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Conservation, Wildlife

Death in the Congo: The background to Garamba’s elephant tragedy!

I’ve never been to Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I may never see the incredible reserve for myself. But I take great inspiration and motivation knowing that the park exists. There, wedged between the DRC, South Sudan and Uganda, amongst all the political and social problems of the area, rests […]


A Maasai Wedding: The bride wore beads

A Maasai wedding with its colourful ceremony based on ancient customs is a sight to behold. We were invited to the wedding of our friend Lekishon, a local Maasai and naturalist at Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp. [slickr-flickr tag = “masaiwedding” captions=”on” ] The wedding party was made up of family and friends from the surrounding […]

Conservation, People

A brighter future: diary from a Children in the Wilderness camp

Day 1 The lions’ hassling snarls went through the night, with pesky hyenas filling the occasional silence; the latter probably making their way towards the kill site. At about 05.30am I woke up with the light streaming in from all angles, a result of my sleeping with the tent blinds wide open to allow for […]


Ian Player: man of the wilderness

Growing up brought with it a certain disappointment for me. Perhaps because, as a child, I always believed that the hero wins, that the good guy comes through in the end. And even if he dies it’s always for a greater good. After all, isn’t that how all great adventure stories end? Frodo destroys the […]

Photography, Wildlife

Ol Pejeta – thirsty for rhinos

Ol Pejeta, in Kenya’s northern Laikipia District, is East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary. It stands to reason that during my trip there for Africa Geographic – see the full feature in our May issue – that I should come back with some pictures of the beasts. Trouble is that I was only booked in […]

Photography, Wildlife

Introducing Chris Martin: wildlife photographer

Chris Martin is a wildlife photographer working in South Africa as a photographic field guide and as a member of Africa Nature Training. His photographs have been featured regularly in magazines in South Africa and internationally.  Chris is excited about the prospect of blogging for us, and promises to share as much of his advice […]

Events, Photography

Afrika Burn: Through the Lens

Strapped up, weighed down, covered in animal fur and steam-punk goggles. I met photographer Stuart Shapiro at Afrika Burn, a festival devoted entirely to radical self expression in the middle of the Karoo desert. There he was walking the sands, this crazy, Mad-Max, half man, half machine, completely and utterly dedicated to the lens. His […]


Introducing Marlon du Toit: Field Guide in the African Wilderness

To spend 8 hours a day driving through some of the most beautiful and un-spoilt terrain in Africa is such a privilege. To watch animals play out their daily lives as if you were not even there is thrilling. As a guide you get to see things most people dream about, things not written in […]


Ian Michler’s diary: the rhino crisis

The rhino crisis : Legalising horn trade is not a solution Almost 950 rhinos have been killed illegally in South Africa since January 2010. It’s an alarming statistic, and it points to a major crisis. At the World Economic Forum at Davos in January, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about Greece and its huge debt […]


Tracks of Giants expedition kicks off in Namibia

Two intrepid conservationists, together with a dedicated support team, have begun a 5000 kilometre, 20 week journey through six countries to help raise awareness of the importance of transfrontier conservation in Africa. The Tracks of Giants expedition kicked off on the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa in Namibia on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The expedition […]


Tracking endangered black rhinos in Africa’s heartland

There is concern that despite fact that humans have reduced the critically endangered black rhino numbers by well over 90 percent in the last century, rhino’s may actually be suffering the effects of more recent population increases in some reserves. Indeed, the vital south-central black rhino (Diceros bicornis minor) population in the entirely fenced Hluhluwe-iMfolozi […]


Cheetah cubs to be born live on the web

Press Release: “A Cheetah Cub’s Tail”, as Africam has named their newest channel, is currently broadcasting live, 24 hours a day from the HESC maternity ward. Salome (which means peace) is expected to give birth to her first litter in the next few hours. Watch the cubs being born here is attempting to broadcast the […]


South Africa’s Rare Pygmy Hippo weighs-in at 10kgs

Harry, a rare Pygmy Hippo born in South Africa just one month ago, has toppled the scale at a whopping 10kgs this week. The update of his health is good news, as carers at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in Outdsthoorn were initially concerned about Harry’s welfare, after his parents Hilda and Herbert rejected him. Harry’s […]

Adventure and Sport, Ocean

Hanli Prinsloo: the freediving mermaid

What if you could hold your breath for a whole six minutes? For freediving ocean warrior Hanli Prinsloo, diving 65m into the deep blue ocean is like coming home. But what if, as Hanli believes, we all have the untapped ability to do this? Sound crazy? It may not be as crazy as you think. […]


Frogging About

I was quite amused when first invited to go ‘frogging’. It was while working as a school-teacher at a lodge in the Sabi Sands. Our head ranger, Kate was taking out two trainee rangers to introduce them to the amphibian world. They arrived kitted out with headlamps, gumboots and frog identification books. ‘Do you like […]

People, Wildlife

Clever ellies and an amazing family legacy

I arrive at Adventures With Elephants in Bela Bela and immediately fall in love. But can you blame me? Surely no true African adventure can be complete without these iconic and awe-inspiring animals. Does anything compare to relaxing in a camping chair, sipping Amarula and watching an elephant family come running down to the river […]


Boomslangs: friend or foe?

As a guide I’ve learned one thing, and that is to respect animals, especially venomous snakes. This is an area where I am very happy to view the individual at a safe distance and ensure neither party is disturbed or harmed.   Over the last year, the most commonly seen snake for me while driving, […]


The unforgiving: lions on the hunt

The pride of lions met us on the road in full force. They were littered along the track, traipsing straight toward us like indomitable soldiers. Bringing up the rear of this massive pride were the two dominant “Golf Course” males, a powerful unit, tagging along with the pride for the general benefits of living with […]

Adventure and Sport

Mud Slides on a Motorbike in Tanzania

Laugh. That is all you can do really. Laugh and giggle as the back wheel of the bike slides out from under us every five meters and Guillaume deliberately explodes with girly screams in an attempt to make light of a muddy, slippery situation. Every time we saw a huge pool of mucky water we knew that […]


Zimbabwe: Harare International Festival of the Arts 2012

‘The Harare International Festival of the Arts is probably the best organized festival in the sub-continent and one of the most manageably diverse’ – Robert Grieg writing in the South Africa Sunday Independent This week Tuesday sees the start of Zimbabwe’s flagship 6-day annual festival. Founded by Zimbabwean concert pianist Manuel Bagorro, and his actress […]

Food & Wine

Roast Chicken and Wild Mushroom Pie

Winter is fast approaching Southern Africa and so is the need for some good, hearty home-cooked food. Try this tasty free-range chicken and wild mushroom pie as part of a wholesome Sunday lunch. Recipe feeds 10 – 12 Ingredients 2 free-range organic chickens olive oil 2 teaspoons of Maldon sea salt Crushed black pepper to […]