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Black-backed jackals: Opportunistic hunters

Black-backed jackals take their chance with a young blue wildebeest calf while the adults try to chase them away to no avail.

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Ranger gored by elephant

A wildlife ranger in South Africa, who works to protect rhinos and elephants against poaching, has been gored by a rogue elephant while checking the reserve’s fences.

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Opinion: Tips for dealing with African border posts

Here are some thoughtful tips for getting into that essential ‘border state of mind’ when dealing with border post crossings in Africa.

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Incredible sighting: Six lions bring down buffalo

Being a guide is all about interpretation and anticipation. Where could the animals be moving and what they are going to do are probably the two most important questions we have to ask ourselves. Thankfully, one afternoon I was lucky enough to have my interpretations come true.

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Top ivory investigator, Esmond Bradley Martin, killed in Nairobi

Esmond Bradley Martin, one of the world’s leading ivory trade investigators living in Kenya, was on Sunday found dead in his house at Langata, Nairobi.

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Impressive: The bushveld rain frog’s unique survival adaptations

Despite looks that only a mother could love, the bushveld rain frog sports an impressive array of unique survival adaptations.

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7 Consequences of replacing wildlife with livestock

Seven interesting findings based around the impact on ecological processes and ecosystems of the ongoing extinction of native African herbivore species and the increase in livestock populations.

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Largest US safari club slams door shut on SA’s canned lion industry

The world’s largest hunting club, Safari Club International (SCI) has slammed the door shut on South Africa’s canned lion industry, announcing it will no longer allow captive-bred lion operators to advertise or market captive-bred lions (CBL) at its annual convention, and will reject all captive-bred lion entries for its record books.

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Domesticated elephant shot after trampling handler

A Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, animal handler is battling for his life at Mpilo Central Hospital after a domesticated elephant trampled and gored him several times. The orphaned elephant, popular with tourists who loved to interact with her, was subsequently shot and killed by rangers.

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Stompie, the inquisitive mouse

Fascinating interactions go down in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park involving a Cape cobra, mice, sociable weavers and fork-tailed drongos.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Multimedia, Photography, South Africa, Wildlife

Cheeky: Black-backed jackal versus cheetah cub

A black-backed jackal gets a little too cheeky with a cheetah cub in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

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Lamu Town: A place forgotten by time on Africa’s coast

The charming town of Lamu in Kenya is one of Africa’s oldest and most authentic places, and has so much to offer for the intrepid traveller.

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NEWS WRAP: Hunter shot dead + Hong Kong votes to ban ivory sales

In this week’s news wrap a hunter was shot dead at a captive-bred lion hunting farm in South Africa; Hong Kong has voted to ban domestic ivory sales in a landmark move; around 600 kg of elephant tusks and 600 kg of pangolin scales were seized in Ivory Coast; US President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will not be lifting the ban on elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe; and 3.5 tons of hippo teeth went up for auction on Monday in Tanzania, despite criticism.

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Nala: The new ‘last lioness’

A promising future for Nala the lioness – who survived a deadly virus outbreak – as a new pride is formed with her cubs and a new male.

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Hong Kong approves vote to ban ivory sales

Hong Kong has voted to ban domestic ivory sales in a landmark move on Wednesday to end the infamous trade in the city.

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Trump confirms US elephant trophy ban remains

US President Donald Trump has confirmed in an interview with Piers Morgan that he will not be lifting the ban on elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Major haul of ivory and pangolin scales seized in Ivory Coast

Officials in Ivory Coast have announced the seizure of over half a ton each of elephant tusks and pangolin scales following a crackdown on a transnational trafficking network.

News, Wildlife

3.5 Tons of hippo teeth up for auction in Tanzania, despite criticism

The impending auction of 3.5 tons of hippo teeth is drawing criticism from conservation groups who say the sale could encourage increased killing of the vulnerable species for its body parts.

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Hunter shot and killed while hunting captive-bred lions

A hunter has been shot and killed while hunting captive-bred lions in North West province, South Africa

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Video: Wild dog takes down impala

Watch this wild dog captured in action

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Cuteness alert: Rescued baby genets

These incredibly adorable baby genets stole the heart of their caretaker