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Kruger rhinos sold to Namibian hunting farm – deal under scrutiny

How did 13 rhino bulls from the Kruger National Park end up on a hunting farm owned by a reclusive Russian billionaire in Namibia?

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Leopards: The silent predators

Guests in the Kruger experience an incredible sighting of a leopard stalking her prey. The question is: was she is successful in her hunt?

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Gory splendour: Lion cub and buffalo carcass

A greedy lion cub wants the buffalo carcass all to itself!

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Ouch! Lion cub bites balls

A lost lion cub finds its pride and is eager to play with its elders, including biting on a male lion’s family jewels…

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17 Elephant facts you need to know

The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the largest land mammal in the world and one of nature’s great ecosystem engineers, being a major contributor to maintaining the balance between wooded and grass ecosystems. Here are 17 fascinating facts that you need to know.

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Camera trap excitement by the waterhole

A camera trap is always an exciting thing to use, even more so in the bush! There is always a level of excitement when one wakes in the morning to go and check the trap.

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Leopards: The challenges of motherhood

Motherhood is not easy, whatever species you might be. Successfully raising one or several young to adulthood, feeding, protecting and teaching them how to find food is a great feat. But for a mother from a solitary species like leopards, things can get exceptionally hairy.

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NEWS WRAP: Mass poisoning kills lions, vultures + suspected poacher killed by lions

In this week’s news wrap a mass poisoning incident has left six lions and over 70 vultures dead near Ruaha National Park; a suspected poacher was killed by lions near Kruger National Park; and custom officials have seized rhino horns carved into Buddha statues in Hong Kong.

News, Wildlife

Mass poisoning incident leaves lions, vultures dead near Ruaha

A mass poisoning incident in the Wildlife Management Area just outside Ruaha National Park has left six lions and over 70 vultures dead.

Animal Encounters, Multimedia, Photography, Wildlife

‘Honey badger don’t care’

A fearless honey badger takes on an oryx and black-backed jackal in two incredible encounters in Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Wildlife

Patience is a virtue for cheetahs on the prowl

The patience of three cheetahs is incredible as they go on the prowl for three hours, stalking an impala herd in the hopes of making a kill.

Destinations, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Wildlife

10 Incredible facts about millipedes

The giant African millipede (Archispirostreptus gigas), is one of the largest millipedes around, and recently an unusually brightly coloured reddish-pink specimen was discovered on Pongola Game Reserve in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Animal Encounters, Conservation, Destinations, South Africa, Wildlife

Baboons: The least loved primate

When you take a road trip in South Africa you are bound to get to see a troop of baboons at some point. I am thrilled at every sighting, but realise that my reaction towards seeing baboons is out of the ordinary. For most people the baboons evoke very different feelings: to some they are the witches funny flying monkeys, while others harbour a more intense dislike for them, usually over a past picnic invasion.

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Can elephants run, or do they just walk faster?

A fascinating study has revealed that although elephants can move at considerable pace, there is a question as to whether they can run.

News, Wildlife

Lions kill suspected poacher near Kruger

Limpopo police are looking for information on a man suspected to be a poacher‚ who was attacked by lions in a private nature reserve on Friday.

Destinations, Ruaha, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle, Wildlife

Travel: 5 Reasons to visit Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

You would be forgiven if you have never heard of Ruaha National Park, it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the safari world. But those that know it and have been fortunate enough to visit it, return again and again to this truly unique and diverse wilderness. Here are a few reasons why you might want to investigate this amazing place and put it to the top of your 2018 safari wishlist.

Botswana, Destinations, Multimedia, Okavango Delta, Photography, Travel & Lifestyle

Okavango Delta: Birth of an island

The islands of the Okavango Delta are created under what seems like phenomenal circumstances, mainly thanks to termites and birds.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Multimedia, Photography, South Luangwa, Wildlife, Zambia

Hippos and dramatic river disputes

The dry season in South Luangwa is always exciting when it comes to wildlife sightings, and on one particular occasion two hippos clashed over territories, providing a mighty display of raw power.

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NEWS WRAP: Ivory trader arrested + elephant orphan shot

In this week’s news wrap a Japanese ivory trader has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling ivory to China; an orphaned elephant was shot after trampling a handler; the largest US safari club slams door shut on SA’s canned lion industry; a wildlife ranger is tragically gored by a rogue elephant; and top ivory investigator, Esmond Bradley Martin, is killed in his Nairobi home.

News, Wildlife

Elephant shot after trampling handler – owner’s account

Those that raised the orphaned elephant, Dojiwe, provide their account of what happened between the elephant and the handler.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Wildlife

Black-backed jackals: Opportunistic hunters

Black-backed jackals take their chance with a young blue wildebeest calf while the adults try to chase them away to no avail.