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The Best Restaurants in Marrakesh

A guide to the best social, romantic and exclusive dining venues in Marrakesh…

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Cause an Uproar!

In support of Lion conservation, the National Geographic Society has agreed to donate 10 cents to lion conservation in Botswana every time this YouTube video is viewed. Share it with your friends and Cause an Uproar! httpv:// Also make sure to join in the Cause an Uproar Facebook group, where regular updates are posted about […]

Adventure and Sport

Why We Travel: Part #1 – Help us help them

There are many reasons to travel and as you all know too well, we are having a ball of a time: discovering, experiencing, relaxing, learning and finding adventures. That said, from the very start of this undertaking we knew our path would cross with so many people who are in need and as often as […]


Hooking Up – tiger fishing on the Zambezi river

Picture the scene: two couples on one boat and all of them want to spin. Spinning : “ the repeated casting and retrieving of artificial lures in the hope of inducing a strike from a fish.” On this trip, the preferred species was the tigerfish.The two husbands had taken up positions at the head and […]

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Video: World’s fastest zip line

Check out this video of the world’s newest, highest, fastest and longest zip line at Sun City. It’s 2000m long, 280m high and has a average speed of 120km/h! httpv:// Also, check out our awesome 360 degree view of the zip line in Safari magazine. Book your zip line adventure with zip2000 now!    


Zambia’s Kuomboka Ceremony

Every year towards the end of the rainy season when the upper Zambezi River floods its banks (anytime between February and May), the Lozi people of Zambia begin a spectacular ceremonial procession to higher ground. httpv:// Video © Charl Pauw, Open Africa. Open Africa works with communities to establish off-the-beaten-track, self-drive travel routes in a […]


Wild Dogs and Roan Antelope – they don’t play nice

By Sue Stolberger We had a very exciting morning some days ago, I spied three wild dogs racing across the grassy plain in front of camp at about 6.45am. Suddenly, there were many more whizzing across the short green grass. Then, I realised that a herd of Roan antelope was standing by, watching rather bemused as […]

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The Ultimate Tiramisu

Rumour has it that originally this recipe had no liquor as it was intended for children and the elderly…if this is true, then I say change is good!

Adventure and Sport

The Long Road to Livingstone

Last night we couldn’t sleep. This town was alive with the pumping music of drunkenness. All through the dark hours of the evening the people of Livingstone celebrated in their shebeens. Today there is a lack of the usual silence and shame that follows a Saturday. From early in the morning their church buildings have […]

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Water for elephants – Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta

  httpv://   I watched a baby elephant being born! This is a very rare sighting and as guests in Abu Camp witnessed, Shireni gave birth to her third calf and the herd gained a bouncy baby girl called Warona, a Setswana name meaning  ‘For us’. Enjoy this fabulous video (courtesy of AfriScreen) of Warona […]

Adventure and Sport

Climbing Mount Sinai – Why I’ve done it 19 times

I used to get paid to walk up Mount Sinai in the middle of the night to watch the sun rise up over the mountains. It explains why I’ve notched up a fair few trips to the top. The fact I still continue to take the camel path seems to perplex some of my friends, […]

Adventure and Sport

How to strategically overload a 150cc delivery bike

As far as we’ve been going, there have been two things that’ve stayed pretty universal. Firstly, the reaction to what we plan to achieve. The answer to the simple question, “where are you going?” is always met with the same reaction: disbelief. Secondly, it’s what follows this reaction, another question. “On this?!?” And the answer […]

Adventure and Sport

From the Guide’s Seat – Flooding Rivers and Flipping Rafts

Scenario #1: I could hear that familiar yet ominous thundering noise in the distance. It was the sound that gave me butterflies in my stomach every day, the sound that forced me out of my blissful, day-dreamy state on the calm water and into the present moment: the sound of white water approaching.

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The Smell of Smouldering Fires – the future of Madagascar’s Spiny Forest

httpv:// My very first impression of Madagascar was the smell of smouldering fires. I was more than ten miles out to sea in a 35ft catamaran, having just caught a ride across the Mozambique Channel with two fellow South Africans, when a musty aroma like wet ash permeated the fresh sea air. It was the […]

Food & Wine

The Best of Moroccan Cuisine: an Introduction

If you are in the process of planning a vacation to Morocco, then it is important to have your finger on the pulse of the best restaurants and haute cuisine in Marrakech, Fes (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and Essaouira. Eating in Morocco is an experience that is second to none when travellers pair their choice of […]

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Mapungubwe belongs to all of us

httpv:// Mapungubwe Belongs to all of Us from Green Renaissance. Abraham Ramonwana, head guide at Tuli Safari Lodge says: “if a mine develops in South Africa, it’s also going to affect Botswana and Zimbabwe”. The authorisation given to an Australian company called Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL) to construct an open-cast coal mine, called the […]

Food & Wine

Three Bean and Tomato Soup

You’ll Need:   1 onion, roughly chopped a couple of cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced a good dollop of olive oil ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon Hungarian paprika 2 tins good quality whole peeled tomatoes 8 ripe tomatoes, quartered (skin and all) 1 tin chickpeas 1 tin sugar beans 1 tin butter beans […]


A Nile crocodile in the ocean?

I was up in Sodwana Bay when we heard that a nile crocodile had been spotted in the surf. Imagine catching a wave and and coming across one of these guys in the barrel.  

Adventure and Sport

I do Africa!

I guess in order to start describing our plan, one must start at the beginning, which is precisely why we decided to start at the end… Morocco!  Also known as  المملكة المغربية‎ or  Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiyya. The land of couscous and tajine, mosques, djellaba’s and history. Or maybe Egypt, Sierra Leone even possibly Ghana. The truth is, we have no […]

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21 inspirational travel quotes

All travellers need inspiration. No matter who you are and how much you’ve traveled, there will always be moments on the road when you need to reminded of where you’re going and why you chose to get there. Fortunately, human history has always been full of intrepid adventurers jotting down their thoughts on the inspiration […]


Africa’s Painted Dogs need your help

One of South Africa’s lesser known and rarely seen endangered species is our enigmatic African Painted Dog (Wild Dog). Few South African’s have had the honour of witnessing these elusive but magnificent creatures, and at present rates few ever will. The latest figures show there to be less than 450 Painted Dogs left in the […]