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Boomslangs: friend or foe?

As a guide I’ve learned one thing, and that is to respect animals, especially venomous snakes. This is an area where I am very happy to view the individual at a safe distance and ensure neither party is disturbed or harmed.   Over the last year, the most commonly seen snake for me while driving, […]


The unforgiving: lions on the hunt

The pride of lions met us on the road in full force. They were littered along the track, traipsing straight toward us like indomitable soldiers. Bringing up the rear of this massive pride were the two dominant “Golf Course” males, a powerful unit, tagging along with the pride for the general benefits of living with […]

Adventure and Sport

Mud Slides on a Motorbike in Tanzania

Laugh. That is all you can do really. Laugh and giggle as the back wheel of the bike slides out from under us every five meters and Guillaume deliberately explodes with girly screams in an attempt to make light of a muddy, slippery situation. Every time we saw a huge pool of mucky water we knew that […]


Zimbabwe: Harare International Festival of the Arts 2012

‘The Harare International Festival of the Arts is probably the best organized festival in the sub-continent and one of the most manageably diverse’ – Robert Grieg writing in the South Africa Sunday Independent This week Tuesday sees the start of Zimbabwe’s flagship 6-day annual festival. Founded by Zimbabwean concert pianist Manuel Bagorro, and his actress […]

Food & Wine

Roast Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie

Winter is fast approaching Southern Africa and so is the need for some good, hearty home-cooked food. Try this tasty free-range chicken and wild mushroom pie as part of a wholesome Sunday lunch. Recipe feeds 10 – 12 Ingredients 2 free-range organic chickens olive oil 2 teaspoons of Maldon sea salt Crushed black pepper to […]

Culture, People

Walking with Warriors

Walking with the Maasai among the incredible wildlife of the Loita Hills was an unforgettable experience. The remote village of Olorte is far off the beaten track but it was worth every bump in the road to get there. Olkoroi Wilderness Camp, named for the black-and-white colobus monkey, was set up to support the local […]

Adventure and Sport, Celebrity Stories, Videos

Kingsley Holgate: an interview on World Malaria Day

If anyone had’ve told me two days ago that I would have the opportunity to meet the great Kingsley Holgate, I don’t think I would’ve believed them. Kingsley, the ‘Greybeard of African Adventure’, has been my role-model and hero since I was a little boy. With childish excitement and envy, I’ve always followed his amazing […]


The man who planted 100 million trees!

When the president of Mozambique, Armando Emilio Guebuza, went to visit Pedro Muagura at his humble home in Mozambique, he asked him one simple question: “Why do you plant trees?” Pedro considered this for a moment, and then replied: “Trees feed us with their fruit every day; a pregnant mother needs to rest in the […]


Zanzibar: Top 10 things to do in Stone Town

Zan-zi-barrr the very name evokes mystery, intrigue and exotic, sultry adventure. Stone Town is where it simmers, with its crumbling coral-rag palaces, winding, walled alleyways, and a history steeped in spices. I would be lying if I told you it was as if time had stood still, the ancient trading hub of East Africa is now […]

Adventure and Sport

Hope for the Future: Malawi smiles on us

By Guy Robertson A celebration was in order last night due to the crossing of the first 100kms, but we found ourselves falling asleep at the dinner table, like the majority of the nights on our adventure so far. Our days usually start around 5:45am, when the sun peeps over mountains on the Eastern borders […]

Conservation, Travel Trade

Communications technology set to enhance Anti-Poaching-Units

The scourge in rhino poaching in South Africa has left the country needing to beef up security in its National Parks and private game reserves. Given that rhino-poaching gangs are invariably armed to the teeth, anti-poaching units need to be better prepared themselves. They require a higher level of training, better equipment and greater communications […]


Rare spotless cheetah sighted in Kenya

Armed with a spotter plane made by the Israeli army (and coincidentally called Cheetah), a radio and a LandRover in hot pursuit, wildlife artist Guy Coombes went in search of the elusive ‘morph’ cheetah. “I was told about this incredible ‘morph’ phenomenon that has not been seen for over 90 years…the last one recorded was […]

Adventure and Sport

An African adventure

Africa is a wondrous part of the world filled with wild places just waiting to be explored. In Swahili, safari means ‘journey’ and for the rest of this year we are travelling across eastern and southern Africa on a journey of discovery. We spent most of last year living in the Masai Mara where we […]

Adventure and Sport

Hope for the Future expedition: We’ve made it this far!

By Matt Hampson We are currently 57kms into our journey, just north of the fishing town Kombedza. Upon our arrival on the beach, we were immediately welcomed by the village chief who said that we could stay the night for free. I now know why they call this beautiful country ‘The warm heart of Africa’. […]

Videos, Wildlife

Honey badgers behaving badly

When David Livingstone first laid eyes on the Chobe River, he cried. It is recorded in one of the many journals that he kept. But it wasn’t from exhaustion, fear of drowning or even the thought of crocodiles lurking in its depths – he was deeply moved by the extraordinary beauty of the river. The […]


Cape shark attack – the story and background!

If you haven’t heard the news already – a South African body boarder has been killed in a shark attack at Dappat se Gat – a surf spot between Gordon’s Bay and Kogel bay (also known as ‘Caves’), Cape Town, South Africa. The attack, it seems, has been blamed by some on the massive amount […]


Swaziland’s Bushfire Festival – Richard E Grant to attend

Internationally renowned actor, Richard E Grant will attend this year’s annual Bushfire Arts & Music Festival, which takes place in his home country of Swaziland 25 – 27 May 2012. Grant, known world wide as the star of films such as Withnail and I and Gosford Park, was born and raised in Swaziland. He wrote […]


Legadema spotted on the Mombo walkway!

Legadema, the female leopard made world-famous by Dereck and Beverley Joubert in their documentary film, “Eye of the Leopard”, has turned up on the Mombo Camp walkway!  [slickr-flickr tag = “legadima”] The camp itself is situated in the centre of her territory, so every once in a while we have the experience of seeing her […]

Adventure and Sport

Setbacks in Dar es Salaam & Recovering in Bagamoyo

The day before our planned departure from Dar es Salaam we suffered a huge setback. Guillaume took a ride to the city centre to give an old man a pair of welding goggles. The man is welding with nothing but an old pair of sunglasses, a recipe popular in Africa but one that will almost certainly […]


Burning Man meets the Karoo at Afrika Burn

Imagine a temporary town of thousands of people, with dance floors, themed camps and mutant vehicles. Only this town is in the middle of the desert, with no money and a community of people devoted entirely to radical self expression. Friends of mine have returned from Afrika Burn utterly speechless – ‘mind-blowing’, ‘life-changing’, ‘self-altering’ – […]

Adventure and Sport, Videos

Hope for the Future Expedition

By Caiden Lang After months of planning and rigorous preparation the time has finally arrived for us to embark on our adventure. What we plan to do is to kayak the entire circumference of Lake Malawi. httpv:// When planning started approximately 5 months ago, our aim was to kayak the coastline of Mozambique. Due to […]