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Is it safe to visit South Africa as a tourist?

The number one concern of many people who are considering a South African safari is the threat of crime. The crime statistics in South Africa are indeed unsettling, and there is no doubt that the crime rate is high. But how often are tourists affected? This is the key question to ask from a tourist’s point of view.

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NEWS WRAP: Attacks by captive carnivores stats revealed + logging planned in Selous Game Reserve

In this week’s news wrap stats regarding attacks by captive carnivores in South Africa are revealed in an open letter to the minister; Tanzania invites bids for logging in Selous Game Reserve to pave way for huge hydropower plant; Kenya plans to fast-track laws to make wildlife killing capital offence; two South African hunting associations are expelled over […]

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Opinion: Like the fossil fuel industry, trophy hunting is unsustainable

Trophy hunting is like the fossil fuel industry. They’re both messy, unsustainable, in need of an alternative approach and, ultimately, fail to deliver on their promises.

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Terminally ill Vietnamese find comfort in rhino horn

A recent study has revealed that the reasons why the Vietnamese buy illegal rhino horn is not only for medical and health-related reasons, but also as a form of comfort to those that are terminally ill.

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Tanzania invites bids for logging in Selous to pave way for huge hydropower plant

The Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) has invited tenders for large-scale logging in the Selous Game Reserve, a world-renowned wildlife area, where it plans to construct a large hydropower plant.

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The Karoo Ridge Conservancy: New beginnings

Set in the upper Karoo on the edge of the Great Escarpment, the Karoo Ridge Conservancy is a 5,000 hectare private conservancy founded to restore, protect and safeguard the diverse wildlife, landscape and natural resources of the region.

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9 Fascinating facts about black-footed cats

Here are 9 facts about the smallest species of wild cat in Africa, the black-footed cat – also known as the small-spotted cat.

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Kenya to fast-track laws to make wildlife killing capital offence

Kenya will fast-track laws to make wildlife poaching a capital offence as part of the country’s bid to conserve flora and fauna.

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Attacks by captive carnivores – the stats revealed in open letter to minister

A formal letter to the Minister of Environmental Affairs from some of the top wildlife NGOs in the country about the captive carnivore interactions in South Africa. Records show that at least 37 incidents of captive carnivore attacks have occurred since 1996, affecting no less than 40 victims.

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Identifying venomous snakes: How hard can it be?

Identifying venomous snakes is a lot more complicated than you’d think. There aren’t any hard and fast rules to distinguish a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake in southern Africa, and many people get bitten by snakes that they misidentify as ‘harmless’. Here we look at some misconceptions when it comes to venomous and non-venomous snake identification, and what to do when you encounter a venomous snake.

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SA hunters expelled over canned lion hunting

Two South African hunting associations that embrace canned lion hunting have lost an appeal to retain their membership to Europe’s top hunting organisation, and have been thrown out of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation for breach of policy.

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NEWS WRAP: Leopard kills boy + giraffe kills filmmaker

In this week’s news wrap tragedy has struck in Uganda where a leopard has killed and eaten a three-year-old child in Queen Elizabeth National Park; a habituated giraffe has killed a South African filmmaker; a poacher has been fined R1m fine after rhino horn bust; six wild black rhinos have returned to Chad after a 50-year absence; poachers have shot dead three rhinos inside a Kenyan sanctuary; and another 3.3 tonnes of pangolin scales were seized in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Poacher fined R1m fine after rhino horn bust

A convicted rhino poacher has been fined R1 million, or ten years imprisonment, by Lephalale Regional Court in Limpopo, South Africa.

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Opinion: Will I be attacked by a wild animal while on safari?

Will I be attacked by a wild animal while on safari? A number of recent news headlines in South Africa have probably contributed to an increase in this particular question (or some version of it), and two recent incidents appear to highlight again just how dangerous wild animals can be.

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Giraffe survives despite deformed jaw

Despite a deformed jaw, this giraffe cow has been able to adapt and survive in the Kruger National Park.

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Leopard eats baby boy

Tragedy has struck in Uganda, where a leopard has killed and eaten a three-year-old child in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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Should businesses pay to use animals in their logos and marketing efforts?

Many charismatic species such as elephants, lions, tigers and pandas face the threat of extinction, despite being held up as the poster characters for conservation.

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Poachers kill three rhinos + 3.3 tons of pangolin scales seized

In two cases of wildlife poaching, three black rhinos were shot dead in Kenya, and 3.3 tonnes of pangolin scales were seized in Vietnam.


Gerald the giraffe kills filmmaker

South African filmmaker Carlos Carvalho was killed by Gerald the habituated giraffe while filming at the Glen Afric Country Lodge near Pretoria in South Africa.

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Our day watching Kruger’s wild dogs

A pack of wild dogs provide a whole day’s worth of entertainment for a photographer in the Kruger National Park.

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Wild black rhinos to return to Chad after 50-year absence

An unprecedented collaboration between the South African and Chadian Governments, SANParks and African Parks, is enabling the translocation of critically endangered black rhinos from South Africa to a secure park in Chad on the 3rd May, reintroducing the species to the country after almost fifty years of local extinction.