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Wildlife photography: Chris Martin’s top tips

Sharing views, sharing images, sharing tips and techniques … for me that is the essence of photography. Pro and amateur alike … we will all learn from each other and we never stop learning.  So this week I wanted to look at my “Top 10 tips” on how to capture better wildlife images. Nothing within […]


Gecko TV – night time entertainment in the Kgalagadi

The African bush comes alive at night time. The heat seeps away, the crickets crank up their violins and those further down in the food pyramid stare wide-eyed into the blackness and ready themselves for their endless night vigil. Nostrils flare, ears pivot constantly and big cats with rumbling bellies begin to stir. The Kgalagadi is no exception. Early evenings are beautiful. It is […]


Kruger Kill: Chain Reaction

Vultures diving in the distance alerted us to the potential presence of a carcass. Excitement rushed over us at the thought of a nearby predator so we hurried over for closer inspection. As we arrived on the scene there were over thirty vultures feeding on the remains of a male impala. The cause of death […]


Cheetah Outreach – moving into the future

The first week of June is going to be an exciting week for Cheetah Outreach. They’ll be relocating from their current site at Spier wine farm to their new home, Heartland’s Paardevlei site in Somerset West.  I caught up with Dawn Glover, Education Officer at Cheetah Outreach, to chat to her about the move. Why […]

Photography, Wildlife

Making a splash: orcas in False Bay

By David Hurwitz The dolphins were leaping, splashing and rapidly changing direction, I knew that this panic could only mean one thing – the orcas have arrived! Orca sightings in False Bay are exceptionally rare. Occasional reports come in from fishermen and other mariners, but most people are unaware of the existence of orcas in […]

Adventure and Sport

Our Devolution in Africa

Ignorance was bliss. We have now seen ourselves through the eyes of others. And what we have seen is not pretty. Four months on the road with only each other as behaviour-moderators has left myself and Tough Guy in a pitiful state. This has only become apparent with the arrival of family and – gulp […]

Conservation, People

Tracks of Giants – crossing the desert

I have been to the tiny dusty village of Puros in Namibia a number of times, but never had this collection of drab tin and pre-fab dwellings been such a welcome sight. Lying on the edge of the Hoarusib River that splits the true Namib Desert from the pre-Namib and Escarpment to the east, it […]


A Zambian surprise

We had been travelling for two days straight. Our destination? Zambia’s famously beautiful South Luangwa National Park. But in just two seconds our hopes were destroyed – along with two goats that had wandered merrily into the middle of the road. I shed a silent tear for the dead goats, but soon wished I hadn’t. […]


Safari in style

One of the most spectacular wildlife shows on the planet can be seen in the Masai Mara where the rolling green plains dotted with lone acacia trees play host to an astonishing amount of wild animals. [slickr-flickr tag=”blog4marcusandkateport” captions=”on” descriptions=”on” orientation=”portrait”] A welcoming party was waiting for us when we arrived at Kichwa Tembo Tented […]

Photography, Wildlife

Welgevonden – An African Wilderness Reborn

By Kate Polley Distinguished photographer, Ian Finlay’s coffee table book, ‘Welgevonden – An African Wilderness Reborn’, was launched this year in February. This glossy, collectable book is a culmination of Finlay’s decade long passion for Welgevonden, a game reserve in Limpopo, which forms part of the magnificent UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere. Each photograph documents the rich […]

Photography, Wildlife

Photography: all about sharing

Welcome to another of my wildlife photography blogs for Africa Geographic!! What an absolute pleasure to be here sharing news, views and experiences from the real home of wildlife photography … Southern Africa. I grew up in the UK and spent my life in the outdoors from childhood. I’ve had a camera in my hand […]


The Wild Kid: who will be the young TV star?

As the time approaches for a final decision on who will be The Wild Kid for the proposed television series of the same name, one of the short-listed finalists is Kgoao Mametja of the Southern Cross School in Hoedspruit, which holds bushcraft at the core of it’s curriculum. Like all the Wild Kid hopefuls Kgoao is […]


Unlikely evangalism in Ghana

Driving through Kumasi’s industrial outskirts in Ghana, a behemoth billboard looms over the highway forcefully advertising the sale of ‘Turn the Other Cheek Glycophosphate’. Just beyond it lies ‘King of Hosts Funeral Catering Services’ and – invitingly for shoplifters – ‘Forgive and Forget Metallic Plumbing Products’. Goofy is the inappropriate mascot for ‘My Redeemer Lives […]

Adventure and Sport, People

Hope for the Future: dramatic scenery and ‘the day with the sunrise’

By Caiden Lang The last two weeks has been an experience like no other. After leaving Nkatha Bay we continued our journey northwards towards Tanzania. If you were to look on a map, you would notice that there are no roads leading down to the lake from Nkatha  bay to somewhere near Chilumba-a stretch of […]

People, Wildlife

A brighter future: day 3 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

I awoke to the smoky smell of Maltabella oats, and had to look around some to see that I wasn’t on a boarding school camp in the Drakensberg. After a few helpings, sitting out on the damp deck (the rain must have come again in the night), Brett presented another angle on the circle of […]

Adventure and Sport

Sunburn: Casablanca to Joburg!

It’s quite difficult to reflect on everything that has happened up to now and summarise it in a paragraph. But I suppose one word comes to mind. Goat. The only constant over a journey that has spanned snowy mountains, sandy deserts, lazy rivers, open plains and paradise beaches has been the cunning, non-plussed face of […]


Recalling the falls

While scrolling through Africa Geographic’s Facebook page, I came across an image of the Victoria Falls. There are many pictures of this spectacular natural wonder around, but some, like this one (posted on 14 May), always manage to tug at my heartstrings. It rekindled my fondness for the falls … once seen, they never seem […]


Mountain gorilla habitat under siege in DR Congo

The Gorilla Doctors fear for the health and safety of the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo as rebels clash with the Congolese army in the park’s gorilla sector. Virunga National Park is home to about 200 of the world’s remaining 783 mountain gorillas. On May 8, a reported 1,500 troops loyal […]

Conservation, Videos

Video highlights: Cheetah cub birth

The Africam broadcast of this event, which took place on May 2nd, was a tribute to the work being done at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in the name of cheetah conservation. The birth was the first installment in what is to be the story of Salome (the mother) and her three cubs. Watch the […]

Conservation, People

A brighter future: day 2 of a Children in the Wilderness camp

Today camp followed the theme of the ‘Circle of Life’. Janet, the camp co-ordinator and head of CITW South Africa, offered the day’s first lesson on leadership values, and was followed by Pafuri guide Jeffrey, who detailed the circle of life, and the interdependence of the species on each other. Once the theory had been grasped, […]

Adventure and Sport

Stuck in the Okavango Delta in a mini-skirt

By Jemima Middleton. Photos by Cayley Christos “Do we know where we’re going?” “Yep.” This sounded fairly confident, so we leapt into the Concession 4×4 in our clean white shirts and smart black skirts, and headed out into the bush. We were running late, and had about a half-hour drive ahead of us, to a […]