via Victoria Falls Airport en route to Chinese zoos.